GOP Leadership Factor NM v. SC


If web sites say anything, take a look at the SCGOP site Karen Floyd is using and the NM site Harvey Yates uses.

Why won’t Nikki Haley take Andre Bauer up on his offer of a lie-detector test?  If I were in her position I would do it and grand-stand all the way – if I were innocent.

Evidently SC’s GOP Chair Karen Floyd is MIA.  Either that or she is, as The Pink Flamingo has stated numerous times, totally and completely incompetent.  Right now some of the nastiest stuff I’ve seen in a long time is going down in SC and she is not stepping in to stop it.  We are seeing what is basically a civil war between Nikki Haley and Andre Bauer.  One of them is telling the truth and one of them isn’t.  Bauer has offered to take a lie detector test.  Haley continues to blame him for all of her problems.

“…Bauer made headlines when he asked Senator Nikki Haley to do the same to proof she didn’t have an affair. “Absolutely. I’ll answer you the second time since the first time wasn’t good enough for you,” Bauer told Live 5 News. “This is what’s sad about the media. It’s really disheartening that you all don’t want to talk about issues. You love sensationalism,” Bauer said. The media is partly the reason why the focus of the campaign has drifted away from the issues, he said. Since Wednesday, Bauer has been in the spot light after he fired his political consultant — Larry Marchant — who hours later alleged he also had an affair with Haley.

“You didn’t fire him yesterday. It was only when no one would take it seriously because he’s a paid consultant that you decided to fire him today,” Haley told Bauer while on the Live 5 Plus televised debate Wednesday. Haley accused Bauer of fishing the Marchant story.”I’ve got [Mike] Huckabee coming in the next day. All I do is ask a guy to step down, so why would the timing benefit me?” Bauer asked a reporter. State Senator Jake Knotts defended Bauer when Haley went on the attack. But Friday evening, Bauer condemned Knotts after he used a racial slur when he referred to Haley and President Barrack Obama.

Bauer said he thought the state had risen above these types of comments. “I think it’s deplorable and again it’s getting away from the issues. I am disappointed in Senator Knott’s comments. It has no place in politics whatsoever,” Bauer said. When asked if Knotts should resign, Bauer said it was not his place to ask him....”

No, it is not Bauer’s job to ask Knotts to resign.  It is the job of the Chairman of the SC GOP to step in and take control of the situation.  I don’t care if it is a primary.  Here in NM, we have one of the finest state chairmen I’ve ever encountered.  When the war between Susana Martinez and  Allen E. Weh turned nasty, Harvey Yates stepped in and pulled the plug.  Sure, he was criticised, but he did the right thing.

Once upon a time when I was a county chair in SC, I had to put a stop to a candidate and his actions, and then do an un-endorsement of a specific candidate.  It takes courage and a little bit of a willingness to stand up and do what is right.  Floyd has shown a dogged unwillingness to defend her SC elected officials, going out of her way to associate with losertarians who have treated Lindsey like dirt.

The real disgrace is SC GOP Chair Karen Floyd and her inability to force civility within the state.  Granted she has a problem on her hands with the out of control losertarian, Ron Paul Bot bunch of idiots, the various Tea Party “patriots” who are nothing but shills for Ron Paul, and their growing influence in the state.  Floyd appears to be unwilling to force reason upon these groups, rather she allows them to wreck the state.  Then again Nikki Haley is part of this bunch, one of their little darlings.  Remember, these are the people who still support Mark Sanford.

Funny how this bunch and the far right can denigrate Lindsey Graham every day of the week.  Let someone make a racist comment about precious little Nikki and the world goes nuclear.  As The Pink Flamingo has repeatedly stated there appears to be a double standard.  Nikki Haley must be treated with kid gloves.  Is it because she is a woman or part of the “chosen” Tea Party bunch?  It is perfectly acceptable to denigrate Lindsey, and make fun of Gresham and Henry.

Karen Floyd use Harvey Yates as an example.  She needs to regain control of the state’s GOP, but then, considering her bunch of little friends, maybe she don’t care.


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  1. Karen is RINO but she knows better than to try to corral the county parties that are more activist than ever. WE are calling the shots now.

    She’s gone soon anyway. We’ll have a true tea-party state chairman next year.

    Remember: you read it here first!


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