The GOP’s Not Ready for Prime Time Tea Party “Candidates”


The GOP has a great candidate in Carly Fiorina.  On Sunday she was masterful, in complete control of Chris Wallace, keeping to her talking points.

Did you know that Rand Paul is now demanding that reporters submit questions in writing?  And you thought Barack Obama was arrogant!

It’s the incompetence stupid!

“…According to Think Progress, Paul (R-KY) has taken to demanding reporters submit questions in writing. He’s keeping to Fox News and other friendly media outlets. Asked about Medicare reimbursement rates at a local event recently, Paul told a reporter to submit the questions “and we’ll look at them.” He said his goal was to campaign around Kentucky. The baffled reporter rebutted: “So you’re not going to answer any questions in person?” (Watch the video here.)

Then there is Angle (R-NV), who campaigned on wanting to “phase Medicare and Social Security out,” far from a mainstream Republican message.

NRSC Chairman John Cornyn told reporters last night that Angle wouldn’t be ready to face the national press until she is “staffed up and prepared,” and she’s been huddling with Washington leaders this week to give her insurgent campaign an establishment makeover.

“I just think it’s going to take a few weeks … but you know it’s really up to her,” Cornyn (R-TX) told Brian when asked about Angle dodging reporters at the Capitol….”

From the Frum Forum:

Frum Forum

This is not the time for a discussion about Scientology being a “religion” or a cult, which I think it is.  It is about these idiotic Tea Party women thinking they are the be all and end all, when they are abjectly ignorant, just like their tin plated god, Glenn Beck.

Want to lose the Senate this fall?  Increasingly it appears that the best way to do it is to keep on nominating those terribly not ready for prime time Tea Party twits like Rand Paul and Sharon Angle. Then again there are the Tea Party darlings like Nikki Haley (who may or may not win her run-off) and Jan Brewer. Brewer is an embarrassment. Haley will prove to be so if she is elected.

They make excuses for these idiots.  They’re not ready.  They simply don’t know how to handle the press, etc.  Well, sorry, but they are running for major political offices, if they can’t hit the ground running, then go home and let the adults handle things.   So, what are they doing?  Well, Nikki has said she will serve her full term, even though she’s already being mentioned to run as Sarah Palin’s VP. (That makes sense, Nikki is the GOP version of Barack Obama – a big nothing wrapped in irrational rhetoric).

Want a sample of Haley’s grasp of history?  She must have a degree from Glenn Beck U, she certainly doesn’t have one from any other school.

“...I mean again I think that as we look in government, as we watch government, you have different sides, and I think that you see passions on different sides, and I don’t think anyone does anything out of hate. I think what they do is, they do things out of tradition and out of beliefs of what they believe is right.

I think you have one side of the Civil War that was fighting for tradition, and I think you have another side of the Civil War that was fighting for change. You know, at the end of the day, what I think we need to remember is that you know, everyone is supposed to have their rights, everyone is supposed to be free, everyone is supposed to have the same freedoms as anyone else. So you know I think it was tradition versus change is the way I see it….”

Jan Brewer is an embarrassment.

“…Citing the dangers of the illegal drug trade and its strengthening at the expense of her state’s crime rate, she told ABC 9’s Joel Waldman, as he put it, “too bad” if your children are citizens and you are not. This was in response to news that a local school district was planning to sue the governor on behalf of their legal children’s illegal parents. “We are a nation of laws,” she concluded. “That’s why we are America. They made a decision, and, you know, you pay those consequences, unfortunately.”..”

From the Arizona Guardian:

From the Arizona Guardian