Nikki’s Little Transparancy “Problem”


I’m comfortable with how transparent we have been. I’m not going to get into this tit for tat about whether that’s enough sheets of paper.”  Nikki Haley

If she were “Nick” Haley, this would be enough to begin the end of her political career.  Unfortunately, with Nikki Haley there is a double standard.  She should be held up to the same standard as anyone else, but like Barack Obama, the rules do not apply to her!

The one major aspect of Nikki Haley’s interesting rise to power in SC is the fact that the rules do not apply to her, only others.  The Pink Flamingo has repeatedly stated if Nikki Haley were Nick Haley, HIS political career would be history.  There would be nothing left of it.  But, Nikki Haley is the SCGOP version of Barack Obama. The rules DO NOT apply to her.

The other day her campaign did an “email dump” that was basically a joke.  If this were Nick Haley, she would be history for what she pulled.

The Pink Flamingo does wish to go on record that there is nothing wrong, sinister, or illegal for a person to get tax extensions.  Usually it is the option of the CPA doing a person’s taxes, not the actual tax payer.  If a person needs “work” on their taxes, accountants do the bread & butter easy file things first – they make money on it.  For things that take longer (like my parent’s taxes) you get an extension.

Then I found this from Cindi Scoop:

“…Even more significantly, the extension gives people only until Oct. 15 to file. The Haleys filed their 2005 tax returns on July 30, 2007 — eight months after the extended deadline. They filed their 2006 tax returns on July 23, 2008 — also eight months after the extended deadline. Their 2007 returns were filed Nov. 5, 2008, just a few days after the extended deadline. (Their 2004, 2008 and 2009 returns were filed after April 15, but before Oct. 15, so the IRS doesn’t consider them late.)

Now, in my book, anytime you have to pay the government a penalty, you’ve done something wrong, and the Haleys have paid the IRS $4,452 in penalties in the past five years — $2,853 for filing late, and $1,599 for paying late.
“It’s not a criminal act, so it’s not the kind of thing they put you in the jail for,” my accountant, Mike Lowrance, told me. “But it certainly is contrary to public policy.”

Mike said that although people with complex investments sometimes don’t receive all their tax information by Oct. 15, that doesn’t relieve them of the obligation to file by then. He advises clients to file anything they can, and amend it later, because of the huge legal distinction between filing an incomplete return and filing a delinquent return: People who don’t pay their taxes by April 15 are charged interest and a monthly penalty of 0.5 percent of the taxes due, even if they receive an extension to file. People who don’t file their tax return by Oct. 15 are charged penalties of 10 times that much — 5 percent per month — on top of the late payment penalty…”

So Nikki is an accountant by “profession”.  She knows, allegedly, what she is doing.  What was she trying to do?

Then there is this, about her sister, who is a new age guru, but it is mostly about Nikki.

“…Now, it’s not exactly fair to call Simran, Nikki’s sister, a black sheep. In fact, she’s far more successful than the 2010 Republican Party gubernatorial candidate Haley. Hell, you might even say that Haley — what with inability to pay her taxes on time, her failure to disclose $42,500 in consulting income, and her struggle to release e-mails which may or may not incriminate her in an affair with an infamous political blogger — is the true black sheep of the Randhawa family….”

If her name were Nick Haley, she would be political toast.  But this is South Carolina.  It is a state where a decent and honorable man like Lindsey is allowed to be viciously lied about and castigated by Ron Paul Bots, and a woman of questionable honor is being turned into a national “icon” by the very same tea party twits who detest Lindsey.

Yea, something is very wrong with this picture.

The Digitel Charleston

From the Wolfe Reports:

“…Reporters could view the emails, but — NO COPIES! NO CAMERAS! Lordy. For an account that one wouldn’t expect to have much, anyway, the campaign’s straight-up paranoia is telling. It also gives a feel of the amateur. In effect, the campaign was saying, “Here, we’re going to do the least possible to get you off our ass and quit looking into this.” Not exactly what you’d expect from the transparency candidate….”

