A Political Fantasy League


The Pink Flamingo was thinking about politics and baseball.  They are both related.  Baseball has a fantasy league, so why can’t we have fantasy politics.

I have a dream.

Just think how much fun it would be to create my own version of a “hearing” in the House.  I could get to select who I wanted to take on the Dems, and interrogate them in a dog and pony show, humiliating them the way they do those poor souls they put on the hot seat.

There would be no opening statements.  There would be no pontificating, only cold, hard questions.  Those who are being interrogated must provide concrete answers or they will be held in Contempt of Congress (and they are contemptible).

Oh, and they would all be hooked up to a truth o meter.  If they lied, they would be subjected to a sight electrical shock.  It would not be harmful, just enough to catch their lies.  Then again, anyone can beat a lie-detector test.

My starting lineup:

The Pink Flamingo:  I want to interrogate Princess Pelosi about all that spending on her office, flowers, plane, her family, travel, etc.

Michael Medved:  Truly fair and balanced in a logical conservative mind

My Brother:  (throw him a bone, let him have a little fun) He’s military, imagine what he would do to ’em.

Oliver North:  Turn about’s fair play!

Sally Vee:  She’s great at research – good instincts

Ann Coulter:  Yea, we all know I can’t stand her, but she would be sooo obnoxious, imagine setting her lose on Barney Frank, John Conyer, or Princess Pelosi!

Charles Krauthammer:  Like Medved, pure conservative logic

David Frum:  He would annoy the left and the right!

Laura Ingraham:  I can’t stand her.  I have no use for her.  She is vile and nasty, and would be even worse than Ann Coulter cross examining some of the Dems!

My Sister:  I know, she’s not very political, but recently she has discovered the joy and beauty of government over-regulation of small business.  She’s a one person rebellion.