PART III: Tea Partiers: Their Lack of Manners, Standards, and Civility


The Pink Flamingo keeps saying that the tea parties are a FOX invention.  I honestly think they are being promoted to harm the GOP.   Why?  Well, Rupert Murdock is a big time liberal.  He is also in bed with the Saudis.

You can’t criticize them.  They get nasty and they get ugly.  Just ask Ken Buck!

“...“If Tom stays in the whole way, and starts pulling a significant number of votes away, [his candidacy] might have an effect [on my race],” Buck says. “The worst effect would be if he turns Republican voters off and they decide to not vote at all.” Buck, who made his name as a tough enforcer of immigration laws, also says that he differs “slightly” with Tancredo on that issue: “While we both believe strongly in the need to secure our borders, Tom has a slightly different view on immigration. I’m in favor of developing a guest-worker program to get people into the country,” he says. “Beyond that, I don’t want to speak for what his views are.”

“I’m not a tea-party candidate,” Buck adds. “I have made it absolutely clear that I am a grassroots candidate — not picked by the Washington establishment, former elected officials, lobbyists, or D.C. powerbrokers.” Still, if Buck makes it to the upper chamber, he says he is open to joining a tea-party caucus. “I would have to see what its mission was, but I am certainly leaning that way at this point.”…”

The far right now hates Scott Brown.  Then again, they hate anyone who uses their head.

It looks like the Tea Party “Patriots” are already starting to slit one another’s throats, and have begun showing how pathetic some of them are.

Take Sharon Angle, please. Rasmussen has her now losing to Harry Reid. The woman is dangerous to the GOP.

“…But this is an appalling poll result when Rasmussen finds 49 percent of Nevadans “strongly disapproving” of Obama’s job performance, and 48 percent “strongly disapprove” of Reid’s job performance, and 55 percent describe their financial situation as “getting worse.” What’s hurting the Republican? For starters, an astounding 58 percent find Angle’s positions “extreme.”…”

In Missouri, those dear little dictators are upset with their goddess, Michelle Bachmann! Frankly, The Pink Flamingo finds this just lovely, those who wallow in the soiled tea leaves are going to end up being drowned in it!

“…When it comes to one of the nation’s most competitive Senate races, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and a coalition of Missouri activists are drinking two different flavors of tea.

Bachmann, a national conservative leader who announced a formation of a Tea Party Caucus in the House of Representatives last week, is trekking to St. Louis on Saturday to stump for Rep. Roy Blunt’s Senate campaign. A swath of tea party groups in the state aren’t pleased.

“Tea Party participants believe the spending in Washington has to STOP. Roy Blunt voted for TARP and Cash for Clunkers,” Jedediah Smith, a tea party leader in Missouri’s Franklin County, said in a biting statement Wednesday. “For Michele Bachmann to come to Missouri and give the impression that all the Missouri Tea Parties support Roy Blunt is an abomination of everything we have been standing up for. Most Tea Party supporters I know will be baffled by Michele Bachmann helping someone with a record like Roy Blunt before the primary vote.”

Twenty-eight tea party groups signed the statement criticizing Bachmann on behalf of 8,600 claimed members. Smith told POLITICO he has contacted Bachmann’s office to share his disappointment, explaining that plans are under way to organize an event for Bachmann outside of her appearance with Blunt….”

Then again, the Tea Party movement may be the ones with a problem.  From a recent Pew Survey the GOP may have a tea party problem.  Evidently 60% of Republicans – that is nearly two-thirds, do NOT PUT THEMSELVES as the same place, ideologically as the tea party freaks!  Now, would someone please explain why the GOP is pandering to these freaks?  Looks like Lindsey is the one who is right!

“...Nearly half of voters (48%) had no opinion of the Tea Party’s ideology or had never heard of the movement….Nearly half of all voters (48%) either never have heard of the Tea Party or express no opinion of its ideology. Among voters expressing an opinion, 26% say it is more conservative than they are, 17% say its views are the same as theirs and 9% see it as more liberal. Three-in-ten Republican voters place the Tea Party at the same point as themselves ideologically; 17% say it is more conservative while nearly as many (12%) see the Tea Party’s views as more liberal than their own.”

Did you know that Glenn Beck now wants to blame the Crucifixion of Christ on the Jews?  He’s a good Tea Party “patriot” just like a few other nasties.  Remember, there are no racists in tea parties.

If there is one thing The Pink Flamingo has learned about the tea party “patriots” it is how abjectly rude, lacking in manners, basic civility and arrogant they are.  You are no longer allowed to disagree with the idiot Glenn Beck.  Sarah Palin cannot be criticized, and Ron Paul is god!

What can you expect about a group of people who lie about good Republicans?  If the Tea Party “patriots” can’t tell the truth about Lindsey’s record, how can you believe them about anything else?

“...Notorious liberal RINO Lindsey Graham is once again undermining the conservative movement with elitist smears against the Tea Party and wildly out-of-touch misreads of the American people. In a recent interview with the New York Times magazine, Graham parroted every bogus DNC talking point about the Tea Partiers, trashing them as having no discernible vision for the country and painting them as extremists for representing the vast majority of Americans on nearly every issue (as I noted here)….As Tea Partiers have made abundantly clear over and over again, they stand for low taxes, limited government and actually following the Constitution. It’s not rocket science–except to our partisan left-wing “news media,” elected Democrats and Senator Lindsey Graham….”

The Tea Party “patriots” dislike Lindsey because he is not conservative enough. He is not one of them, does not scrape and bow to them. They demand 100% purity and allegiance. Lindsey is his own man. You would think these “patriots” who do a heck of a lot of big talk about the Constitution and the Founding Fathers would be bright enough and educated enough to comprehend this country was built on compromise by men who were willing to give and take. Those who demanded purity, had not role in the building in this nation.