From The State:

“…The Haley campaign emphasized she is exempt from state open records laws as a lawmaker, and all compliance is voluntary. Sheheen’s campaign asked what Haley is hiding.

“I think 10,000 sheets of paper is a lot,” Haley said, referring to the volume of e-mails in defending the decision not to match Sheheen’s disclosure. “I’m comfortable with how transparent we have been. I’m not going to get into this tit for tat about whether that’s enough sheets of paper.”

Trav Robertson, Sheheen’s campaign manager, said Haley is not leading by example.

“What did those e-mails say, and why weren’t they released?” Robertson asked. “If Rep. Haley really believed in transparency, she would have never have dropped these right before the weekend, which is a classic trick by politicians to hide bad news.”

Haley’s legislative e-mails have been an issue since May, when a political blogger claimed he had an “inappropriate physical relationship” with the married Haley. Haley said the claim is false.

The State originally requested Haley’s e-mail in May, which she denied, citing an exemption to state open records laws for lawmakers. The State submitted identical requests to Haley and Sheheen in July, asking for copies of legislative e-mail, state-issued computer hard drives and receipts for reimbursements from campaign funds….”

SC political writer Brad Warthen wrote:

Brad Warthen

In his comments section, Warthen wrote the following:

“...August 22, 2010 at 4:01 pm
Juan, according to the story, as quoted above, “Sheheen released his legislative e-mails, copies of his hard drives and campaign receipts two weeks ago in response to identical open records requests The State sent to both campaigns. Haley released her e-mails, but said she would not release any other documents or allow reporters to review her state-issued computer hard drives.”

So yes, Sheheen has released the hard drives that correspond to the ones Nikki refuses to make available.

And, as the Democratic Party put it in a press release, this is how Nikki “released” those e-mails: “Relenting, Haley announced yesterday that she would attempt to let her actions match her rhetoric. Her conditions: the press would not have the e-mails released to them, but would instead be allowed to view the more than 4,000 messages in a closed-door meeting and take notes. Copies and photographs would be forbidden.”

Which, lemme tell you from experience, is highly unusual. This is not the sort of behavior you see in a person who has even the slightest commitment to “transparency.” This is someone who is resisting and dragging her feet on transparency every inch of the way….”

Evidently SC’s “bad boy” libertarian blogger, Will Folks – who may or may not have had an affair with Nikki, is not going to let alleged romance get between him and a good story!

“…Meanwhile, FITS founding editor Will Folks – whose forced admission started this whole soap opera three months ago – issued his own statement to the local media criticizing Haley’s lack of transparency.
“This clearly does not represent a legitimate effort at transparency – but rather a positively Nixonian attempt to fool people into thinking that she is being transparent,” Folks’ statement read. “The truth could have set Nikki free, but this late, incomplete and highly-controlled release of impertinent email information shows that the truth is beginning to work against her.”

Folks has released text messages and phone records to support his claim (and his rationale for coming forward) but he has yet to produce a “smoking gun.” Multiple witnesses have stepped forward, however, to say that they saw Haley and Folks together in bars – as well as Haley’s car parked outside of Folks’ downtown Columbia, S.C. townhouse on numerous occasions late at night during the period when he claims the affair took place.  Haley is also said to have confided about the relationship to one of her former staffers.

As for the emails, Folks has said that most of the “romantic correspondence” between himself and Haley – as well as most of their professional interaction – came from her Yahoo account, not her state account.
“Only a few of the emails in my possession came from Rep. Haley’s state account, as she typically chose to correspond with me using her Yahoo account,” Folks said last week.

However, he did say that he recalled having received “several emails from her state account that caused me to think at the time that she should be more careful about what she sent from that account.”
Looks like those emails are long gone now …”

Makes you wonder when the SC GOP will begin cutting their loses.  This woman is an abject disaster.  I’m beginning to think Alvin Greene is more honest than she!   Then again Nikki Haley claims to be basically a libertarian.  She exemplifies what libertarians do best – obfuscate the truth.