Please Don’t Screw Up My Beloved Kindle


As if the War on Success weren’t bad enough, the Feds think the Kindle may violate civil rights – along with a bunch of other violations!  The timing cannot be coindidental.  Makes a person wonder if Apple & Amazon had not paid off the proper Administration officials!

“…Some officials at the schools were puzzled. Given the speed of technological development and the reality of competition among technology companies — Apple products were already fully text-to-speech capable — wasn’t this a problem the market would solve? That’s not Perez’s way. To him, keeping the Kindle out of sighted students’ hands underscored “the importance of full and equal educational opportunities for everyone.”

Evidently Kindle is not user friendly if one has a vision problem.  It is text to speech capable, but not actually workable for someone who is visually impaired.   Then, in Conn. the AG is investigating Apple & Amazon for misc. violations.  In other Barnes & Noble is bitching about the Kindle again.   The new generation is sold out, already yet.  I was planning to get mine before Sept. 1, but now?

“…On Aug. 2, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced an investigation of book publishers, Apple and Amazon over “agreements … that may block competitors from offering cheaper e-book prices.” Should that investigation gain momentum, it could add yet another wrinkle to what has already become a very complex competitive arena….”

Washington Examiner