The Loveboat Sails Again – on a Sea of Tea


Sail Away, on a sea of conspiracy theories.

World Nut Daily is hosting a Tea Party at Sea.  Please, be warned, TAKE YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE.   If not, please, take one of Obama’s.

“...ENLIST NOW to be on board with the most freedom-embracing and liberty-loving navy at sea: the WND Navy and the Tea Party at Sea!  Your week will be filled with shoulder to shoulder time during our teaching sessions with Joseph Farah, Alan Keyes, Jerome Corsi, David Kupelian, and Aaron Klein while sailing the beautiful Caribbean sea.  During our week together you will hear inspiring and challenging messages and critiques by our esteemed panelists, participate in vigorous question and answer periods, and engage the issues  of the day during our dining and conference times.  In between our times of sharpening and edifying you will experience the beauty of the magnificent Caribbean seas combined with the opportunity of sailing one of the largest and most activity laden vessels at sea, the Liberty of the Seas.  All of this, and at the incredibly low starting price of $399.00 per person* while supplies last….”


The Cruise follows “Taking America Back 2012“!  The only person missing from this speaker’s list is J. D. Hayworth, and Obama’s Birth Certificate!

Taking America Back

(H/T to Sally Vee for inspiring this post)

In 1944 the legendary Alfred Hitchcock made remarkable thriller called Lifeboat. Perhaps we should be considering the plot of that classic film, rather than the Loveboat!

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