PART II: Tea Partiers: Their Lack of Manners, Standards, and Civility


Michelle Bachmann wants to form a Tea Party Caucus in the House.  I gather any Republican who has the good sense not to join this bunch is going to be denigrated and abused the way the far right is doing Lindsey, because he is honest about them.  Anyone who dares criticize them is a target to be destroyed.

SC political writer Brad Warthen has information about the Haley campaign.  I keep telling you she is the Barack Obama of the GOP – she is empty – nothing there.  Why is she meeting with business leaders in secret?

They are now feeding on one another.

And then again – they just might be losers, destroying our chances to take House and Senate seats in Nov.

Then there is Alabama.  You are, according to a Pink Flamingo source, going to be hearing gushing reports that the victory of Robert Bentley is a huge tea party victory.  No such thing.  He’s a Dem plant.  You will be hearing more about this as time goes by.   My source emailed:

“…This is a dark day for the Alabama GOP. I can very much relate to Republicans in Kentucky faced with having to vote for Rand Paul for the U.S. Senate. My household currently is not well enough stocked with vodka to do the trick, but come November 2nd you can bet every penny you have we will have lubricated ourselves into pulling the lever for the obviously better candidate, the guy with the R next to his name.

Watch for the bogus reporting on this race. I have no doubt it will be cast as a big win for the “anti-establishment” GOP and tea party factions. But it is no such thing, not even close. ..”

And  – that is the difference between REAL Republicans and tea party twits.  We want to win elections.  When necessary we will hold our nose and vote the big “R”.   The more “principled” voter – you know the ones – the lying losertarian RonPaul Bots who don’t have the guts to tell the truth – well, they vote the Constitution.

Then there is another difference – WE are Republicans.  Tea Party “patriots” are anything and everythingLike John Birchers?  Some are brain-dead Ron Paul Bot Losertarians. They are even Democrat plants, such as the GOP nominee for Governor in Alabama, and a bunch of Tea Party “patriots” in Florida.  Heck, even Glenn Beck’s handlers are all big time Democrats!

One of the things that truly annoys The Pink Flamingo is the mind-set of certain tea party “patriots” who are nothing more than abject Ron Paul Bot losertarians pretending to be Republicans in order to make as much mischief as possible.  The tea party idiots like Tom Tancredo are causing mischief.  And the GOP is so cowed by the tea party twits, FOX, and the talking heads that they are quaking in their bedroom slippers.  Evidently the only Republican who isn’t afraid to take on the tea party freaks is Lindsey.  So, what do they do but castigate him and treat him like dirt.

They hear it on FOX – so Lindsey is evil.

“….The bottom line, then, is that it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which Republicans pull off a surprise conquest of the Senate without winning at least three of the four states where tea-party candidates are surging. Tea-party activists insist they aren’t linked to the Republican party. But at least on this important front, the Republican party, for better or worse, is linked to them….”

The Daily Paul

Case in point.  Friday morning on FOX, there was this adoring profile of some 13 or 14 year old post-crumb cruncher who was organizing his very own grown-up tea party.  It was so sweet, cloying.  Then – we were shown a photo of the little dork posing with Ron Paul!

Ace of Spades did an editorial for The Hill, where the following is mentioned:

“...It’s that moral dimension that gives the Tea Party passion. This isn’t just numbers. It’s not about money. (Although, as is always the case, anytime something is said to be not about money, of course, it’s largely about money.) But it’s about our duty as Americans to do as each generation of Americans has done before us – to do our duty, well and without complaint, and leave the country more prosperous than we found it….”

The simple fact that tea party types still support Mark Sanford completely disprove the above.  There is NO morality in the tea party movement.  There is no honor, nor reason.

Perhaps it is fitting that in South Carolina, tea party icon Mark Sanford is now considered the WORST governor in the history of the state.  Get it  –  THE VERY WORST EVER.  Yet, there are some idiots out there who are promoting him to run against Lindsey in a couple years.  If nothing else, this should make a person stop and ponder what these people actually believe, the Mark Sanford standard should do the trick.

“…Gov. Mark Sanford will probably be remembered by historians and political science experts as a former South Carolina state leader who lacked the basic skills to be effective in leading our state, mainly due to his inability to work effectively with state Legislature members to successfully have appropriate legislation proposed and passed that would have benefited South Carolina’s citizens best,” said one respondent. Another said, “In everything he did, he put Mark Sanford and his personal philosophy ahead of the people of the state that he was elected to govern. He was a disaster!” “Overall incredible lack of leadership,” said a third respondent. “No understanding of art of compromise. No real understanding of S.C. history, law, statutory responsibility. Elitist. No real world experience.”

Another said: “He abandoned his responsibility to the people of this state in so many ways, from punishing the poor through his endless cuts to public education to his inattention to job creation efforts in the state to his physical abandonment of his duties while incommunicado in Argentina. The man has been an obstructionist disgrace. There is more to life than killing off the government to prove a philosophical point.”…”

Please, enjoy Nikki Haley.  The SC Chamber is terrified of her, and her losertarian supporters.


2 thoughts on “PART II: Tea Partiers: Their Lack of Manners, Standards, and Civility

  1. You say:

    ” When necessary we will hold our nose and vote the big “R”. The more “principled” voter – you know the ones – the lying losertarian RonPaul Bots who don’t have the guts to tell the truth – well, they vote the Constitution. ”

    I think you are right about that distinction.

    I think you are wrong in thinking voting AGAINST the Constitution when you have taken an oath to defend it is the right thing to do.

    But then, I’m a Ron Paul losertarian, who just has happened to be in the GOP for decades.

  2. I am being sarcastic about Ron Paul Bots and the Constitution. It as though there are three different Constitutions. One for liberals, one for Ron Paul Bots, John Birchers & Losertarians, then the one the rest of us use.


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