Lindsey Thinks Biden Should Shut Up!


On Fox and Friends, Lindsey discussed Joe Biden.

“...Of course, Graham suggested, that doesn’t mean President Obama is likely to fire Vice President Joe Biden. But “he can tell him to shut up.”

On Fox and Friends this morning, Graham said that he agrees with the President’s decision to oust McChrystal. He also took a couple of shots at civilian leaders there, saying that Karl Eikenberry, “the current Ambassador to Afghanistan, has a broken relationship with President Karzai” and that “Ambassador Holbrooke is a fine man who has got some friction between him and President Karzai.”

This is “a chance to start over,” said Graham.

Host Gretchen Carlson argued that the President “can change those guys, but he can’t change Vice President Joe Biden. I mean, he could, but he’s not going to.”

Graham responded: “He can tell him to shut up.”…”