About Those Cap/Trade Lies Against Lindsey


For some strange reason, libertarians hate Lindsey. The roots probably go back to his contempt for Ron Paul, Glenn Beck and other hysterical conspiracy nuts, then again, Lindsey is a very real Reagan Conservative.  The man has courage.  He is fighting in the face of tremendous lies against him, from the far right and the far left.

He is being so up front about what he is trying to do that he is putting a risk to his political career to do what is honest and honorable.

Lindsey’s speech on June 10 about cap/trade and the EPA.  He wants to STOP THE EPA.  Too bad the Cato Institute and the Losertarians keep lying about him.  This is a serious policy speech with serious numbers.

From the Politico:

“...Some liberal groups are outraged at Graham for his decision to abandon the climate talks at such a pivotal moment. But Graham told POLITICO last week that he’s not deterred by the criticism.

“I really don’t care what people think,” he said. “I know what I’m capable of doing. I’m not going to do a deal for the hell of it. Why wouldn’t I re-evaluate my position after the oil spill?”…“The problem is, the people I did business with, climate change is a religion to them,” Graham said. “This has been a business deal for me. They heaped praise on me when I was advancing their agenda. And now I’m re-evaluating and reassessing what I can and will do, and all of a sudden, I’ve become the bad guy. Well, I’m the same guy.”

“I think people somehow misread that I somehow woke up one morning with a message from God to go save the planet,” he said. “That never motivated me. What motivated me was an opening, a vacuum. You had EPA regulations coming. I’m a big nuclear power advocate. I saw the ability to put together a deal that would be unique and different.”….David Woodard, a Clemson University political science professor who ran Graham’s House campaigns in 1994 and 1996, said Graham might be reading the tea leaves back home.

“Maybe Lindsey Graham is beginning to get the message that the voters of South Carolina are not happy with his position on certain environmental issues, or his playing footsie with [New York Democratic Sen.] Chuck Schumer and John Kerry,” he said.

Woodard conducted polls for Trey Gowdy, who beat Rep. Bob Inglis on Tuesday in the GOP primary in South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District. Woodard said Graham’s approval numbers in the district were even worse than Inglis’s.

That doesn’t bode well for Graham, who last year alone faced censure from the GOP rank and file in three of South Carolina’s largest counties: Greenville, Lexington and Charleston.

“He’s got some fence-mending to do with his constituents,” Woodard said, predicting a tough challenge for Graham in 2014.

But Woodard said Graham could still use his recent moves to his advantage. “He can point with pride that he stopped the Obama climate change bill, that he pulled back,” he said….”


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