Two Bucks a Pop!


Last Christmas The Pink Flamingo’s sister presented me with an Aerogrow.  I’ve piddled around with lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, and now string beans.  I just checked and I have 7 (count ’em) SEVEN string beans!  It costs about $14 for a seed kit, for a grand total of two bucks a bean!

FYI – the cats love the lettuce!

If The Pink Flamingo has been a little flaky with posting these past three weeks, there is a reason.  I just returned from 7 fabulous days in Tombstone.  On Thursday we watched a bus load of tea party idiots from Texas roam the streets of Tombstone.  They were showing solidarity with Arizona.  If they really cared, they would have spent money, which they did not.  Business is way off in Tombstone.  There are several reasons:  the economy, current mayor, and the boycott of Arizona.

While I was in Tombstone, to celebrate the 4th of July, I was stung by an Africanized Bee, while driving, on my right foot!  Good thing I was driving between Allen and Fremont on Fourth!  It was so bad, I barely got the car in park.  Had to hobble around to the passenger side and let my nephew drive.  We were going over to Bisbee so Dustin could see the Lavender Pit Mine.  The durn sting hurt all the way there, and still itches like crazy.

We went down to Naco and I took some photos on the border.  I’ll be using those one of these days.

The previous two weeks before leaving for Tombstone, I was struggling to complete a decent version of the first draft of my next book.  I needed to get it to the person doing the foreword.  There will be more about that, later.

More importantly, it looks like we’ve managed to solve a major technical difficulty.  It appears to be well received, which is gratifying for me, after 2 years of work.  Now I just need to finish the durn thing!  I have about 25 new source books to go through, so you know what I will be doing!

Just remember, book comes before blog!