As the Stomach Turns – SC Double-Stardards Edition


When a second man comes forward, either someone is really annoyed with Nikki Haley or there is something to the story?

Currently, Nikki Haley is the recipient of the last bastion of Southern manners and chivalry.  Because she is a woman, the man are giving her a break.  She is being treated like a frail, fragile, flower of womanhood, pure, never to be dirtied.  It doesn’t matter if she is guilty or innocent.  It is about the new political double standard.

Are women better than men?

Evidently now they are.  If Nikki Haley were a man…. tomorrow you would see her political carcass hanging from the barn door, swinging in the wind, DOA.  Because she is a woman, she is automatically considered innocent.

Too bad men aren’t given the same benefit of the doubt.  Oh, wait, where there are allegations of infidelity with male politicians, there is usually infidelity.

Guess with women there is only purity.

The Pink Flamingo does not like Nikki Haley.  I do not like the way she  has slammed and denigrated Lindsey, bad mouthing him.  Her comments about him were entirely inappropriate.  I have also heard that she is vicious, that the other campaigns are terrified of her.

If I were in SC I would not be voting for her.  There is something about her I do not like perhaps it is her cozy relationship with Mark Sanford.  He considers her his hand picked “successor”.  Sanford is one of the worst governors in the history of SC.  Does the state really need Mark Sanford Part Deux.

There is far more to this than Nikki Haley.  It is about gender  equality in politics.  If Nikki were a Nick, there would be no benefit of the doubt.  It would be destroy now and ask questions later.  BUT – because we are dealing with a Nikki and not a Nick, she had the benefit of the doubt.  Because we’re dealing with a woman – well, women in politics don’t do the same things men do.  Women are held to a lower standard than men!

I guess that’s the problem.

If Nikki wants to run with the big boys, then she needs to be held to the same standard as the big boys.  When allegations like this are made of men in the political world, I do not remember many instances where the allegations of infidelity are not eventually proven true.  You see it time and time again.  Men are forced almost to do a perp walk, cry, admit they have either sinned or not have sinned, and beg forgiveness.

Governor wannabe ice queen is above it all.  In her arrogance she starts taking swipes at various people, shooting fish in a barrel.

Frankly I don’t care.

I just find it rather ironic that women are considered “pure” and men are considered “dirt”.

Funny, isn’t it?

“…Folks, who was also briefly Haley’s political consultant, claimed that he was forced to go public because other reporters were working on a story about the relationship. That is the second most popular excuse for this sort of tattling, right behind, “I thought we were going to get married.” Since then Folks seems to have gone underground, although he released phone records showing that he and Haley spoke about 700 times over a three-year period, occasionally for more than two hours late at night.

The jury was out on who was telling the truth, but voters had definitely learned that Haley is a person with a lot of time on her hands….”

These two paragraphs would be enough to torpedo any campaign of a man.  Because we’re dealing with the year of the GOP woman (no matter how incompetent they are – as in the case of Susana Martinez here in NM), we are stuck with them.  I suppose that is the real problem.  I want women in public office.  I want good, qualified women, not thirty-eight year old unqualified twits who spend all hours of the night talking to a man on the phone while her husband is off serving our country.

That looks horrible.

If we were dealing with a man – he would be history.

Either we need to cut the men some slack, or force women to play by the same rules.  Republicans have a problem with the appearance of “corruption” at times.  This is not helping us.  Everyone is rushing to hold her hand and oh, poor Nikki, bad blogger.  But – no one is requiring Nikki Haley to be accountable the way they would a man.

By not holding Nikki Haley to the same standards that we hold men, she is hurting all of us.  Sarah Palin stood tall and over-came the slings and arrows hurled at her.  If something like this had come near her, she would have been finished. Now though, because of the way Palin was treated, women must be given a break.

Sorry, but I don’t go with that.  Nikki Haley should be held to the same standard as men, in and out of the bedroom. If she is innocent then she’d better deal with it, quickly.  Right now, though, those phone records don’t look all that good.

I wonder if a third guy is going to come forward.  If so, what happens then?  I gather he will be lying and it is all Andre Bauer’s fault.

One of these days, Nikki’s going to need to stop blaming Andre and take responsibility for her own life and all those lovely little mid-night calls to Will Folks.  It rather reminds me of her mentor and his journey down the Appalachian Trails of life.

I have wondered if Haley herself were not somehow behind the accusations, to make her more warm and fuzzy, which she is not.

“…Folks, Marchant and Bauer have had business relationships. Long-time Bauer advisor Rod Shealy hired Folks in 2006 to work for former state Treasurer Thomas Ravenel’s campaign. Folks said Wednesday that Marchant also hired him to work on school-choice issues but that work ended in 2005. The political ties between Folks and Marchant make their claims tougher to believe, said Winthrop University political scientist Scott Huffmon. But Huffmon said the claims cannot be dismissed because of motive. Huffmon thinks the accusations likely will motivate Haley’s supporters but could turn off average voters….”

