Is He or Isn’t He?


This pesky Muslim question about Barack Obama is getting to be a little silly, just like the birth certificate and the passport.  It really isn’t about religion, race, or nationality.  It is about politics.  Like religion, all’s fair, right?  Unless the problem is the religion of, or lack there of, when it comes to a politician.

Our politicians are required to wear their religion on their sleeves, even if they don’t have much of a religion. The rest of the nation has bowed to the dictates of the ACLU and the people for the unethical treatment of Christians.  Politicians, though, must be religious. If they aren’t they must literally lie about.

Years ago when The Pink Flamingo was a Candy Striper at the Oconee Memorial Hospital (same hospital where Lindsey was born) a person’s religion was listed on their admitting form, and in the patient information updates that were once allowed.  They even allowed Candy Stripers to man the visitor’s desk, handing out passes.  (Yea, I know it is a stretch picturing The Pink Flamingo doing something remotely medical related, but we all need a good life.  My sister  lasted one day as a Candy Striper.  She was relieved of her “job” after she insisted a patent’s urine specimen was orange juice!  She ended up as the neo-natal ICU nurse.  I run at the sight of blood, including my own).

Getting back to my story.

On the patient information forms was listed the religion, including denomination.  If a person did not have a church membership, in those days, in South Carolina, they were listed as “Protestant”.   We soon learned that when someone was considered “Protestant” they did not go to church!  Can you imagine such a dastardly thing?

There’s not much difference today with the White House coming out to say that Obama is a “Christian” and he prays daily. I know he’s not a Muslim.  Like my favorite talking radio head, Michael Medved, has been saying, repeatedly, if Obama were a Muslim, he would be considered an apostate, and in deep you know what. His lack of devotion would be a major security risk, as in moving target.

There is no secret plot to hid his Muslim faith.  He comes from religion in a day and time where the simple denial is enough to have a death sentence placed on his head.  The extremists have such control of the religion now where Obama couldn’t even participate in a conspiracy to covertly turn the land into an Islamic nation.  There is no subtlety in Islam, not today.

The Pink Flamingo is not worried about Obama’s religion or lack of a religion.  I’m concerned about his soul and his relationship with Christ.  Just checking “Christian” is a flashing light that tells me this is a man who has a serious problem with his faith.

I don’t care who the person is, what their political affiliation is, when they make a big deal that they are “Christian” or “Jewish”, “Hindu”, “Buddhist” or some other faith, they have a problem with their faith.  They aren’t practicing it.  They’re probably not even going to go through the motions.  That is sad.  Even a practicing atheist has a faith, and devoutly follows it.

What Obama’s “Christian” faith – or lack of faith – tells us is the man believes nothing, but must pretend he does.  He does not even have the courage of his convictions to say he has no faith.  It is better to say you do not have one, then to lie and say you have one.

Perhaps nothing says “Barack Obama” more than his “Christian” faith.  It is an illusion, a lie, there is nothing to it.  Pundits are scrambling to make something of it, when nothing is there.  That is Barack Obama.  He is an illusion, a like, there is nothing to him. He is empty.  Like my mother says, he’s a windsock, blowing in the wind.

Why even bother discussing it?

If the poor man were just a “regular” person, then we would feel pity for him – maybe.  He deserves our pity and our prayers.