What Kind of Person Defends the Indefensible?


What would cause people to defend a neo-Nazi?

The Pink Flamingo’s primary opposition to hard-line immigration reform is not the reform, but the “reformers”. When you lay down with dogs, you get flees, and the whole movement is starting to fall apart, with much fumigation needed.

We need to do something along the border, but more importantly, we need to become more engaged in this war on drugs.  Why the heck do you think so many people are coming across the border?  They are either running away from it or are drug mules.

I find it increasingly fascinating that there is this tremendous will to deport the evil Mexicans, patrol the border, secure the border, but no one appears to give a rip about the drug war on our border.  Why?

The past couple of days, The Pink Flamingo has received a couple of comments defending neo-Nazi J. T. Ready, over an article I did a month ago!   I find this rather humorous, especially when The Pink Flamingo is the one being accused of spreading hate – against a neo-Nazi. You might want to note that I did not correct the spelling.

The hate spilling out of the keyboards are as bad as
JT Ready’s hate for jews and illeagles. If you were
educated you could kill his ideas with wisdom and words.”

Google screen shot

First, I will defend to the death the jerks right of freedom of speech and his right to make an ass of himself.  We all have that inalienable right. But – that’s about the limit of any real defense The Pink Flamingo will ever provide from some little loony misfit who has decided to ape some of the worst scum in history.

Second, it does provide the opportunity to provide a little look at my real feelings about jerks like Ready.

Seriously – why would anyone defend these people – unless they were part of their band of merry men, off to save the world for Hitler?

The Feathered Bastard

The Pink Flamingo’s favorite liberal blog, The Feathered Bastard DID come up with something these yahoos had done….and provided a back handed swipe at Sheriff Joe.

“...I will give the neo-Nazis one thing: With less money and men, the neo-Nazis came across about the same number of undocumented as Sheriff Joe Arpaio did on his latest sweep in the same general vicinity, according to reports. (Maricopa and Pinal Counties border each other, you see.) Maybe J.T. should run for sheriff.

Update: Correction on that last paragraph: A just-issued MCSO press release, which you can read, here, states that Sheriff Joe’s boys in beige arrested 16 during his operation, seven of which were suspected of being illegal. Depending on how you cut that, J.T. still may be ahead for the week….”

The Feathered Bastard

From the SPLC:


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