The Conservative Bullying of Gresham Barrett


Tuesday morning, Blanch Lincoln was declared DOA.  Stick a fork in her, she was done.  Her political career was over  – why even bother with a run-off?  She was going to lose.

She won?

Same thing could happen to Gresham Barrett.


Well, it is all about South Carolina politics.

You see it everywhere, “Be a gentleman, withdraw,” or “Do the honorable thing, withdraw.”  Let the little lady have her way, forget the law.

Yes, the law.

In South Carolina, if Gresham Barrett wanted to withdraw from the upcoming run-off with Tea Party “patriot”  Nikki Haley, he could not legally – L – E -G -A – L – L – Y – legally, do so unless both Henry McMaster and Andre Bauer both agree – in writing.

Get off his back.

Conservatives do this big lip-service about following the rules and the law, so do it.  Follow the law.  Do not force Gresham Barrett to break it for a candidate who has had as much real media scrutiny as Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign.

Right now PPP gives Haley 60% of the vote – already yet – in the June 19 run-off.  There’s just one little problem with those numbers.  South Carolina is an open primary state.  Now there are those misguided souls who look upon the open primary system in South Carolina with quixotic romance.  It is a wonderful thing, where voters may vote for the candidate and not the party.


We’re talking South Carolina.  The only thing more competitive and brutal than Clemson-Carolina football are the Democrats v. Republicans.  It is a contact sport, no rules, no fouls, and all’s fair, no matter what.  In South Carolina, the rules of the game are as follows.

  1. You only vote in your own party’s primary if there is a candidate you support who is in a primary.
  2. You ALWAYS vote in the other party’s primary in order to get the worst possible candidate elected.
  3. There are no exceptions to these rules, no matter how “noble” your cause or party.

It is a much honored tradition.

You go vote for the weaker candidate in the other party in order to have someone who your strong candidate can defeat.  It is standard operating procedure in South Carolina.

It has nothing to do with citizenship, idealism, or some spark of human decency and voting.  It is about WINNING!  In South Carolina, winning, politically, is everything.

Have you wondered why so darn many people voted in the GOP primary and so few in the Dem?  It is quite simple – and the reason Gresham SHOULD NOT withdraw from the race.  There are a few of us who suspect a serious cross-over vote.  Some of it was a sympathetic chick thing for Nikki, but there was some mischief afoot.


Simple…. For the first time in 8 years, the Dems have a very good candidate running for Governor.  Vincent Sheheen is personable, qualified, and, if Nikki Haley is the nominee, is going to be getting a heck of a lot of Republican votes, enough to maybe swing the office from Mark Sanford’s brand of losertarian Republican to Democrat.

Aside from the little sex scandal that really helped Nikki, she was untouched by her opposition in the primary.  She is vulnerable – extremely vulnerable.  Once someone gets the bright idea to go after her as Mark Sanford’s hand-picked successor using his campaign people, she is toast.  Mark Sanford is the reason, until a few years ago, governors in South Carolina were only allowed one term.  He is the worst governor since Reconstruction, and that’s a heck of a lot of water under the Ashley-Cooper Bridge.

All anyone needs to do is pair Nikki with Don’t Cry for Me Argentina, and she is going to lose all those undecided good-will votes – and SC gets a Democrat for a governor.

One other little thing – and a very good reason Gresham is NOT withdrawing:  If the Dems did cross-over to vote for Haley, which they may well have done, then her support is not rock solid.  Don’t expect these people to go out and vote for her in a run-off.  Fact is, a run-off in SC is not going to draw all that many people.  The real problem for Gresham is the fact that there is a highly contested Congressional run-off in the low country, where her support is.

If – and if – a certain percentage of the vote for Nikki was Democratic mischief, she’s going to lose those voters.  According to my SC source, she’s not going to get the women’s sympathy vote in the run-off.  She is already seeing movement toward Gresham.

Like she says, if he will stay on issue and go after her on the facts, the GOP could have a Blanch Lincoln scenario, and there might be some egg on some faces.

It’s South Carolina – anything can happen!


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  1. “He is the worst governor since Reconstruction”

    Mark Sanford’s approval rating is rather high…

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