Glenn Beck Don’t Know Much About History


Glenn Beck’s astonishing ignorance when it comes to history is going to get him into serious trouble.  The Pink Flamingo has repeated this, repeatedly.  Could be, now that he and David Duke are promoting the same anti-Semitic author, he could be in trouble.  Nah, isn’t going to happen.

This is very nasty stuff, and Beck continues to get a pass.  One of these days he will go too far.

From Media Matters:

“…Earlier today, Glenn Beck was regaling his radio audience with stories of all the old books he’d received from listeners and offered some particularly effusive praise for one particular volume that he was reading called The Red Network: A ‘Who’s Who’ and Handbook of Radicalism for Patriots, first published in 1934. According to Beck, the book shows that “McCarthy was absolutely right,” and he lauded it for exposing the unions as havens for communists.  Unmentioned by Beck was the name of the author of The Red Network, Elizabeth Dilling, a woman known to history primarily for two things: her trial for sedition during World War II, and her rabid anti-Semitism….”

Media Matters is rightfully slamming Beck for promoting a book by pacifist and Nazi sympathizer Elizabeth Dilling.  Just reading her wiki bio makes a person want to get a shower she was so vile.  So why is Beck promoting her?

“…When Dilling returned home to Illinois, she went on tour showing her movies and describing the “workers’ paradise” as anything but. She wrote The Red Network—A Who’s Who of Radicalism for Patriots (1934), a self-declared exposé of communist front activity in the U.S., which was widely circulated (100,000 copies are claimed). As an example of her technique, in the entry for Albert Einstein, which links him to various communist organizations, Dilling notes: “married to Russian; his much press-agented relativity theory is supposedly beyond the intelligence of almost everyone except himself.” She offers an apologia for the Nazi confiscation of Einstein’s property in Germany, saying it was because he was a Communist. The entry for Eleanor Roosevelt reads “Socialist sympathizer and associate, pacifist”. A Protestant minister, Harry Emerson Fosdick, was listed because his books were “highly recommended by socialists and other radicals”…”

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More about Dilling:  From Women of the Far Right:  The Mother’s Movement and World War II by Glan Jeansonne.

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