Obama Does Something Right for a Change (maybe)


The Pink Flamingo has promised to be honest about Obama and the Dems.  When they do something right, I will say so.  Right now it looks like he has done at least one thing right – maybe.  I put the caveat on it because we simply cannot trust him.  Then again, it looks like there is such a political mess, don’t even old your breath on this one.  Who knows if it will ever see the light of day, and get through the House or the Senate.

Then again, perhaps someone should point out to Obama that once upon a time, Alan Shepherd played golf on the Moon.  Maybe that would stimulate him to go ahead with plans to go to the Moon.

It looks like the 2025 asteroid mission may be gaining ground, and may be on the books.  That is great.  Then again, maybe it isn’t – for one simple reason since 1972, NASA has been nothing but a political pawn kicked around between various Presidential Administrations.

When we have continuity, the way we did for quite a few years, including Clinton, long term plans were made.  GWB followed up on those long term plans with some ambitious goals for permanent bases on the Moon, then on to Mars.  It was logical.

From Aviation Week:

Aviation Week

The problem is the fact that when we are dealing with Obama and his rank immaturity, he doesn’t give a damn about NASA.  It is all about him.  The other day I had a discussion about him with some GOP friends.  I don’t think Obama is a socialist, communist, or even a good Democrat.  He is nothing but Obama, who is the all – the narcissistic all.  He cares about the country as much as he can care about anything – he can only care about himself.

His rank immaturity does not allow him to take the advise of those who are wiser than he.  So, he cancels a logical plan to return to the Moon, Mars, and give us an actual future in space.  He doesn’t believe in the exploration in space.

Somehow someone has pushed through his ego and managed to talk him into a 2025 manned asteroid mission.  It’s a great idea.  Then again it is terribly risky.  If we were to do the Moon, Mars, then asteroid thing it is much more logical. We’ve talked about it for years.


Once upon a time we had a beautiful future in space.  I have spent my entire life watching NASA, longing for space exploration.  Most of my life, I have watched as one idiot Democrat after another has slashed NASA, pandered our future for political expediency.

We have watched the USSR, and now Russia make gains, just by being there.  Our leaders do not grasp the fact that a strong space program is good for the economy!