Wanted Poster Issued for Founder of Minutemen!


Please ignore The Pink Flamingo while I gloat!  I was on the phone with someone, telling them that I bet he’s in Tombstone shacking up with Carmen!

“…Still, the poster itself states that there are no warrants outstanding against Simcox, and it even suggests that he may be staying with erstwhile MCDC exec Carmen Mercer in Tombstone, Arizona. So if you think you know where he is, why do you need to issue a “Wanted” poster?…”

BTW, thanks to people like Simcox, the GOP has a very serious problem with Hispanics. One of the reasons is the lovely brand of hate preached by Chris Simcox and his associates.

From The Feathered Bastard

Guess what?

Chris Simcox is in trouble.

Yea, The Pink Flamingo has mentioned something like this would eventually happen.

It has.

It now appears he is on the lam?

“…The founder of an Arizona militia accused of threatening to kill his wife has until midnight tonight to make himself available for a court Order of Protection by a Phoenix police officer or may face arrest, an email to the man obtained by BorderReporter.com shows.

Simcox was slapped with a restraining order by his ex-wife, Alena Simcox, on April 16. He was ordered to stay 200 yards away from her, their two children, and his wife’s child from a previous marriage, after a Maricopa County court commissioner granted her request. The court also ordered him to surrender his weapons, according to the story broken by Phoenix New Times’ Stephen Lemons.

Apparently he hasn’t done so and it’s starting to get serious.

Here’s the latest message, an email to Simcox from Fugitive Recovery Services of Arizona. The email warns Simcox that he has until midnight tonight to be served an order of protection by a Phoenix police officer, or his ex-wife will turn over to police the last 30 days of emails he’d sent to her and police will arrest him….”

From the SPLC:

“…ibes several violent incidents, Lemons reports. On Nov. 29, 2009, Alena alleges, Simcox was “drinking” and threatened her “with a gun. Repeatedly pointed it at me, saying he was going to kill me, and my kids, and the police. Kids were present and saw him. Very verbally abusive to me throughout the incident.”

On Aug. 22, 2009, Alena alleges, Simcox again confronted her with a weapon: “On our wedding anniversary, he was drinking and angery [sic]. Got a revolver gun and loaded with kids present. Then proceeded to ask me to ‘shoot him.’ I said ‘no,’ so then he said he would shoot entire family and cops.”

In late April, Alena Simcox file a petition for divorce from Simcox after five years of marriage. She was temporarily granted legal custody of the children, pending resolution of the divorce. A reply to the court, filed by Simcox’s lawyer John Acer, denies the allegations of domestic violence. The two were married in late 2005, when Simcox was 44 and Alena was 25.

This isn’t the first time Simcox has been accused of violent and bizarre behavior by a spouse. In 2005, the Southern Poverty Law Center revealed that Simcox’s second wife, Kim Dunbar, had filed an emergency appeal in September 2001 to obtain full custody of their teenage son because she feared that Simcox had suffered a mental breakdown and was dangerous.

In a sworn affidavit, Dunbar testified that throughout their 10-year marriage, Simcox was prone to sudden, violent rages. “He once took a knife from the kitchen and threatened to kill himself,” she testified. “When he was angry, he broke furniture, car windows, he banged his head against the wall repeatedly and punched things.”

Dunbar also said that when their son was 4 years old, Simcox slapped him so hard that a mark remained on his face for two days. Another time, she testified, she grabbed her young son in her arms and jumped out a window because Simcox was throwing furniture at them.

In addition, in 2005, Simcox’s first wife Deborah Crews told the SPLC that Simcox “tried to molest our daughter when he was intoxicated… . When she ran out, he tried to say he was just giving her a leg massage and she got the wrong idea.” At the time, Simcox refused to comment, telling SPLC, “My personal life has nothing to do with” the Minutemen and the SPLC was trying to discredit the movement.

The Minuteman movement, which Simcox co-founded with Jim Gilchrist, was a big media hit in 2005, when volunteers from across the country traveled to Cochise County, Ariz., for a “border watch” event. Simcox and Gilchrist soon split, and Simcox for several years headed a group he christened the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC). Though it came in with a bang, Simcox’s organization disbanded with a whimper this past March when Carmen Mercer, a defendant in the Arizona attorney general’s recent lawsuit alleging a property tax scam, shut it down. MCDC had been plagued by infighting and legal difficulties….”