PART I: Tea Partiers: Their Lack of Manners, Standards, and Civility


So, you want to insure Obama wins in 2012?  Run a teaparty “patriot“.

“…What this means is two things: (1) the pressure on former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to run for the GOP presidential nomination will increase as the year moves along, and (2) the likelihood of a strong independent party candidacy increases as Palin’s support within the GOP broadens. Oh, and it also means one other thing: President Obama is not doomed..”

Is Jim DeMint Barack Obama’s Best Friend?

“...NO SHADES OF GRAY — South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, who once proclaimed that he’d rather have “30 Republicans in the Senate who believe in principles of freedom than 60 who don’t believe in anything,” continues to endorse Senate candidates and give leaders in his own party migraine headaches. But one politician must be smiling from ear to ear when he follows DeMint’s antics: President Barack Obama….”

From CQ Politics:

“…That’s because, more than Florida’s Marco Rubio, Kentucky’s Rand Paul or Colorado’s Ken Buck — all endorsed by DeMint in GOP Senate primaries against the wishes of party strategists and insiders — the president stands to benefit the most, long term, from DeMint’s rhetoric and actions leading up to the 2010 midterm elections.

DeMint’s “believers” comment offers one of those false choices that boil everything down to extremes: Either you are a “conservative” or you aren’t. There aren’t any shades of gray.

The South Carolina Republican apparently doesn’t concede that even “conservatives” can have different styles and different opinions about how much compromise is necessary to move the country in the right direction….So why is DeMint with Buck? Some savvy political observers believe that it has less to do with ideology and more to do with DeMint simply liking to stir the pot, to cause trouble for those in the establishment.

But forget electability for now. It’s not why White House strategists have reason to cheer on DeMint.

The South Carolina Republican apparently believes that American voters are heavily ideological — and strongly conservative — and that if Republicans stand their ground on the right, a majority of Americans will see liberals for what they are and come rushing over to embrace conservatives, not only in the midterms but also into the future.

In fact, anyone who has watched or studied American politics since the Vietnam era knows that American voters — particularly the kind of swing voters who decide elections — are not an ideological bunch. That’s why you have Iowa voters sending both conservative Charles E. Grassley (R) and liberal Tom Harkin (D) to the Senate.

By beating the conservative drum the way he does — demonizing conservatives who he says aren’t conservative enough, helping nominate candidates more interested in throwing grenades than in passing legislation and belittling compromise in a country built on political compromises — DeMint makes it easier for Democrats to paint his own party in an unflattering light….”

There are those of us who continue to wonder just how strong the whole tea party thing is.  We keep hearing polls about tea party “patriots” and their political leanings, but we are not seeing polls about Republicans and the Tea Party.

It is about demonizing the opposition – and tea party “patriots” excel at it.

The Pink Flamingo knows of 3 people who have attended a tea party.  Of those, one is a member of the RNC who went to see what it was all about.  The other – well, we’ve been arguing round and round for years.  We believe the same thing, only he just follows the tea.

Tea party “patriots” keep harping on how powerful they are, but are they?

Right now, with the exception of Lindsey, most elected Republicans are so cowed by these “patriots” that they are surrendering their very identity, trying to pander for votes.

Now, the very real problem is the fact that Republicans who continue to pander to the whole tea party movement are missing something very important.  You CANNOT win an election based on tea party “patriots”.  There are other people in this country.  Sure, the little “patriots” think they are the one and only, but their arrogance is going to cost the GOP this fall.

A recent survey shows that the “wal mart moms” are up for grabs.  These aren’t Sarah Palin’s grizzles or what ever she calls them, but moderate women who are seriously looking at the GOP.

Frankly, as a former supporter of SP, I am insulted and disgusted by the “mama grizzly” thing. It is terribly insulting to those of us who don’t have children and don’t have a maternal bone in our liberated bodies.  Sure, it is a great move, but she is blowing off more women than she is attracting.  That whole “Wal-Mart Mom” thing is huge – a massive market that should not be ignored.  Not when one sees the pending congressional clout these women have – far greater than tea partiers.