Just a Little Doll Baby


I was talking to my mother a few minutes ago.  She could not find Sadie anywhere in the house and was in a panic.  She finally found her – on my father’s lap watching Hannity!  I think since they have had her – for about 2 hours – he has held her 1.45 hours!

Yes, her name is Sadie, and NO, I did not name her.  Her birth parents, named her Sadie.  She comes from Kansas!  I know, the irony her is – ironic!  Perhaps she should be named Sadie Marcus Earp!

She is a doll, prissy, and very much a little flirt.

Sadie is 1.5 years old.

Rums and I met her at the poodle parlor.  She is one of his many little girl friends.  (that is another story) Tomorrow they have a play date, where I am positive he will teach her some very bad things.

For those of you who have followed the saga, my father has literally mourned the loss of his Golden, Donavan, for nearly 7 years.  We have tried everything but have never been able to find the right dog.

This evening she was blessed by Fr. Judy Burgess, so is officially an Episcopalian!


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  1. Loved reading your blog and seeing the pictures of Sadie. We really enjoyed getting to know you guys yesterday and feel so happy that Sadie is going to be so loved. Sheree

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