Green Tea for Parties


I’ve never liked green tea.  I think it is rather nasty in taste.  It rather reminds me of what is now going on with the tea party movement – GOING GREEN!

You gotta love it!

The Pink Flamingo has been watching the tea parties merge with the anti-immigration movement.  Over the weekend there was this humongous pow-wow in Sierra Vista.  The usual suspects were all there – tea party and anti-immigration.

AND  – they were all the same people!

Golly…. Who would ‘a guessed that the tea parties were made up of GREEN tea!

The problem is the far right is so busy believing the lies told by the Tanton Machine, that they do not believe the SPLC.  The real problem is the fact that the SPLC can DOCUMENT the extremism of the Tanton Machine, but the Tanton Machine simply relies on smears of the SPLC.  The most fun is the incestuous way the Tanton Machine goes after the SPLC.

Social Contract Press

Try this little ditty which is from the very nasty Social Contract Press.  They “link” to the SPLC’s hometown newspaper – right?  Well – wrong.  You hit the link, and this is what you get.  There is no direct link to the “hometown newspaper”.


One must go to Wikipedia to find any information on the subject:

“...In 1994 the Montgomery Advertiser ran a series alleging the SPLC was financially mismanaged and employed misleading fundraising practices. In response Joe Levin stated: “The Advertiser’s lack of interest in the center’s programs and its obsessive interest in the center’s financial affairs and Mr. Dees’ personal life makes it obvious to me that the Advertiser simply wants to smear the center and Mr. Dees.” The series was a finalist for but did not win a 1995 Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Journalism….”

The Pink Flamingo brings all of this up because of the pitched battle between the SPLC and the Tanton Machine.



The merger was outed in Sierra Vista over the weekend.

Sierra Vista Herald

Now, the dirty little secrets, from our favorite liberal blog, The Feathered Bastard!

The Feathered Bastard

Now, read how CNN covers the story:

“...At a Tea Party rally Sunday on the U.S.-Mexico border in support of tough immigration laws, Arizona Senate candidate J.D. Hayworth slammed his opponent, Arizona Sen. John McCain, and turned McCain’s words back on the veteran senator.

On a ranch in Hereford, Arizona, and with the border fence visible several hundred yards behind him, Hayworth also praised Arizona’s new immigration law that was signed by the state’s governor, who has spent the last two days campaigning with McCain.

Pulling a word from a McCain letter on immigration which first surfaced in April, Hayworth said it was time to “regularize the status of John McCain,” and remove him from office.

“He may try to change the terminology,” Hayworth added. “Indeed, John McCain was sending out letters earlier this spring offering the boilerplate denial, saying ‘Well you know I oppose amnesty.’ And then in the next paragraph saying ‘we must grant concessions to these people and regularize their status.’ That’s the new term [for amnesty].”

Hayworth said he had “a new way to apply that term.”

“To put an end to amnesty once and for all, to secure our borders, to end any of this misguided talk about open borders, it is time to ‘regularize’ the status of John McCain. Send him back here to be a citizen among us,” Hayworth said to applause….”