Has the Radical Environmental Movement Won?


We hear all about the bad things the radical environmentalists in the government are doing in order to take over our country and manage our lives.

The real problem is the fact that it is becoming more and more apparent that they have won.

The way they did it was quite simple.  Not only did they take over out country via the usual suspects in misc. land management agencies, but also through immigration reform.

The perfect storm that The Pink Flamingo has feared for quite some time is upon us.  The Tea Parties are beginning to merge with the anti-immigration bunch.  Not only that, but the anti-immigration bunch, promoted by John Tanton, is directly connected with some very nasty white supremacists.

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The Pink Flamingo wonders if the far right even comprehends how they have been dupes to help promote the agenda of the extreme environmentalists?

“...Nativists in America have been working to enlist environmentalists as allies since the late 1960s. This is partly due to the fact that many leaders of the contemporary anti-immigration movement first came to immigration issues from the left, typically as a result of their interest in environmentalism and, more precisely, the effect of swelling population on the environment. It is also a function of the fact that leading nativists, many of whom are bigots, have sought to shield themselves from charges of racism by finding allies on the left who are also immigration restrictionists — “greenwashing,” as the practice is sometimes known. A good example is John Tanton, who largely founded the modern nativist movement. Starting out as a Sierra Club activist in the 1960s, Tanton increasingly grew concerned about the growth of the population of the United States and became head of the Sierra Club’s Population Committee in the early 1970s. Over time, Tanton came to see immigration and burgeoning population as the root cause of most environmental degradation — at the same time that he began to characterize Latino and other non-white immigrants as having a degenerative effect on American culture and society. What follows is a timeline that summarizes the efforts of Tanton, his allies and others to convert “progressive” environmentalists to their cause despite the white nationalism that is at the core of the worldview of many of them. …”

The obvious is the “land grab” where the Feds want to take more and more land here in the west.  A heck of a lot of land still belongs to the Feds.  I use the term STILL, because the Federal take-over of the West began the moment we won the Mexican-American War in 1848.  As part of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, most of the southwest, that belonged to Mexico, was ceeded to the US.

Mexican Cession

The land won from Mexico basically became Federal Territory, with exceptions of locations where ownership was established.  In otherwords, this was a vast, empty land.  Much of it was ariad.  Instead of selling some parts of it outright, the BLM would lease lands to ranchers.  Many of those vast and legendary ranches were made up of parcels of private land and the rest BLM leases.

We have a number of ranchers here in the southwest, who constantly complain over the status of those leases. Now, coming from a background where my grandfather Froehlich had one of the largest dairies in Florida, I have absolutely no sympathy for the ranchers who want vast parcels of land for practically nothing.  The government never gave land to my grandfather.  He had to work for everything he had.

This said, the Feds want to tie up BLM land and put it off limits for mineral mining, and just about everything else, thank to environment wackos.  The Pink Flamingo agrees with Michelle Malkin once in awhile.  This is one of those times.

“...This power grab, masquerading as a feel-good, all-American recreation program, comes on top of a separate, property-usurping initiative exposed by GOP Rep. Robert Bishop and Sen. Jim DeMint earlier this spring. According to an internal, 21-page Obama administration memo, 17 energy-rich areas in 11 states have been targeted as potential federal “monuments.” The lives of coyotes, deer and prairie dogs would be elevated above states’ needs to generate jobs, tourism business and energy solutions.

Take my home state of Colorado. The Obama administration is considering locking up some 380,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management land and private land in Colorado under the 1906 Antiquities Act. The Vermillion Basin and the Alpine Triangle would be shut off to mining, hunting, grazing, oil and gas development and recreational activities. Alan Foutz, president of the Colorado Farm Bureau, blasted the administration’s meddling: “Deer and elk populations are thriving, and we in Colorado don’t need help from the federal government in order to manage them effectively.”..”

She’s right.  The Feds have basically controlled this land since 1848.  They own it – WE own it.  But – now things have changed and the environmental zealots control both the far right and the far left.  They are now working to assimilate the center.

The irony of Michelle Malkin’s excellent post on the Fed land grab is the fact that she IGNORES the role John   played in

The Tanton Network

Mark Potok wrote:

“...A quarter of a century ago, John Tanton, a white nationalist who would go on to almost single-handedly construct the contemporary, hard-line anti-immigration movement, wrote about his secret desire to bring the Sierra Club, the nation’s largest environmental organization, into the nativist fold. He spelled out his motive clearly: Using an organization perceived by the public as part of the liberal left would insulate nativists from charges of racism — charges that, given the explicitly pro-“European-American” advocacy of Tanton and many of his allies over the years, would likely otherwise stick.

In the ensuing decades, nativist forces followed Tanton’s script, making several attempts to win over the Sierra Club and its hundreds of thousands of members. That effort culminated in 2004, when nativists mounted a serious effort to take over the Sierra Club’s board of directors, an attempt that was beaten back only after a strenuous campaign by Sierra Club members and groups including the Southern Poverty Law Center. The attempt was a classic case of “greenwashing” — a cynical effort by nativist activists to seduce environmentalists to join their cause for purely strategic reasons….Now, the greenwashers are back. In the last few years, right-wing groups have paid to run expensive advertisements in liberal publications that explicitly call on environmentalists and other “progressives” to join their anti-immigration cause. They’ve created an organization called Progressives for Immigration Reform that purports to represent liberals who believe immigration must be radically curtailed in order to preserve the American environment. They’ve constructed websites accusing immigrants of being responsible for urban sprawl, traffic congestion, overconsumption and a host of other environmental evils. Time and again, they have suggested that immigration is the most important issue for conservationists.

The hypocrisy of these come-ons can be astounding. The group headed by Roy Beck, one of the key activists leading the efforts, has given close to half a million dollars to a far-right news service that has described global warming as a hoax. Tanton’s wife, who works hand in glove with her husband, runs an anti-immigration political action committee (PAC) that funds candidates with abysmal environmental voting records. The congressional allies of John Tanton, Beck and the other greenwashers are organized into an anti-immigration caucus whose members have even worse environmental voting records than the beneficiaries of Mary Lou Tanton’s PAC. John Tanton’s U.S. Inc., a foundation set up to fund nativist groups, spent about $150,000 on a highly conservative fundraising agency whose client list includes several major anti-environmental organizations. …”