Congrats to Gresham & Natalie Barrett!


Congrats go to Gresham & Natalie Barrett for barely squeaking a run-off against Nikki Haley!  Gresham seems to be on the rise, which gives me hope that he may be able to pull off a miracle in a couple weeks!

Let’s put it this way, Natalie will make an excellent First Lady for South Carolina!

Remember, Gresham was endorsed by Dick Cheney, Lindsey Graham, and Jim DeMint, real Republicans and not tea party twits.  Funny how, once upon a time, an endorsement by Dick Cheney was important.  Now though, he’s chopped liver, along with the memory of Reagan.

The choice is clear.  If you want another four years of Mark Sanford, please, vote for his hand picked protege, Nikki Haley.  If you want a real Republican,  you vote for Gresham!

“…Nikki Haley and Rep. Gresham Barrett will face off in a June 22 runoff election for the Republican nomination in South Carolina’s gubernatorial race after none of the candidates in the five-way race passed the 50% threshold to win Tuesday’s primary.

Haley, a state representative, led the field with 48.8% with 90% of precincts reporting. Barrett had 21.5%.

She has been the front-runner in the race heading in to Tuesday’s primary, despite allegations of extramarital affairs by two men that clouded her campaign’s message in the closing two weeks of the race. She firmly denied the allegations, and pledged publicly that she would resign if ever proven true.

The allegations played a large role in turning what had been a relatively tame intra-party battle into a more bitterly contested fight in the closing days. Barrett told reporters at his campaign headquarters Monday that he had “never been in a race this ugly before.”…”


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