You Know That Dastardly Run-off Facing Nikki?


It appears as though Nikki Haley is not at stranger to a run-off.  Fact is, she faced one similiar in numbers to what she and Gresham are facing – only she was in his shoes.  She won.

Perhaps her supporters should remember this as they continue to bully him.

“…In 2004, she ran for the South Carolina House of Representatives against incumbent Republican representative Larry Koon. Koon, who had served since 1975, was the longest-serving member of the House. In the primary election, Haley won 40% of the vote (2,247 votes) to Koon’s 42% (2,354 votes), thus forcing a runoff….”

She won.

Maybe that’s why her supporters are afraid.


6 thoughts on “You Know That Dastardly Run-off Facing Nikki?

  1. “Fact is, she faced one similiar in numbers to what she and Gresham are facing ”

    Um no, not even close…

    God you’re an idiot…

  2. Well you are an idiot… you said they were similar in numbers… which only an idiot could think that…

    40-42 vs IIRC 23-49…

  3. Remember asking what we can do about these losertarians pretending to be Republicans?

    Well I was thinking of this…you and I both know that Republicans are afraid of upsetting the vile “pretend” conservatives and the “stuck on stupid” talk show hosts…well, by taking over the tea party, haven’t they DETACHED themselves from the GOP?

    Let them continue to state how angry and disappointed they are with the party of GWB and McCain…Independents who make up the majority will look at the spend like crazy, arrogant Democrats…the nutters who want to build a wall to rival Germany and target the largest growing voting block…and Republicans who, for the most part, went down the middle road cutting taxes and funding education and seniors (ala no child left behind and drug plan), kept this nation safe, and have some moral compass…

    Guess which of the 3 looks real good?

  4. Who the devil are you to call anyone else rude??

    Have you ever read what you write? You’re one of the rudest bloggers around. You refer to libertarians as idiots all the time. If you can dish it out, you’d better be able to take it!

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