The “Worst” Conservative List Ever – Really Isn’t About Blogging


NOTE:  The following post is an excuse for me to include one of my very favorite movie scenes! Naturally it features Harrison Ford.

Good blogging fun to be had by all, liberals, conservatives, and everyone in between. In a way you gotta hand it to John Hawkins, for his “worst” list, with some of the “leading” bloggers (yea, The Pink Flamingo is never on anyone’s list – thank heavens!) participating.

It has become a Rorschach TestJames Joyner has an interesting take on the “test”.  It is very much about the way we look at the worldDan Riehl thinks it is a political thing for political bloggers.  My problem is it is about the “worst people” in American History.

They have made fools of themselves.  The whole process has been extremely fascinating.  Evidently the “leading” conservative political bloggers consider those who have a different political view worse than a William Clark Quantrill or a Nathan Bedford Forest.

When good men and women no longer can distinguish between bad, worst, good, evil, and an annoyance, then we are truly in very serious trouble. These men and women, many of them, claim to be quite religious, claim to be morally superior to the average liberal, yet they are either so poorly educated that they don’t know American History, or are so caught up in demonizing the  political opposite that they have lost sight of basic values and the true meaning of good and evil.

Matt Lewis hit it:

“…Certainly, one could make the case that political leaders — because of their reach and immense importance — actually have much greater impact over our society as a whole than any serial killer ever could (though I would argue the Manson murders actually had a major impact on American culture, and essentially ended the ’60s).

But this, of course, is sophistry. Hawkins’ list was not titled “the worst political leaders,” but rather “the worst figures” in American history, and thus, the results seem to betray what we already know to be true: Too many political bloggers view their political opponents as being worse than serial killers.

Of course, this is not merely a reflection of conservative bloggers, but rather, of the current state of political discourse. I have no doubt that members of (as Robert Gibbs has called them) “the professional left” might rank Ann Coulter as being more harmful than, say, Al Capone. …”

Or – is it simply proof that the blogsphere is broken?  Or that conservatives just know how to make themselves look like idiots.

Once I began working on a list, I realized the very worst people weren’t about politics.  Maybe it is about history, and the fact that conservatives don’t know much about it.

Rick Moran has started the whole fight, again.  This again is a little scary.  Couple ‘a years ago, The Pink Flamingo and Rick Moran rarely agreed on anything.  Now though, I have a tendency to agree with him.  Something’s wrong here – either he’s becoming less extreme right or I’m becoming more conservative.  Scary stuff, that.

“…Frankly, this is embarrassing. Putting the Clintons, Pelosi, Reid, Gore, Sharpton, and other contemporary Democrats ahead of someone like Nathan Bedford Forest who was at least partly responsible for creating the KKK after the Civil War and spent his spare nights riding around the countryside whipping, lynching, and burning at the stake innocent African Americans demonstrates an extraordinary ignorance of American history.

No Aaron Burr? His descendant, Gore Vidal, might have made honorable mention on the list, but Burr was a genuine bad guy. He not only murdered Alexander Hamilton in a duel, Burr hatched a plot to take over large swaths of land in the west, set himself up as king, and secede from the US.

I guess making idiotic, dishonest documentaries about America (Michael Moore) is a bigger crime than killing one of the Founders and anointing oneself a monarch.

Here’s my list of “The Top 5 Worst Americans Missed by Idiotic Conservative Bloggers:

5. Ted Bundy. Might have killed more than 50 women.

4. William Randolph Hearst – the inventor of modern liberal journalism who singlehandedly whipped up war fever against Spain in his 30 newspapers while dominating the media – to the detriment of democracy – like no one before or since.

3. John C. Calhoun – his constant threats to take South Carolina out of the Union if the institution of slavery was touched were bad enough. But his embrace of the doctrine of nullification and his being an inspiration to the secessionists was a direct cause of the Civil War.

2. William Walker – one of the most unlovely Americans who ever lived. His attempts on behalf of the south to bring parts of Mexico and central America into an “Empire of Slavery” – setting up colonies that would then be annexed by the US – was not only a cockamamie scheme but thousands died because of it.

1. Bloody Bill Anderson – speaking of thousands being killed, how about the terrorist Bill Anderson? Not only did he ride through Missouri and Kanas during the Civil War, killing wantonly and with great glee, (200 massacred in Lawrence Kanas in 1863) some of his men ended up carrying on the “fight” for years afterward, including the James brothers and the Younger boys….”

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