An Inconvenient Truth (about South Carolina)


There are some idiots in South Carolina who claim to have voted for Alvin Green because his name sounded like Al Green. Then there are some who voted for him because his name came first on the ballot.  There were probably a few Republicans who voted for him to make mischief (it’s South Carolina, for goodness sake).  Then again, there is a very sad and inconvenient truth about why he may have won.

Jim Clyburn thinks it is a conspiracy and wants an investigation.   The new information that Joe Wilson’s may have been behind it.

“…But in FEC reports filed late Thursday and early Friday, Brown reported that his single largest payment was to the Stonewall Strategies firm run by Preston Grisham, a former aide to Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.). Grisham, a 2005 University of South Carolina graduate, was an intern for Wilson in 2003 and went on to serve as his special assistant and campaign manager…After the vote numbers came in, “we thought we saw some weird stuff,” he said. That included 303 of the more than 2,100 precincts in the state going for Greene by more than 75 percent, and a substantial discrepancy in the vote preferences of those who voted by absentee ballots and at the polls….”

If this is true, it is a new low, even for South Carolina.  It makes The Pink Flamingo wonder if something nasty wasn’t afoot.

There are rumors that Joe Wilson wants to take Lindsey on in a primary.  He has a reputation for being an honorable person.  This could ruin his political career.

Then again – we are talking South Carolina here.  The Inconvenient Truth is the state is basically a one party state.  The Democratic Party in South Carolina is on life support.  Alvin Green’s candidacy is rather like an obituary for the SC Democratic Party.

Unfortunately, there are two viable political parties in South Carolina:  the SCGOP.  There are now two distinct factions within the party.  There are the normal Republicans like Lindsey and then there are the Tea Party “patriots”, Ron Paul Bots, and Losertarians who are represented by the likes of Mark Sanford and Nikki Haley.

Until there is a viable Democratic Party in SC, the Alvin Green problem is only going to continue.


4 thoughts on “An Inconvenient Truth (about South Carolina)

  1. Joe Wilson has a reputation for being an honorable person? That would be news to anyone who lives in South Carolina. There are plenty of honorable Republicans in the Palmetto State, but Joe Wilson is not among them.

  2. Don’t you EVER accuse anyone else of being a conspiracy nut after this vomitus!

    Joe Wilson is the biggest little COWARD the SCGOP has. He’s a TARP voting little twerp who only got overlooked on the issue because he had a moment where his testicles descended for a few seconds and he expressed some real human emotion for a change.

    Joe Wilson will not take on Lindsey Graham because LINDSEY GRAHAM HAS BEEN FUNNELING CAMPAIGN MONEY TO JOE WILSON FOR YEARS!!!

    Joe Wilson is Lindsey Graham’s b—-!

    So, put down the peyote and step away from the keyboard and DO A LITTLE RESEARCH NEXT TIME!

    Good grief! What lunacy!

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