Haley went after Andre Bauer.

“…Marchant said Bauer asked for his resignation after a newspaper reporter began asking questions about the alleged tryst this week. Bauer declined to comment about it, but his campaign did take the unusual step of announcing the resignation for “inappropriate conduct not in keeping with the goals of this campaign.”

Pearson told The Associated Press that Marchant “has a vested and clear personal and financial interest in bringing Nikki Haley down.”

During the debate, Haley suggested Bauer’s campaign had tried to shop the story to reporters on Tuesday….”You were all fishing the story last night and you didn’t fire him yesterday. It was only when no one would take him seriously because he was a paid consultant that you fired him today,” Haley told Bauer.

Following the debate, Bauer denied trying to shop the story.

“Somebody I paid to raise money for me came to me with something they had done that I didn’t think was appropriate to be associated with my campaign so I asked him to resign,” Bauer said. “I’m not shopping it. I’m not commenting on it.”…Marchant, who was married at the time of the alleged tryst, said state Rep. Eric Bedingfield also attended the 2008 conference. Bedingfield confirmed he was there with Haley and Marchant but always in a group setting….”

When Mark Sanford vouches for your character, do you really have any?

“…Mark Sanford, who has survived a historically brazen sex scandal to remain in office as governor of South Carolina, today came out in defense of gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley — a longtime political ally — over the claim of an inappropriate physical relationship made by blogger and former Sanford spokesman Will Folks….Folks was Sanford’s spokesman from 2001 to 2005. But during the Sanford sex scandal last year, Folks’ site, FITSNews, was the go-to source for news and gossip about the governor’s infidelity. Folks even called on Sanford to resign. So it’s not surprising that the governor isn’t leaping to Folks’ defense.

Folks claimed last week he had an affair with Haley, and has since produced text message and phone records suggesting there was a close relationship of some kind — whether personal or professional (he worked for Haley as a consultant in 2007). But Haley has categorically denied there was an affair.

It was Sanford who urged Haley, a state representative, to throw her hat in the governor’s race. When Sanford admitted to trysts with an Argentine woman last June, Haley was markedly cautious in her criticism….”

The Pink Flamingo had heard, like the Luke Skywalker, there was another.  Is Larry Marchant the other, or a smear merchant?

“…Marchant said he understands that some may be skeptical.

“It’s hard to prove an event that just happened unintendent. All I have is my word,” he said. “Either they will believe me or they won’t.”

The back and forth about the campaign touched off the beginning of a debate in Charleston Wednesday night, where she questioned the timing of the report.

“That I’d have been absolutely faithful to my husband for 13 years,” she said. “This is the second allegation in 2 weeks time.  And it all happened after I started showing I had double digits in the polls. I’m very disappointed in the fact that this campaign has not been on policies.  I tried to run a good and respectful  campaign.  I wish my opponents would have done the same.”

The two then got involved in the following exchange:

Bauer:  I asked for his resignation when I got information that I was comfortable with and where this campaign is going – I asked for his resignation.

Haley:  But Lieutenant Governor you paid him.  He was a paid consultant for you.

Bauer:  But when I found out that there may be things – that I don’t agree with for my campaign – you’re right.  I paid him to fundraise.  When I found out information that could possibly be true, could not be true,  I didn’t want to associate with that kind of behavior so I ended the relationship.

Haley: But y’all were fishing the story just last night.   You didn’t fire him then yesterday.  It was only when no one would take it seriously because he was a paid consultant that you decided to fire him today.

This is the second accusation of an inappropriate relationship with the GOP frontrunner.

Last week, former Sanford staffer Will Folks said he and Haley had a relationship three years ago, something Haley has denied.

Earlier, News19 contacted Haley’s campaign about this latest accusation, and Campaign Manager Tim Pearson released the following statement.

“This is a false and outrageous desperate attack from a losing candidate’s paid campaign consultant in the final week of the race. As Nikki Haley rises in the polls, the good old boys in Columbia see their taxpayer-funded fraternity party coming crumbling down, and they will say or do anything to hold onto their power. This is South Carolina politics at its worst. the people of our state deserve better, and when Nikki Haley is governor, they’ll get it.”

Haley has received several high-profile endorsements in recent weeks, including former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and former South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford….”

The following is a screen shot from the Wolfe Report about Haley’s incompetence.

The Wolfe Report

Now, The Pink Flamingo has always wondered if the Haley Campaign has not self-engineered the hits against her to take the heat off this absolutely damning information from The Wolfe Report? If you stop to examine what is included in the above information, forget the adultery X2, just deal with the arrogance and incompetence of not attending important meetings.


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