I Shall Yell Tripe!


One of The Pink Flamingo’s favorite movie lines is uttered by the late, immortal David Niven.  “I shall yell tripe whenever tripe is served!”  It comes from the adorable classic Please Don’t Eat the Daisies, based on writer Jean Kerr’s inspirational book by the same title.  I say “inspirational” because it is one of those books that helped to inspire The Pink Flamingo to become a writer.  In it, the author mentions the reason she became a writer was because writing was the only career where a person could sleep late on a regular basis!  Bingo – career path chosen.

One of the things that amazes me the most is the tea party “patriot” and their desire to nominate and vote for men and women who have either no political experience, or no real world experience, or are abject idiots and frauds.  Take the State of Florida, please.  Have you heard about the tea party tempest there?

We are living through the Obama Administration.  He is a man with NO EXPERIENCE.  He is an abject failure.  Why would anyone who had a modicum of wisdom wish to repeat the fiasco, but evidently that is just what tea party twits wish to do.

They want people with no experience.  They want dimwit libertarian losers who will light up a joint and turn over the responsibility of electing our US Senators to corrupt Democrats in corrupt states.  They are idiots.  Sorry, The Pink Flamingo is repeating herself…. they are idiots.

I know of no other explanation.

Why would you want to run a candidate for governor who has the voting record of Barack Obama and even less experience?  What the hell has she ever done other than join the right civic organizations and pander to Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney?  Sharon Angle is a tin-foil tea drinker.  Rand Paul has even fudged about his medical affiliations.

Would you want someone repairing the breaks on your car who had never looked under a  hood in their life?

Would you want someone doing open heart surgery who was a podiatrist?

Do you want your banker to be a twelve year old doling out Monopoly money?

You want your cops carrying squirt guns, your firefighters using silly string or the Three Stooges landing a 747?

Why then, would you want elected officials to be without experience in the political world?

Just doesn’t make sense – unless YOU are on an ego trip and must prove a point.


Just think, we could get 4 more years of Barack Obama and the Dems because the far right and the tea party freaks want some road to utopia political evolution.

Lord have Mercy! (on us all) (they know not what they do?)

Nikki Haley is running for Governor of SC, promoting her vast business experience.

“…At a press availability Wednesday, Barrett said small business experience should be the most important qualification for the state’s next governor. Haley, an accountant who formerly kept the books for her parents’ clothing store, said she has signed paychecks and dealt with the Employment Security Commission like all business owners.

“These are the issues I’ve dealt with the last six years,” Haley said at a campaign stop at a barbeque restaurant in Lexington. “My message has always been about small business.”

Haley said she hoped the two-week-long runoff focuses more on issues, and less on what she has said are false accusations of marital infidelity, made against her by to men…”

Nikki Haley is the GOP version of Barack Obama.  She voted for very little, did very little, looked good, pontificated, and is made of a non-stick surface where the actual facts about her complete lack of experience and her miserable voting record are nothing.  She is being considered the next power broker in the GOP.   The real reason she is being courted is because of the power struggle between Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney.

You would think, after 19 miserable months of abject failure and useless idiocy that the GOP would learn the difference between experience and nothing.  Nikki Haley is nothing – an empty handbag, just like Barack Obama is an empty suit.

Good Lord Help Us!

From the Wolfe Report:

“…It’s understandable why even Republicans who didn’t back Rep. Nikki Haley‘s gubernatorial campaign are looking on the bright side after the runoff. There’s the usual closing of the ranks, plus piggy-backing off of positive (nearly fawning) national coverage. She’s a woman, and a minority. She’s loved by the teabaggers. But she’s isn’t right for South Carolina, for the reasons that have been and will continue to be borne out.
She’s Gov. Mark Sanford‘s third term, period.

There are a myriad of different ways this can be fleshed out, not the least of which is that she’s a card-carrying member of the Sanford cabal and in hock to the people that comprise it. Then there’s something about a couple vetoes. Haley was only one of 27 representatives to vote to sustain a veto on $1.64 million that is going to the State Museum, and voted to sustain another veto with $50,000 in funding. Yet she has the gall to hold her victory party there. Mind you, if the first veto was sustained, the Museum would have likely had to raise its ticket prices to $25 per person and have tons of other issues….”

Is this what the far right wants, is this what the tea parties are all about, promoting people who have no idea what goes on in government?

David Frum brings up something rather fascinating.

“...Through this campaign season, many Republican primary voters have asked the question: “Is Candidate X conservative enough?” Whoever can claim to be the stronger voice of protest against Washington has tended to win, even when that protest comes from a strange or suspect quadrant, as with Rand Paul in Kentucky or Sharron Angle in Nevada.

I’ve had a different ballot question in my head. Republicans got into trouble in 2006 and 2008 because we did a disappointing job of governing the country in the 2000s. Incomes didn’t grow, job creation was weak, wars were not won, we lost control of spending, and almost every major presidential initiative launched after the first 6 months in office floundered: Social Security reform, reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, immigration, healthcare. You often hear it said, “We tried, but Congress wouldn’t let us.” As Yoda might answer: “There is no ‘try.’ There is only ‘do.”…We have no shortage in Washington of conservatives who can make fiery speeches denouncing big government. All too often those same passionate conservatives get out-maneuvered, out-negotiated, out-researched and out-worked when the hour of decision arrives….”


3 thoughts on “I Shall Yell Tripe!

  1. I agree completely about the inexperience factor, and the whole scenario makes me very depressed. I am glad I don’t live in S.C. although the Governor’s race here in Alabama has some worrisome earmarks. Runoff is July 13th and we’ll see how things look then.

    I’ve tried to open my mind and be extra fair about the Tea Party. The Weekly Standard article is quite good. The problem is, in person, every single TPer I’ve met is a Libertarian and all but one is a Ron Paulian! I am not making this up. All but one is impossible to talk with, they have very unrealistic ideas about governance, they are obsessed with the immigration issue, and they emit conspiracy vibes all over the place. I want TPers to join forces with Republicans but whether they will or not is a complete crap shoot in my view.

  2. Okay, just read your link to TPM about the Florida Tea Party mess. Good article even tho the facts are hard to follow – all the more distressing because you don’t know who to trust.

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