BREAKING: A Nasty Little SC Tea Party, CofCC and White Supremacist Link?


The Pink Flamingo does not like the Tea Parties.  I think they are short-sighted, foolish (as in lacking wisdom), arrogant, selfish, and refuse to allow opinions other than their own.  I DO NOT think all Tea Party “patriots” are racists.  BUT – I do think that there are nasty individuals who are part of the movement, and who are making mischief.

There are rumors that the Tea Parties and the CofCC have merged.  I cannot confirm this.  If so, then anyone who is decent should immediately denounce the entire Tea Party movement.  Once again, I cannot confirm this rumor.  I have found plenty of evidence that the CofCC and Stormfront are actively participating in the Tea Party movement.  I am also finding evidence that certain Tea Party groups are quickly denouncing them.  This is NOT happening in South Carolina, where one Roan Garcia-Quintana is active in both the GOP and the Tea Parties.  I am finding evidence that he is a major mover and shaker in the whole SC Tea Party world.  I also have evidence below that he is associated with the CofCC, Stormfront, and at least one notorious Neo-Nazi organizer.

If this is true, then the various Tea Parties in South Carolina had best do a little soul searching, rather quickly.

From the SPLC:

“...Take, for example, the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC). The descendant of the pro-segregation Citizens Councils of the 1950s, the CCC is a proudly racist organization. Its literature and website on occasion still display its original motto: “States Rights. Racial Integrity.” Its newspaper and website trade loudly in crude racist tropes, inveigh against interracial marriage and immigration, and make common cause with far-right, virulently anti-immigrant political parties around the world.

Because the group is so blatantly racist, it is hard to imagine any movement that claims mainstream credibility—one representing the concerns of “everyday Americans”—having any tolerance for the CCC. One would expect such a respectable movement to chase the CCC out of its events. Its message of hate is, after all, at odds with the Tea Party’s professed inclusive message of deficit reduction and smaller government.

And yet, at a Tea Party attended by this reporter last January in Inverness, Fla., the CCC set up a prominent information booth from which it handed out literature for more than three hours. At no point did a single attendee of the rally, which featured a line-up of state-level GOP candidates and politicians, challenge the presence or ideology of the CCC. The following day, the organization had good reason to be pleased with its reception and deemed the event a success. According to the CCC blog, the organization’s representatives “passed out 2 boxes of THE CITIZENS INFORMER newspaper, and 250 Council business cards.” No arguments ensued.

The Inverness event was not the first time a Florida chapter of the CCC had worked a Tea Party event and later boasted of its easy reception. “[Council] receives warm welcome in Crystal River, Florida,” declared the CCC site following its presence at a Tea Party on Sept. 12, 2009. “Council members distributed 3 boxes of The Citizens Informer and applications,” the site explained without mentioning any conflict or opposition from the gathered.

Tolerating the presence of the Council of Conservative Citizens does not mean that everyone at these events is a racist. But the lack of opposition to the presence of CCC recruiters suggests that the NAACP is correct: the Tea Parties are, at best, far too tolerant of extremist groups in their midst. At worst, there is an unspoken ideological affinity. Whatever the case, the presence of the CCC highlights how explicitly racist hate groups like the CCC seek to exploit the Tea Party movement to expand their own white nationalist movement….”

There are no racists in Tea Parties, right?   What about the Cof CC?  What about Americans Have Had Enough?  What does the whole John Tanton network have to do with it?

Google Screen Shot

What about the link between the SC Tea Parties, the CofCC, and a certain Roan Garcia-Quintana?  First, he is one of the leading Lindsey Graham haters in the state.  But, there is no hate or racism in the Tea Parties.

Carolina Patriots

Do you know who the CofCC is?

Luger Enterprises

Please, follow the bouncing Swastika.  These people are hosting James Edwards of the Political Cesspool. Roan Garcia-Quintana, who is a big tea party organizer is hand in glove with the CofCC.  He is also a big time tea drinker

“…Roan Garcia-Quintana (Americans Have Had Enough!), one of the coalition leaders who had participated in the negotiations on the Sunday proceeding the planned protest at the Monday Feb 1 meeting of the Greenville GOP Exec Comm Meeting…”

He has tried to hide his ties with the CofCC:

Union Tea Party

The acknowledged leader of Americans Have  Had Enough, and the SC/NC tea parties was on the political cesspool with Gordon Baum.

Political Cesspool

Why would anyone in Republican Party in SC even consider working with someone who was part of the White Supremacist CofCC?

