Who Saved Nikki? Sarah Palin or Mark Sanford?


You know that Tea Party Sh*t being spread around by FOX News and the far right about new faces and all this hope for something tea-like taking over the nation in some great big post hippie libertarian love-in?


In South Carolina, Nikki Haley is going around saying that she is going to help small business, yada yada yada.  It’s always about small business.  The BIG PROBLEM is the fact that South Carolina is all about BIG BUSINESS and industry.  This is something Mark Sanford never seemed to be able to grasp, propelling the state into one of the highest unemployment rates in its history.

In fact, it may not be the year of the woman in South Carolina, but the $400,000 Mark Sanford’s PAC may have illegally spent on Haley’s behalf.  Yep – it may have been illegal.

So, did Sarah Palin save her or did Mark Sanford?

“...As a 501(c)4 organization, ReformSC can raise unlimited amounts of money and air issue ads but must have as its main purpose a mission other than seeking to influence elections. That’s different from a 527 group, a tax-exempt organization that can also raise unlimited cash and is created primarily to promote candidates….”

Did Sarah Palin help get Nikki Haley into the cat-bird seat in SC or did Mark Sanford?

“…After a year of campaigning and trailing in the polls — and a year of being promoted by grass-roots conservatives as a phenom in the mold of Marco Rubio — state legislator Nikki Haley seizes the lead in the four-way GOP primary for governor of South Carolina. An automated Rasmussen poll of 912 Republicans has Haley surging from 12 to 30 percent support in a month, leapfrogging the state’s attorney general, lieutenant governor and a congressman, all with more money and institutional support. One reason, as I posted last week — Gov. Mark Sanford’s (R-S.C.) political PAC reactivated recently and spent $400,000 on sunny Haley TV ads….”

Gresham managed to get an injunction after the damage had been done.

“…The ads began airing a week ago and were a shot in the arm for Haley’s cash-strapped campaign. The $530,000 she had in cash at the end of the March was less than a third of any of her three primary opponents, including Barrett. On Tuesday, Haley began airing her own ads.

ReformSC has defended the ads but not provided details of how much it is spending. The State newspaper has reported they cost $400,000.

In an e-mail Wednesday, ReformSC chairman Pat McKinney continued to defend the legality of the ads and assailed the Barrett campaign for attacking them.

“The ReformSC ads are completely legal. We will prove that in court, if necessary. And we will have the ads back up on the air. The fact that Gresham Barrett is willing to go to court to stop the transparency and accountability that will come when legislators have to vote on the record tells you all you need to know about what kind of governor he would be,” McKinney wrote….”


I know I should not speak ill of Her Majesty, but sorry, just can’t help it.  No one, save a few bloggers like Earl Capps, in SC is bothering to deal with her abjectly pathetic record.  Capps has hit her hard this weekend.

The Blogland of Earl Capps

Then the second part of the one-two punch!   The Pink Flamingo has this theory that one of the reasons of the Haleygate thingie a couple of weeks ago is because the following information was about ready to hit the fan. If you want my humble opinion, the more unfair/unbalanced (seriously unbalanced) blogger who exposed his inappropriate plysical relationship with Haley did so to take the sting out of the following:!

The Blogland of Earl Capps

4 thoughts on “Who Saved Nikki? Sarah Palin or Mark Sanford?

  1. “No one, save a few bloggers like Earl Capps, in SC is bothering to deal with her abjectly pathetic record. ”

    I’ve rebutted every anti-Haley blog post by Earl Capps… and he refuses to approve my comments… and there are others who have complained too…

  2. She’s just another cardboard cutout who decided she *wants* to be the top dog, it seems. The fact that she was part of Team Sanford was a huge red flag. Now it appears that was an accurate indicator of her incompetence and arrogance. I don’t quite understand why Jenny Sanford supports her.

    Let us hope Gresham can beat her and prevent a Republican melt down.

  3. “Please, explain how you rebut a voting record?”

    By showing Earl Capps has no idea what he is talking about… her record is nothing out of the ordinary…

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