Another FOX-Bimbo Libertarian Hit on Lindsey


Recently Pink Flamingo friend and confidant Sally Vee sent me an email about one of the FOX blond bimbos.  She was furious with something.  I heard from another friend this weekend.  She and her husband have nearly stopped watching FOX because of the libertarian bias.   I’m rapidly getting to that point.

(One problem with FOX is their website is almost unusable.  It is practically impossible to find out who is doing what “spot” – when. So, I am not sure which blond bimbo was doing the interview).

Right before Noon – (mountain time) one of the Fox blond bimbos was interviewing Charlotte LIBERTARIAN talk show hoste Keith Larson – taking the pulse of the nation about how locals feel about Lindsey.

Umm….anything wrong with this picture?

If you know how to read a map, which FOX must not actually know, you might discover that Charlotte is in NORTH CAROLINA.  Granted, it is near South Carolina, and WBT’s signal reaches all the way to Columbia, but why wouldn’t FOX use a talk show  host from South Carolina.  They can find plenty of libertarians who hate Lindsey there in SC.

“…WBT (known on air as News Talk 1110) is a 50,000 watt clear-channel radio station in Charlotte, North Carolina, broadcasting on the AM dial at 1110 kHz. It simulcasts on WBT-FM, at 99.3 MHz in Chester, South Carolina. It is owned by Greater Media. The station’s studios are located just west of uptown Charlotte, while its transmitter is located in the southern part of the city….Despite its clear-channel status, WBT’s signal is spotty at best in some parts of the Charlotte metropolitan area at night because it must adjust its coverage at sundown to protect co-located KFAB in Omaha, Nebraska. Even though WBT must direct its signal north-south as a result, its nighttime signal still reaches parts of 22 states (including much of the country east of the Mississippi River) as well as portions of Ontario and Quebec. It can also be heard in some Caribbean islands. During the day, it provides at least grade B coverage as far as the fringes of the Columbia, Upstate and Piedmont Triad areas. For many years, WBT boasted that it could be heard “from Maine to Miami” at night….”

Why is FOX concentrating on L – I – B – E – R – T – A – R – I – A – N – S?

Larson is known as a libertarian – NOT a Republican, and we all know losertarians hate Lindsey. He is also an admirer of Ron Paul.

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One thought on “Another FOX-Bimbo Libertarian Hit on Lindsey

  1. God help us if MexNews – er, FoxNews is considered the voice of the Right. Between the boobs (the talking ones and the ones bubbling out of skin tight lingerie), the Tea Totaling, the Libertards and most especially the evermore frenzied Brother Beck… plus the Gold & Mesothelioma ads… well, it is unwatchable.

    I wonder how Paul Gigot and Dan Henninger like being associated with Fox.

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