Was Michele Bachmann Intimidated by Missouri Tea Party “patriots”?


The problem with the Tea Party, I think it’s just unsustainable because they can never come up with a coherent vision for governing the country. It will die out. We don’t have a lot of Reagan-type leaders in our party. Remember Ronald Reagan Democrats? I want a Republican that can attract Democrats.”.

It looks like Lindsey is right.

Evidently we have two different Constitutions in the United States.  One is for the Tea Party “patriots” and the other is for the rest of us.  It is increasingly obvious that these so called patriots, who are basically Ron Paul Bots and John Birchers in disguise, only respect freedom of speech for themselves and their cause.  Everyone else needs to shut up and let them have their way.

Freedom is a two way street, but evidently the Tea Party “patriots” – those vaulted individuals who worship at the feet of Glenn Beck, don’t believe in actual freedom.  It is only for them and their ideas.  The rest of us are threats to democracy.

These people are not rational.

The Pink Flamingo has been telling you that the Tea Party “patriots” have reached the apex of their existence and are now on their way out.

“...Even as just a regular old tea party rally, the event fell flat. Though organizers said the event’s website had been visited more than 2 million times in the days leading up to today’s rally outside Independence Hall, for most of the afternoon there were fewer than 500 in attendance. It was clear from the large numbers of volunteers and the 1,500 bottles the organizers put on ice that they expected a big crowd to turn out. They did not get it by a long shot. They blamed a traffic jam on I-95 for keeping people away (for the record one organizer said that she counted 1,500 on the high end of attendance, but that appeared a bit generous to us)…”

They have begun eating their own, demanding absolute obedience, and absolute devotion.  If one does not scrape, bow, genuflect and worship at their feet, they will attempt to denigrate and destroy.   Michele Bachmann, their darling, is now in the cross-hairs for daring to do something they do not want her to do.

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This is not the first time this summer that Bachmann has angered those dear little “patriots” who smugly consider themselves superrior to those of us who are NORMA L Republicans.

“…“Last month, Bachmann saw palpable backlash after she recorded a robo-call for New Jersey Rep. Chris Smith in his primary campaign against Tea Party-backed candidate Alan Bateman. Bateman charged that Bachmann “betrayed the Tea Party movement” with her endorsement and added that it “showed her true colors in that she is nothing more than a politician using the Tea Party movement for her own advancement.”

Those cynical about Bachmann’s tea party caucus now have even more to back their case. Her organization is losing credibility with many of those people in whose name she started the organization. Tea Party groups hate when DC politicians meddle in their local races. They are not keen on top down endorsements. Bachmann has yet to learn that lesson.

Bachmann has proven that she, like many of her colleagues in DC, are just in it for Republicans, the tea party be damned. It didn’t take long for the true stripes of her caucus to be shown for what it is in the end. It’s a talking shop to placate the tea parties so they can get on with business as usual….”

Did the Missouri Tea Party folks “Patriots” intimidate Michele Bachmann into canceling an appearance in Missouri?  Was her sudden hospitalization a way of saving face with Blunt and the tea parties?

“…The nature of her illness is not being released. Although the Republican from Minnesota’s Sixth District canceled a campaign stop in St. Louis for G.O.P. senate candidate Roy Blunt on Saturday, she was able to make an appearance via “Skype”. Bachmann’s spokesperson tells FOX 9 News that the congresswoman is “playing it by ear” for the next few days.  Bachmann does have some appearances scheduled in Minnesota next week.  There is no word on whether Bachmann still plans to attend….”

On Sunday, The Pink Flamingo reported that Tea Party Diva Michele Bachmann had run afoul of the Missouri Tea Party Patriots.

Sunday, August 1 Pink Flamingo

From The Gawker:

“…Minnesota dingbat Michele Bachmann, who founded the House Tea Party Caucus last week, is already at odds with Tea Party members. She’s campaigning for Missouri Senate candidate Roy Blunt instead of the Tea Party/Joe the Plumber-backed Real American candidate. Traitor!

The Missouri Tea Party wants this guy Chuck Purgason to win, badly enough that they enlisted Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher to help create the actual campaign ad shown above, which ran on statewide television.

It’s surprising that Michele Bachmann would miss an opportunity to pander to the Tea Party’s every whim, and now she’s offended them by planning to campaign with Roy Blunt on July 31. A coalition of “Missouri Tea Party Groups” sent out a release condemning Bachmann…”

The Pink Flamingo has been stating, for ages, that those so-called Tea Party “patriots” are NOT helping the GOP.  Proof may be seen in the statements from various Missouri tea party twit groups against Bachmann.

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