Hundreds (Including White Supremacists) Rally For, Hundred Thousand Rally Against


Why will the GOP and conservatives NOT see the truth when it comes to immigration reform?  We like to think that conservatives have the ability to think for themselves, to comprehend the difference between right and wrong, but when it comes to immigration reform, they are as stupid as Democrats.  Barbara Coe was there, suggesting that people lock and load.

“…Golden State Hispanic-hater Barbara Coe, who is on record as having referred to Mexicans as “savages” and “barbarians,” advised her fellow Tea Party types to “lock and load,” to defend themselves.

In the blistering 107 degree heat, she excoriated illegal immigrants as “invaders” who are,

“…taking jobs that rightfully belong to our citizen and legal immigrants, bringing deadly diseases into our country which kill and disable Americans, literally destroying our welfare, medical care and educational system, and most importantly having 25 to 30 innocent victims every day, over three times the number of those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan put together.”…”

There are reports that 2 men were murdered that day, and that one was a US citizen, but the story is being covered up?  Because they were found on a major drug corridor, it is unlikely one of Barbara Coe’s little jerks pulled the trigger.


They are bullies.  Bullies do not kill, they only run when confronted with their acts of cruelty, and get others killed.  Such are what is left of the minutemen and their jolly friends.

What do you know about the White Boy Society?

“...Interestingly, one of the many bikers there along with everyone else in the 107 degree heat wore a shirt with SS lightning bolts and a skull that read “White Boy Society.” The T-shirt also bore the white supremacist shorthand of 14/88, with 14 representing the white nationalist motto of dead neo-Nazi David Lane, and 88 standing for a double-H (the eighth letter of the alphabet), or “Heil, Hitler!”

WBS defines itself as a “white brotherhood aimed toward bikers.” You can check out their white-separatist Web site, here.

There were one or two other white power mugs in the crowd, and I’m currently working on identifying them.

To be fair, I would have anticipated more than just a couple of obvious white supremacists, as neo-Nazis and nativists have similar views on immigration. But it seems some local neo-Nazis were in Las Vegas for an NSM rally there.

Also, William Gheen, the head of the North Carolina-based Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, had alleged on his organization’s Web site that the rally’s organizer Dan Smeriglio had ties to a white supremacist by the name of Steve Smith….”

Watch this video taken over the weekend in Phoenix, and honestly answer – do you still want to support this stuff?  From The Feathered Bastard:

The far right anti-immigration usual suspects are gushing about this weekend’s “big rally” in Phoenix, where HUNDREDS, (two thousand) count ’em, showed up to promote racism and bigotry.

Something you did not see in the far right media, including FOX, was the massive rally last weekend, against AZ SB 1070.

You also did not see FOX discuss Russell Pearce’s pal, J. T. Ready, and his neo-Nazi scum that showed up.  The Pink Flamingo’s favorite liberal blog, The Feathered Bastard has more:

The Feathered Bastard

This Report from ABC News says it all – hundreds gathered in Phoenix to support AZ SB 1070.

ABC News