Who Are Today’s Angry Voters?


Is it possible that we are dealing with abject voter anger and not necessarily a tea party revolution?  Here in NM, the latest polling is a bit of a shocker.  There is some generic thinking that Steve Pearce is way ahead of Harry Teague.  In NM-1 seemingly untouchable Martin Heinrich could actually lose to Jon Barela, and kick the district back GOP.  Don’t hold your breath. NM-1 is always a nail biter.

If so, is it even more possible that all this ire we are hearing is not necessarily about drinking tea but about voter dismay with Barack Obama and the Dems?

What if we are simply dealing with people who are FINALLY figuring out that the GOP is far superior than the Dems?  There are two specific pieces that came out on Tuesday that may provide information counter to the whole tea party thing.

What if the far right and the losertarians have miscalculated?

Just asking…. If there has been a miscalculation, then things could get very interesting, and we are going to need a practical N – O – R – M – A – L Republican to run in 2012.

Lindsey could be very right about the Tea Party dying out….!

Tuesday’s WSJ’s Opinion Journal’s Opinion Diary has an interesting little ditty from John Fund:

“…This year, the hands-down winner for the key voting bloc might be called “Tea Party Supporter.” Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning firm, reports a major reason Republicans are poised to make major gains this year is that they “are cleaning up with a voting bloc that accounts for 26% of the country and could end up being the most important group of people at the polls this fall: voters who hate both congressional Democrats and congressional Republicans.”

While these voters, who are mostly white and mostly male, harbor no loyalty to either party, this year they are much more upset with the Democrats who hold power in the White House and Congress. “The GOP has a 57-19 generic lead with this group of voters that could perhaps be described as the angriest segment of the electorate,” reports PPP. “Their support is fueling the GOP’s success right now.”

The party-affiliation breakdown of the “pox on all politicians” segment is fascinating. Only 44% are Republicans, while 34% are independents and 21% are Democrats. That breakdown roughly mirrors the profile of people who in other polls identify themselves as Tea Party supporters. Interestingly, however, PPP finds that only about 35% of the “angriest segment” actually call themselves Tea Partiers. That’s compared to about 25% of voters in the electorate as a whole who identify themselves as Tea Party supporters….”

From the Right O Sphere comes a fascinating comment:

“...However, in 2012, this will change.  With the economy likely to still be in a recession, taxes to be at all time highs, and the impact of liberal policies continues to drag down the nation, these same voters are going to be looking at the Republican primaries.   In open primaries, they will simply vote on the Republican side.  In closed Primaries, they will register (for this year) as Republicans so they can vote.

The impact of this is that candidates that are seen as extremely far-right will be at a disadvantage, as pragmatism will run supreme over ideology. These voters are almost always more interested in Fiscal Conservatism than they are Social Conservatism.  What might be red meat to the conservative base, may not play as well when these other voters chime in…”