Ruining It for Republican Women – Everywhere


“…Knowing that my father died fighting the Nazi regime in Germany, that I lose him when I was 11 because of that…and then to have them call me Hitler’s daughter. It hurts. It’s ugliness beyond anything I’ve ever experienced….”  Jan Brewer

It is a great story.  The problem is Jan Brewer’s father, Wilford Drinkwine  died of lung disease in California in 1955.

Lord have mercy!

It is not enough for women just to show up and proclaim their tea party status to become GOP candidates.  They need to be competent, useful, and they need to stand for something.  They do not need to be off the wall idiots who give Republicans – and woman, a bad name.

Nikki Haley WOULD NOT be ahead today if it were not for Sarah Palin’s endorsement.  Palin’s popularity propelled her into the lead, where she should not be.   This is where I fault Sarah Palin.  She has been through the wringer and treated like dirt.  A compassionate person, she has projected the nasty things done to her onto other women in the GOP.

The problem is the fact that there are women who, unlike Sarah Palin,  did not deserve to be treated like dirt, these women deserve to be put under the magnifying glass.  When their short-comings are found, they need to be treated like men.

Unfortunately they are not.  And – that is where they are hurting the GOP.  The lack of standards for Republican women is eventually going to come back and harm all of us to the point where we women, who want to do something in the party, are going to be, once again, confined to the role of punch and cookies.

It doesn’t matter if the candidate is male or female, they need to be the BEST candidate.  Unfortunately, in this current group of women, very few measure up to a Meg Whitman or Carly Florina.  They should be, but they are not.

Did you now that Nikki Haley voted TWO TIMES to take the stimulus funds from Obama?  Did you know she also voted to over-ride parents and force their daughters to have vaccinations for cervical cancer?  Please, tell me how this is conservative.

From Voting Under the Influence:

“...Indeed, when one looks at Nikki Haley’s policies beyond holding on the record votes, her policies are pretty nutty.  Closing colleges and state parks are something she embraces, for example.  But, since she is a woman maligned, a candidate can not attack her for her nuttiness. …”

The Wolfe Reports sees it the same way as The Pink Flamingo.

“…For a lot of people under 30, a female politician is just a politician. These notions of gender mattering come from older generations. Hence, why Haley keeps referring to herself as a woman, as if we were all blind and deaf. Why, yes, Representative — I’m going to vote for you because you have two X chromosomes. Congratulations.

And she’s got a lead in the Republican primary race because of this absurd gender bias that holds that women are more virtuous than men, and that she can’t defend herself. That’s right. You’d never see people circling the wagons around a male candidate like this. And if you’re a male candidate, official or just general wag like us, and you criticize her, you’re just another one of “the boys ganging up on the girl.”…”

If Nikki Haley, Jan Brewer,  Sharron Angle, and Sue Lowden are any example of Republican women running for office, then we are going to be sent back to the age of stone knives and bearskins when this election cycle is over!

Arizona’s Governor, Jan Brewer is an idiot.  The Pink Flamingo has said this repeatedly.  The latest from her is beyond contempt.   This headline from TMP should say it all.


The problem with NV’s Tea Party ding-bat Sharron Angle is she is tainted by her very association with the Tea Party “patriots”.  Sue Lowden has FEC problems of her own.

From the WSJ’s Opinion Journal:

“…We keep hearing that the brain trust at the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee is getting mighty nervous about the Nevada Senate race. In particular, the surge by former four-term assemblywoman Sharron Angle — a renegade candidate supported by the Tea Party movement — has the establishment inside the GOP dumbfounded and fidgety. Says one Senate aide who is close to the process: “Sharron Angle is strongly supported by Harry Reid. That should tell you something about who he wants to run against.” Other Republican senators privately grumble to me that “Angle is the one person who can save Harry Reid’s skin in November.”

Whether they’re right or not is an open question. What isn’t is that Ms. Angle has made a meteoric rise in the polls in a GOP primary that two months ago was seen as a two-person race between Sue Lowden, the establishment choice, and Danny Tarkanian, the former UNLV basketball star and son of legendary coach Jerry Tarkanian. A month ago Ms. Angle was an also-ran at 5% in the polls. Now the latest Mason Dixon Poll has Ms. Angle and Ms. Lowden in a near-dead heat.

“Her surge is remarkable,” says Ginni Thomas, head of the new grassroots group Liberty Central. “It really shows the power of the Tea Party movement.” Yes, if anyone needed further proof after the big Tea Party blowout victory for Rand Paul in the Kentucky GOP Senate primary last month.