“…The new era of citizen-empowered politics, where personal investment and political energy is created upon “principle,” means Senator Lindsay Graham (SC) has already lost his re-election bid of 2014; he just doesn’t know it yet. RINO dinosaurs like Graham, cannot grasp how and why the conservative power has shifted from organized Republican Party direction to Tea Party. He is sure of his sound-bite importance however, as he offers this un-educated view on the Tea Party movement to the online liberal Huffington Post…”

This piece of you know what was written by “bestselling” Christian author James Michael Pratt. Now, who is Pratt? He’s a big Glenn Beck flunkie!

Case in point:

“…Tea Party and conservative leaders in the Upstate are feeling rebellious– against current Republican Party leadership on the state and national levels. Harry Kibler is the spokesman for the Upstate Coalition of Conservative Groups. There is a list of leaders that they want to see out of the Republican Party, including Jake Knotts of Lexington, who called party nominee, Nikki Haley, a “raghead” on an Internet political talk show…”

One again proving how intellectually dishonest these people are, they are ignoring the fact that the state GOP immediately contemned Jake Knotts.  But – factual honesty doesn’t seem to be part of their game plan. One thing these dishonest individuals are NOT mentioning is the fact that they are NOT Republicans, but libertarians, and Ron Paul Bots.

“...Please, don’t get the impression that Everett Wilkinson hates third parties. Or that he likes Republicans. “I’m one of those people who thinks Republicans, in many cases, have messed up as much as Democrats,” says the South Florida-based Tea Party activist. “The Republican majority we used to have is just as responsible for the deficit as the Democrats.” Yet Wilkinson is also a plaintiff in a lawsuit to get a third party—which also calls itself the “Florida Tea Party”—to give up its name. When I ask whether the ultimate goal of the lawsuit is to prevent the “Tea Party” from hurting the GOP, Wilkinson drops the pox-on-both-houses talk. Instead he sounds like Karl Rove with a whiteboard, pointing out the races in which the “Tea Party” could get X many votes to hurt Y candidates….”

One of the things that The Pink Flamingo and other NORMAL Republicans have been saying for over a year is that these people are not Republicans.  They have one agenda – and that is the support of, and worship of Ron Paul, trying to get him nominated for the GOP POTUS in 2012.

“…Kibler heads a website called RINO hunt, its mission is to identify “Republicans in Name Only.” In their sights on the national level: US Senator Lindsey Graham. RINO Newsletter July 3 2010

And now Graham is fighting back. In a New York Times Magazine article this week, Graham took aim right back at the Tea Parties– and Harry Kibler saying,  “The problem with the Tea Party, I think it’s just unsustainable because they can never come up with a coherent vision for governing the country. It will die out.”

Kibler retorts, “That for Lindsey Graham to say that this movement is unsustainable just proves how out of touch he is. And all I can say is, Lindsey, I hope you have another job lined up for 2014, because brother, you’re gonna need it.”

Kibler says the Tea Party in the Upstate is extending its power base and “offering assistance to bring the organization of the Upcountry Coalition to the rest of the state.”

“We are going to take the success that we have experienced in the Upcountry, share that with our brothers and sisters throughout the state, and we are going to take South Carolina back,” says Kibler…”

Then again, there is the possibility that Ron Paul and his bunch have become so strong, they are attempting a take-over of the GOP, pulling conservatives Republicans farther to the extreme.  I’ve been seeing it for months.  David Frum wrote:

“...And when some voices on the right began to join those left-wing critics of the war, Horowitz  denounced those far-right isolationists as well. In a 2007 interview he called Congressman Ron Paul a “disgrace” and in the years since the two men and their admirers have exchanged heated words.

But in recent months, the ideas of the Ron Paul movement have begun to percolate through the more mainstream conservative world. Ron Paul has become a favored guest on the Glenn Beck program. And now Coulter too is giving voice to Paul-ist themes.

This trend has presented Horowitz with a problem. Beck and Coulter are also important allies and supporters of his. Horowitz is a frequent guest on the Beck program. Coulter attends and speaks at Horowitz’s “Restoration Weekends” in Palm Beach, a crucial event in the annual calendar of the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

What to do as these two crucial Horowitz allies turn in exactly the direction Horowitz has so passionately condemned?

Answer: blast anybody who criticizes Horowitz’s crucial allies.

In 2009, I complained about Glenn Beck’s promotion of Ron Paul. Horowitz accused me of “psychosis,” prompting a debate you can read here.

When Matthew Continetti last month offered a gentle remonstrance against Glenn Beck’s conspiracy theories in the Weekly Standard, Horowitz’s NewsReal blog denounced him as an “alleged conservative” and a “cocktail conservative.”

Now Knepper’s criticism of Ann Coulter – in exactly the same terms as David Horowitz himself was using only a few months ago – has got Knepper bounced from Horowitz’s NewsReal blog altogether.

There’s beginning to be a pattern here.

When we on the center-right criticize extremist voices on the right, we are sometimes accused of opportunism, of betraying our principles to kiss up to powerful media personalities.

I’ve often wondered whether this was not an example of what the psychologists called “projection” – of attributing to others the motives that actually impel oneself. These days, I’m much more than wondering….”


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  1. Hm! Looks like natural law advocates are making a comeback when the citizenry are faced with neo-con and liberal fascists like Lindsey Graham.

    I hope you realize that, in all your hysterical whining, you’ve only managed to document the reawakening of the Spirit of ’76 among the American people.

    Have fun! =:>)

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