Mitt Romney’s Foul Donation to Nikki Haley – $42,000!


There are a few ethics complaints about Nikki Haley’s income tax returns.  She has staggering leadership problems, but that doesn’t matter. She is a woman, ergo she is better and more worthy than Gresham Barrett.  Yea, it sounds dirty to me.  Gresham and Natalie donated over $20,000 to charity last year.  Haley donated $971 dollars.  Even to SC Democrats that sounds cheap and just a little selfish.

Nikki Haley is LOSING the cash race.  Gresham is being funded from within the state of South Carolina by normal Repubicans who cannot stomach another term of Mark Sanford nothing.  So, Nikki’s little friends must come in from out of state and prop up what could be a floundering campaign.

Mitt Romney has just donated $42,000 to her campaign.  Mark Sanford tried the same thing through the same sort of PAC, and Gresham ended up with an injunction against him.

The only reason Haley finished first during the primary was because Mark Sanford poured something like $400,000 into her campaign.  Now Romney is riding in like a “gentleman” to rescue poor widdle Haley who is a big fund-raising zero.

“…Political action committees are typically capped at giving $3,500 per cycle, but lawyers for Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC discovered that multiple PACs sharing the same leadership and office space are able to contribute $3,500 each per cycle in South Carolina, according to a Romney source.

With one federal PAC and five statewide PACs each maxing out at $3,500 for Haley in both the GOP primary and general elections, Romney has contributed a total of $42,000.

The tactic was approved by South Carolina’s Ethics Commission, which sent Romney’s PAC an opinion confirming their finding….”

The Pink Flamingo has a new Blogcritics commentary about the role political celebs are playing to try and manipulate elections.

From TPM:

“...Mitt Romney also supported Haley in the first round, after Haley had supported him during the 2008 primaries. Romney returned to the state today to campaign for Haley again — and also, as the Politico reports, he’s donated $42,000 to Haley’s campaign, taking advantage of a loophole that allows him to donate from his national PAC and various statewide PACs.

During the first round, Mike Huckabee endorsed and recorded a commercial for Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, who had supported Huckabee in 2008 — and unfortunately for Huck, Bauer came in fourth place with 12%.

In the June 8 first round of the primary, Haley won 49% of the vote against three opponents — just short of the 50% needed to avoid a runoff. As Politico reported, the race has already seen a divide, with national conservatives supporting Haley, while many state-level Republicans are backing her opponent, Rep. Gresham Barrett.

The reason: Haley is closely associated and identified with Gov. Mark Sanford, who in addition to his personal scandals often had a combative relationship with the legislature, with Sanford coming from a more staunchly conservative, Tea Party-style brand of Republicanism. And considering that Barrett had a mere 22% of the vote in the first round, Haley is heavily favored to win.

Joseph Stewart, a political science professor at Clemson, explained to us that we should expect big national Republicans, including potential presidential candidates, to come visit the state — but that Haley’s seemingly certain frontrunner status in the runoff changes the circumstances a bit.

“I would think that you would start to see them showing up, but given how few votes Haley has to pick up, that this is probably a foregone conclusion,” said Stewart. “It’s unlikely that people are going to be able to come in and change the outcome, so they may just come in and ride on this, that if they’re willing to back Haley they’ll come in and say, ‘I was part of this winning effort.'”…”


3 thoughts on “Mitt Romney’s Foul Donation to Nikki Haley – $42,000!

  1. Come visit SC after the November election and I’ll be glad to print out all your venomous tripe and cook it up with a tasty sauce for you to eat every last word.

    Dig it, you pathetic neo-con fascist, we’re winning here and we’re not stopping–ever. Eternal vigilance is our watchword. Our numbers are growing and the old neo-con gray hairs are being put out to pasture.

  2. You are going to love what I have for tomorrow, then. The only reason Palin and Romney are doing what they are doing is to control the conversation for the 2012 primary. It has nothing to do with patriotism.

    I am not all that optimistic about Gresham’s chances on Tuesday, due to the plague of LOSERTARIAN Ron Paul bot tea party drinking twits who are so arrogant that they think the world must scrape and bow to them.

    You really want 4 more years of Mark Sanford’s incompetence?


  3. Scrape and bow to US?

    You’re showing your ignorance (yeah, as usual).

    We’re all about POWER TO THE PEOPLE, baby! DIG IT!!!!

    EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW is all we want.

    And, oh yeah, IN YOUR FACE!



    And yeah, I’m loving this!

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