Is Gresham Getting the Jump On Nikki?


Last week The Pink Flamingo told you if Nikki Haley wins the run-off, you will see many Republicans privately backing the Dem nominee for governor, Vince Sheheen.

“…I think there’s certainly going to be financial support from Republican donors for Sheheen,” said Chip Felkel, a longtime GOP operative based in Greenville. “Many in the [S.C.] House and the [S.C.] Senate leadership simply don’t think they can work with Nikki Haley. They have very strong feelings about Rep. Haley and how she has dealt with them, and I don’t think there’s any enthusiasm whatsoever for her to be sitting in the governor’s office.”…”

One of The Pink Flamingo’s friends said the following (and FYI – Bill Sandifer is very nice guy! – I’ve known him all of my adult life.)

“…“We have wasted eight years with Mark Sanford during which time we have accomplished almost nothing that is beneficial for this state, and in some instances we’ve gone backwards. And as legislators who love the state of South Carolina, one of our concerns is that anybody follow that same road,” said Republican state Rep. Bill Sandifer, who chairs the business committee on which Haley served for four years….”

Evidently Gresham is raising more money than Nikki – and his money is coming from South Carolina.  Nikki is raising money, but she’s not raising money within the state.  That should say something…

“…Haley has raised $224,271 for her runoff effort through Thursday afternoon, while Barrett had raised $266,205 through Wednesday. Barrett’s figure increased to more than $300,000 when pending electronic donations are included.

Haley’s campaign allowed reporters to review records, but did not provide copies. More than 650 donors had contributed to Haley’s campaign since she nearly won the four-way primary outright last June 8. The majority of Haley’s donations are less than $100, according to a brief analysis, and about one-quarter came from out-of-state donors.

Haley also allowed reporters to review her 2009 tax return Thursday, showing Haley and her husband, Michael, earned a combined $196,282 in 2009 and paid $29,746 in federal income taxes. The Haleys claimed $30,246 in deductions that included $971 in charitable donations.

According to Barrett’s tax returns, Barrett paid $24,778 in federal taxes on $193,458 of income. Barrett claimed $46,411 in income tax exemptions, including $20,139 in charitable donations and a $3,000 housing tax credit for members of Congress….”

State officials are starting to get behind Gresham, backing him, speaking out against Nikki, saying she is simply more of Mark Sanford – the worst governor since Reconstruction.   She is incompetent.

“...The state’s business community — led by the state Chamber — is raising some of the same concerns, and the confrontational tone of Haley’s latest ad has only raised the level of alarm.

“Those discussions have been had in regards to whether or not she can get along with the General Assembly,” Chamber President Otis Rawl said.

Haley has a widely acknowledged adversarial relationship with legislative leaders, Rawl said, and that “has led to discussions about whether she can accomplish the goals that we would like to see about expanding businesses … or if she’s going to be as adversarial as Sanford was.”

That’s part of the reason why the group is backing Barrett — and why they could still choose to back state Sen. Vincent Sheheen, the Democratic nominee.

“Gresham had a more deliberate plan. … He talked about specifics a lot more than the buzzwords of transparency and accountability that don’t mean much to our guys. What we want to know is: What do you do about the port? What are you going to do from a jobs training perspective?” Rawl said. “For our guys, when you start talking about transparency, there’s transparency right now. I know it’s about buzzwords, but that’s exactly what they are: buzzwords.”…


3 thoughts on “Is Gresham Getting the Jump On Nikki?

  1. Good for you, for speaking up when no one wanted to hear anything but Year of the Republican Woman… well it sounds like people are beginning to listen and wake UP. I’ve been sending everything you write to a couple I know in S.C.

  2. Yep!

    She lost the money race because she depended mostly on individual donations (from poor people like ME!) vs. the corporate vote-selling the other candidates engaged in.

    Shows you what all their money was worth, eh?

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