NOTE TO GOP: Pull the Plug on Rand Paul


One of the problems we seem to be having with the far right, the Tea Party twits “Patriots”, and the puppet-master endorsers is the fact that they are not adult enough to admit I MADE A MISTAKE.

One of The Pink Flamingo’s problems with Rand Paul is his supporters.

“…Unless Rand Paul and the Tea Party Movement addresses the issues of race, there is absolutely nothing you can say to counter Tanehaus’ argument.

With the passage of more than forty years, other problems with the CRA are becoming plain. All ethnicities are not equal in abilities and tend to prefer their own company. Forcing integrated equality is impossible, and refusing to recognize this fact will allow the government to continue to come up with new ways to intervene.

Moreover, blacks and Hispanics are much more likely to be employed by the government, on welfare, or not paying taxes. These groups have absolutely no reason to support limited government. The more we import and politically empower them, the less libertarian our society will become.

Rand Paul is in a perfect position to take a stand. Kentucky is 88% white and only 7% African American. The marginal black population will vote Democrat regardless, and the majority white Democrats and Independents are blue collar folks who are not going to be morally outraged over this issue like Rachel Maddow or the New Republic…”


According to an editorial in the Kansas City Star:

“…The intellectual work necessary to promote and support fairness in a country as diverse as ours is simply out of style. We’re lazy. We don’t enjoy mental stimulation. We’ve been trained to choose a brand/ideology, turn off our brains and follow the ideologue with the loudest microphone. Paul is a libertarian. That ideology dictates that he view a free-market economy as the elixir for any societal ailment. When this country was founded and the writers of the Constitution needed to worry about the concerns of only white men, Paul’s libertarian cure-all solved a great many illnesses. Things are more complex now. People once regarded as three-fifths human by the founders now have a constitutional right to be treated fairly.
Paul is not some unashamed, out-of-control bigot. He’s a cynical and opportunistic politician who’s banking on some Americans’ romanticized perception of our history.The people pretending to distance themselves and their organizations from Paul’s perspective on civil rights and the pundits feigning shock at Paul’s boldness in elaborating his position will be his most passionate supporters and enablers….”

He thinks he is so durn smart, but is an idiot.  He now wants to do away with birthright citizenship, stating that the US is the only country which allows it.We’re talking not ready for prime time.  He couldn’t do Meet the Press last week, but he could do some no-name soft-ball internet thingie for Russia Today?  Is this idiot planning to run for POTUS?

“…“We’re the only country that I know that allows people to come in illegally, have a baby, and then that baby becomes a citizen,” Paul said.

On that point, it would appear Paul is misinformed. Dozens of countries around the world adhere to the principle of Jus soli, “right of soil,” meaning citizenship based on a person’s place of birth. Among the countries where persons are automatically granted citizenship by virtue of being born there are Australia, Canada, France and the UK. The principal alternative to Jus soli is Jus sanguinis, or “right of blood,” where a person’s ethnicity or ancestral ties to a country determine whether they are a citizen. Countries that adhere to this principle include China, Germany, Japan and Russia.

But switching the US from being a “right of soil” country to a “right of blood” country would be complicated. For one thing, as constitutional experts told TPM’s Ben Frumin last month, it would require a constitutional amendment that overrides the 14th Amendment.

Thus, a law proposed by Republican lawmakers last year that would end the right to citizenship by birth would be unconstitutional, constitutional lawyers say. Despite this, some 90 members of Congress have co-signed the bill, which is known as the Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009…”