Note to Republicans, Don’t Get on the Bad Side of Your Ex


Ever wonder why Rush Limbaugh’s ex-wives don’t dish on him?  He’s been married almost as many times as Elizabeth Taylor and you NEVER  hear dirt about him.  Then again, he’s not running for POTUS, or thinking about it, with a pretty new, younger model at his side.

Ya wanna know when you are reading a hit piece?

“…In the twelve years since he resigned in defeat and disgrace, he has been carefully plotting his return to power….”

Now that’s a hit piece!

Newt Gingrich has one very angry ex.  She is so angry she did an Esquire hit-piece on the former Speaker and The Pink Flamingo’s current choice for POTUS.  Naturally she made him look like dirt.  She sounds like a someone pissed enough to destroy, which she is obviously trying to do.

“…She looks skeptical. “It’s not so much a compliment to me. It tells you a little bit about him.”

And he did the same thing to her eighteen years later, with Callista Bisek, the young congressional aide who became his third wife. “I know. I asked him. He’d already asked her to marry him before he asked me for a divorce. Before he even asked.”

He told you that?

“Yeah, he wanted to — ”

But she stops. “Hey, turn off the tape recorder for a second. This is going to go places …”

Back in the 1990s, she told a reporter she could end her husband’s career with a single interview. She held her tongue all through the affair and the divorce and even through the annulment Gingrich requested from the Catholic Church two years later, trying to erase their shared past. Now she sits quietly for a moment, ignoring her eggs, trying to decide how far she wants to go.

What about the fact that wife #2 was shacking up with that bounder while wife #1 was so ill?  Does wife #2 take no responsibility for being 50% of the problem?

Yikes – It sounds like my uncle’s messy personal life!

Sure he has a messy personal life.  So what?  We all know he has a messy history of divorces.  The strange thing is, for all his screwed up personal life, his kids say good things about him.


It is all rather  humorous, and goes to illustrate how vulnerable the GOP is.  By year after year proclaiming our purity and morality, of being “perfect” any time one of our candidates of office-holders does something less than perfect, it is a feeding frenzy like a science fiction movie.

I don’t mind admitting, I’m crazy about Newt.  I don’t mind #2 dishing on him.  What are ex-wives for, anyway?

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