What Would I Say If McCrystal Had Dissed GWB?


My father always said if you have an employee who thinks they are indispensable, fire ’em before they ruin your business.  It looks like Obama needs to can McCrystal.  Sorry, but I’m taking Obama’s side here.  He is the Commander-in-Chief, no matter how we dislike it.  You don’t show this amount of disrespect and not expect to be job hunting in the very near future.

The man voted for Obama! He is a Democrat.  I don’t care what happens to him.   It is quite obvious the man is not the quality of person Genearl Petraeus is.

He now apparently is pitting Hillary against Obama.  There is so much to this story.  Bill O’Reilly warns that the article may be a hatchet job.  It is possible.  Then again, this whole mess is indicative of the Obama Administration in general.

incompetence – abject incompetence

Let’s put it this way, if General Stanley McCrystal had dissed President George W. Bush the way he had alleged to have dissed Barack Obama, then I would be livid, furious, calling for his head.  Lindsey, Joe Lieberman and John McCain have issued a statement.  I agree with it.

“...The statement by Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Lindsey Graham is important because it gives the Obama administration political cover if the president decides to fire McChrystal. The three senators are longtime backers of the military.

“We have the highest respect for General McChrystal and honor his brave service and sacrifice to our nation,” the trio said in prepared statement. “General McChrystal’s comments, as reported in Rolling Stone, are inappropriate and inconsistent with the traditional relationship between commander-in-chief and the military.  The decision concerning General McChrystal’s future is a decision to be made by the president of the United States.”…”

I agree with what Ed Morrissey wrote:

“…So far, McChrystal hasn’t earned enough leash by winning anything. Regardless of what one thinks of the current C-in-C, Obama is still the man elected by the people to run the executive branch and the military. The picture this article paints is one of a lack of discipline and respect, and the White House has every right to demand an apology and replace McChrystal with someone who understands better the subtleties of overall command and its politics….”

Then again, with the usual conservative pile-on, the one who is being dissed is Lindsey!  Go figure, but then the far right is so out of control, so insane, I don’t doubt what these LOSERS will say.  They have forgotten Reagan and what it means to be a Republican.  (Tea anyone?)

Hyscience turns this into an issue to destroy John McCain and Lindsey!

“...It’s time for these two clowns – McCain and Graham, who most of the time support the agenda of the clown in the WH, to be voted out of office. McCrystal is our best shot at winning the war in Afghanistan, and although McCrystal was out of order, he shouldn’t be fired for exposing the truth about the incompetency of the Obama administration. The lives or our troops are at risk, and the incompetency and policies of both the WH and its civilian appointees like Holbrook and Eikenberry only increase the risk….”

I’ve read the article.  The man comes off as an egotistical jerk.  Byron York reports:

“…“Those of us who knew him would unanimously tell you that this was just a matter of time,” the man says.  “He talks this way all the time.  I’m surprised it took this long for it to rear its ugly head.”

“He had great disdain for anyone, as he said, ‘in a suit,’” the former military man continues.  “I was shocked one day in a small group of people when he took [former Defense Secretary Donald] Rumsfeld to task in front of all of us.”…”


This is more about Hillary Clinton v. Barack Obama than anything else.  A recent Rasmussen poll has voters saying Hillary is more qualified to be POTUS than Obama. THAT’S THE STORY!

“…..Part of the problem is structural: The Defense Department budget exceeds $600 billion a year, while the State Department receives only $50 billion. But part of the problem is personal: In private, Team McChrystal likes to talk shit about many of Obama’s top people on the diplomatic side. One aide calls Jim Jones, a retired four-star general and veteran of the Cold War, a “clown” who remains “stuck in 1985.” Politicians like McCain and Kerry, says another aide, “turn up, have a meeting with Karzai, criticize him at the airport press conference, then get back for the Sunday talk shows. Frankly, it’s not very helpful.” Only Hillary Clinton receives good reviews from McChrystal’s inner circle. “Hillary had Stan’s back during the strategic review,” says an adviser. “She said, ‘If Stan wants it, give him what he needs.‘…”

It looks to me like the people Obama has put in charge of Afghanistan are abject losers, petty, and pathetic.  There is more to this story, much more.  Pink Flamingo friend and confidant sent an email about some possibilities going on here.   I think I agree with the theory that McCrystal may be trying to do an end run, but I think it is for Hillary.

“...By far the most crucial – and strained – relationship is between McChrystal and Eikenberry, the U.S. ambassador. According to those close to the two men, Eikenberry – a retired three-star general who served in Afghanistan in 2002 and 2005 – can’t stand that his former subordinate is now calling the shots. He’s also furious that McChrystal, backed by NATO’s allies, refused to put Eikenberry in the pivotal role of viceroy in Afghanistan, which would have made him the diplomatic equivalent of the general. The job instead went to British Ambassador Mark Sedwill – a move that effectively increased McChrystal’s influence over diplomacy by shutting out a powerful rival. “In reality, that position needs to be filled by an American for it to have weight,” says a U.S. official familiar with the negotiations.

The relationship was further strained in January, when a classified cable that Eikenberry wrote was leaked to The New York Times. The cable was as scathing as it was prescient. The ambassador offered a brutal critique of McChrystal’s strategy, dismissed President Hamid Karzai as “not an adequate strategic partner,” and cast doubt on whether the counterinsurgency plan would be “sufficient” to deal with Al Qaeda. “We will become more deeply engaged here with no way to extricate ourselves,” Eikenberry warned, “short of allowing the country to descend again into lawlessness and chaos.”…”


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  1. Ijust always wonder about people who can say “If George Bush was is office he would have…” Who thinks What Bush would have done is right. He is the one that put us in this situation (the war and the economy). How soon people forget. It really scares me when people blame the our current administration for the problems of the previous administration. One must wonder why. I think those that do this know the real answer. Ask yourself why this president can’t do anything right in your eye’s. I had to live through eight years with my husband in the military with Bush. The war began and we did not no from day to day what was going on, but we knew it was wrong because we lived it. What are you living?

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