Roan Garcia-Quintana for Senate

Why is someone who is running for the GOP in South Carolina, who detests Lindsey, is quoted by tea parties being hailed by Stormfront?

David Duke's Blog

No racists in the tea parties?

Occidental Dissent

Even The Pink Flamingo did not know where this was going.  Scroll down to the bottom of the following screen shot.

Occidential Dissent

“…South Carolina: Confederate Flag Rally
Posted on June 28, 2010 by Hunter Wallace
Yesterday, OD attended a Confederate Flag Rally in Columbia, SC. It was a six hour drive, but we found the time and the resources to travel to South Carolina to support a worthy cause. We shot almost an hour worth … Continue reading →

Posted in Activism, History, Race Relations, Southern Nationalism, White Nationalism, Whiteness     | Tagged Activism, CofCC, Confederacy, Confederate Flag, Heritage, History, Kirk Lyons, Kyle Rogers, White Nationalism, William Carter     | 29 Comments...”

Hunter Wallace, who met with one of the SC Tea Party Leaders – and someone who is an anti-Lindsey ring-leader – just the other day – was kicked out of the St. Louis Tea Party rally in April.  Why isn’t SC doing the same?  Why is Roan Garcia-Quintana meeting with him?  Why then, does the GOP in SC, allow Roan Garcia-Quintana to denigrate Lindsey?  This man associates with KNOWN neo-Nazi?

Real Courage

This leads to a question:  Are the SC Tea Party types, who associate with Roan Garcia-Quintana knowingly associating with white supremacists?  Is that what the Tea Parties in SC are.  There is evidence that some tea party groups are attempting to eject the CofCC.  Why is that not happening in SC?

Real Courage

From 2009 – A Stormfront connection?


14 thoughts on “BREAKING: A Nasty Little SC Tea Party, CofCC and White Supremacist Link?

  1. When there was no tea party…these SAME people were attached to the GOP, calling themselves “the base”.

    I believe you were a part of those bloggers reporting how when Tancredo and company tried to bring up illegal immigration during the hay day of the tea party when they started to flex their health care concern muscle, the crowd became very quiet because they simply did not care about illegal immigration.

    I have always maintained that tea party people are NOT part of the Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkim, or Rush gang. In fact, one of the first organizers who had come to visit Hawaii said that they did an internal polling of those who actually went to the rallies, to townhall meetings and donated and they found that they had a few things in common: concern for jobs, social security, health care…and they LIKED GWB! They also had little or NO comment about illegal immigration.

    Again, I caution you to not do unto the tea party what we were begging Independents NOT to do…equate the racist losertarians with the GOP. The tea party has become so big that Liberals are afraid of them and so accuse them of racism. And so big, real racist losertarians are trying to take them over.

    If the latter is allowed to happen, Independents who actually IS the majority won’t trust the Right who bullied them and the Left who accused them. That leaves the losertarians…and yeah THAT is what they want. Again, ask yourself if the Glenn Becks and Michelle Malkim spoke for the party of Republicans–then ask yourself why you should believe they speak for the tea party.

  2. You are so right. Emailed a fellow blogger a minute or so ago. There are always jerks who get involved in things and ruin something that starts out good.


  3. As we wracked our brains trying to figure out how on earth we were going to get the losertarians out of the GOP…so too we (and I do mean WE) must try to find a way to separate these racist from the tea party because the tea party ARE the majority who become involved only when it directly affects them. The war, the economy, health care…THESE are the things that affect them…issues that the GOP just happens to be right on about and the Dems awful with. If the Left is allowed to accuse them of being racist and the Right is allowed to take them over and bully them, both parties will lose them come November, leaving them Ron Paul! (go ahead: groan)

    I know, you and I and a group of us more sane people have being wracking our brains trying to accomplish this separation…I don’t know, really. But we can’t allow them to do to the tea party what they did to GWB and the GOP.

  4. I am not in any habit to defend Roan. Roan is not a member of Storm Front. Roan is an American that came here from Cuba. He is not my best friend. In the case I will defend him. Roan is doing a good job right now for America!

  5. Dear Brian;

    I appreciate the fact that you have the courage to use your own name.

    Mr. Garcia-Quintana was a speaker on July 24, in Greenville, at a CofCC meeting. The Council of Conservative Citizens is a “sister” organization of Stormfront. The CofCC is the up front organization and public face of the both groups, which cater to white supremacists. In 2008 Mr. Garcia-Quintana was a featured speaker at the CofCC/Stormfront national conference, along with David Duke.