Ms. Angle boasts a lengthening train of conservative organizations backing her, including the Tea Party Express, Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum, the Club for Growth, Gun Owners of America, Nevada Concerned Citizens, Nevada Republican Assembly and Nevada Home School Network. The Tea Party Express is expected to unveil new ads that it will run on her behalf later this week.

But other conservative groups have reservations. Ms. Angle was the only vote in the assembly back in 2005 against a property tax cap bill. That has some anti-tax activists, including Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, questioning her reliability. Liberal groups and blogs meanwhile are cheering on Ms. Angle as Harry Reid’s “dream” opponent, the only one who can give the Majority Leader a “second life” since his poll numbers in Nevada remain in the dumpster.

The betting in Vegas now is that if Ms. Angle can pull in thousands of Tea Party voters who don’t usually vote in Republican primaries, a major upset may be in the making. But it won’t be until November 2nd, after we find out whether Harry Reid has been toppled, that conservatives will know whether hers was a real victory or a hollow one….”

The Pink Flamingo does not approve of the way Susana Martinez went all hard line on immigration during the last weeks of the campaign here.  It was not necessary and is not good here in NM.  On the other hand, what Diane Denish is doing to her is disgusting.

NM GOP Press Release


I think I now know what annoys me so much about the Haley thing.  Read this piece from Salon.

“…Now that same old abusive style is erupting in South Carolina’s Republican primary. Brandishing charges of sexual infidelity, the state’s male Republican establishment has launched  a vile character assassination of gubernatorial front-runner Nikki Haley, who is married with two children. (All too typically, those attacks have been accompanied by a Southern flourish of racial and religious bigotry.)

Like most Republican candidates this year, Haley embraces every stupid conservative cliche, but a primary victory for her would represent public progress, political decency, and a higher morality. I wish I could vote for her….”

Andre Bauer has offered to take a lie detector test.



The Alaska endorsement is a chick thing.  Men are over-thinking it.  John Fund wrote about it in Friday’s Opinion Journal’s Political Diary.

“…But when it comes to female Republican candidates in her home state of Alaska, Ms. Palin is striking out on a different path. She has declined to endorse Alaska’s sitting GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski. Instead, she has conspicuously thrown her weight behind attorney Joe Miller in the August Republican primary. She calls Mr. Miller “a true Commonsense Constitutional Conservative.”

The two women have a history. In 2006, Ms. Palin ended the political career of Frank Murkowski, the father of Senator Murkowski, by decisively beating him in the GOP primary for governor. One of the controversies dogging Gov. Murkowski at the time was his 2002 decision to appoint his own daughter (over Ms. Palin and other potential candidates) to the U.S. Senate seat he was vacating to become governor. The cloud lingered two years later when Ms. Murkowski sought a full term in her own right. She scored only an anemic 58% showing in the 2004 Republican primary.

In office, Senator Murkowski has carved a middle-of-the-road path in relation to her GOP colleagues, marred by a flirtation with limited climate change regulation. She has also continued the tradition of lobbying for pork-barrel projects for her home state, a stance raising the hackles of many conservatives. In a posting on Facebook, Ms. Palin accused Senator Murkowski of becoming “part of the big government problem in Washington,” citing in particular her unwillingness to push for repeal of ObamaCare and support for taxpayer funding of abortion.

Sarah Palin is clearly taking a political risk by backing an underdog challenger against a sitting GOP senator. Ms. Murkowski has $2 million in her campaign treasury, and her approval numbers among Alaska Republicans rival those of Ms. Palin herself. She also has the power of incumbency. But then not many election years have been more promising for outsiders seeking to overthrow established incumbents. Mr. Miller, a former judge, has a compelling campaign style and will be able to draw on Ms. Palin’s network of grass-roots supporters in Alaska to turn out the vote in what is traditionally a low-turnout primary….”


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  1. Medved asked what people had against the tea party…I wish I wasn’t working at the time or I would have called and told him:

    They are people PRETENDING to be part of the tea party…they are the SAME people pretending to be conservatives.

    You can tell who they are because they do not have “loyalty” in their “principles.”

  2. Oh, what do you say you put your money where your mouth is? Care to lay a wager on that? =:>)

    I’ve already put a couple of thousand down on Haley and plan to put some more down. Why don’t you donate $2000 to Sheheen?

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