    In December of 2007 Trent Lott was forced to step down as Senate Majority Leader after praising Strom Thurmond. If the same rules to apply, then if the tea parties were honest, Mr. Garcia-Quintana would be allowed no where near them, nor any viable Republican organization.

    A person has no control over who their friends associate with. But one can control who their political associates are. There is no way ANYONE who is a featured speaker at CofCC meeting is doing a good job for America.


  6. My, oh my!

    I’m not sure I’ve actually seen where you’ve singled out someone like this before and libeled them in so clear-cut a manner.

    Whether you’re doing this at the behest of Lindsey Gaham or some other RINO operatives or are just careless enough to be doing this on your own, I am serious when I tell you that you have committed an act of egregious libel and you will be hit with a lawsuit on this.

    Now, before you go poo-pooing me, please take just a few minutes and go back and read every post on this site where I’ve made predictions–usually just telling you about plans at the time–and then look at what happened afterwards.

    I’ll admit that there was one time that I stated that there was going to be a censure against Graham in another part of the state than where the actual attempt was made. Besides that one bit of misinformation, EVERYTHING I’ve told you was going to happen has occurred. I did not over-promise and when I said a censure was going to happen in Lexington County, it happened in Lexington County within a matter of weeks.

    You are a very misled and confused woman and I disagree with you, as I do with all other liberal fascists, on about every issue possible. However, I don’t think that you are an evil or bad person and you should not needlessly expose yourself to a lawsuit as you are begging to do with this post.

    It’s already too late to erase the damage you’ve done so I don’t think you’re going to totally avoid the suit at this point though you may ameliorate the situation a bit if you immediately take this post down and issue an apology to Mr. Roan Garcia-Quintana.

    Or don’t.

    But when bad things start to happen to you as a result of your very bad behavior here, DO NOT STATE THAT I DID NOT WARN YOU.

    Even I will not take pleasure at seeing what legal trouble you’ll have gotten yourself into. This is real legal stuff–not just “politics.”

    You’ve stepped way over the line on this one. Our back and forth stuff is one thing but we’ve never libeled one another in our debates. What you have said about Mr. Garcia-Quintana, however, is reprehensible and indefensible.

    I know for a fact that lawyers have already been contacted and copies of this site’s information and this entry of yours in particular are in the hands of attorneys who specialize in these kinds of cases and have already successfully handled a number of cases very similar to this.

    I don’t know you. For all I know, you may have plenty of money and want to fight this–especially since your life may otherwise be very boring.


    Personally, I’d avoid such a situation like the plague. It’s not worth it–especially when the facts of the situation totally belie your accusations.

  7. I don’t take threats from people who refuse to use their real names very seriously.

    FYI, I’ve been threatened by the likes of your little friends before – I proved my case. As I have hear. People who appear at CofCC conferences on the same speaker’s agenda as David Duke should not throw rocks from their glass houses. I gather you DID NOT actually read my post, nor bothered to look at the screen shots from locations which were quite friendly to your ilk.

    You are also telling me that these nasty little Ron Paul Bot censures of Lindsey are a put up job, well planned and orchestrated. Thanks for letting me know about that.


  8. FYI: We planned the censure at the county level and followed through with it. It’s called “grass roots” activism. Believe me, we’re an independent bunch and no one can tell us what to do. In fact, I got in a little trouble for letting the cat out of the bag on our plans when I posted on your blog. Luckily, your readership must be very small in this state since no one found out about it.

    And don’t forget, the LCRP also censured racist Jake Knotts. In fact, we’re the only county to have done so. Maybe you should defend Knotts, too. After all, Lil’ Lindsey and Jakie Knotts are really big buddies.

    And yes, despite your probably feeling smugly satisfied at the admission, I did indeed read every iota of your smear job. I just thought I’d warn you about some information I just happened to be privy to in regards to actions being taken.

    As for threats, I made none. I just tried to warn of what is to come. I have nothing to do with those lawyers and do not have further information on them beyond the fact that they were informed and plan to take action. You deal with it however you want.

    No matter how stupid your action in posting this, I think you deserve a chance to retract it. But please, by all means, leave it up and have at it if you’re so determined to get in trouble. Don’t let me stop all the fun.

  9. I think it is great that the CofCC is getting involved in the Tea Parties. White people have the right to organize according to their interests just like Mestizos and Blacks do. I can’t wait till we have a Caucasian Congressional Caucus to combat the virulently racist Black Congressional Caucus and the equally evil Hispanic Congressional Caucus. Let’s burn this Third World Rathole we still keep mistakenly calling “America.”

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