The Cult of Glenn Beck & His Nation of Sheep


Glenn Beck wants to return to God and to restore honor.  Perhaps he should first deal with his own lies and his own lack of honor.

“...At one point in his career, right-wing pundit Glenn Beck happily declared that President George W. Bush and D.C. Comics icon Batman are just alike: both strong and unafraid to take down the bad guys, no matter where they hide.

… Which is why it was a bit odd listening to Beck’s Monday radio broadcast, in which he called Bush a “progressive,” placing his one-time hero squarely in a political ideology the conspiratorial-minded host calls a “cancer” on America….”

Politicus USA

Have you ever noticed when a man or woman constantly harps on a subject, demanding people do this or that, or return to such and such a virtue, they are the ones who quite often are seriously lacking that specific virtue.  The annals of fallen wanna be messiahs are full of men and women who demanded a return to specific virtues, only to be found very lacking in their own.  There was Jim & Tammy Fay, Oral Roberts, Bob Harrington, you name it, they all sinned – really really sinned – but damned the alleged impurity in others.


Beck is demanding a return to honor.  Looks to me like the one who has no honor is Beck.

The Raw Story

The Pink Flamingo is NOT a follower of anything but Christ. I am not a follower of Reagan, not a follower of the Founding Fathers, not a follower of George W. Bush. I am certainly NOT a follower of Glenn Beck. I only follow Christ.

When a person becomes a follower that person loses their ability to think for themselves and to think logically. The brave men who founded this nation were LEADERS. They were not FOLLOWERS. They were all leaders. If you know anything about the history of the founding of this nation, you will know one of the very real problems in the Continental Congress was the fact that it was made up of leaders, not followers.


Leaders do not attend rallies as part of the masses. They do not wait breathlessly waiting for what someone is going to say. They to not march lock-step with someone. They get out and lead.  Leaders do not fall for the likes of someone like Glenn Beck.  Followers do.

Maybe that is the difference between leaders and tea party followers.  Once upon a time in the GOP and with conservatives, it was all about training people to be leaders.  Now, though we are expected to be bovine based followers.

What is wrong with this picture?

Beck says this nation must return to God. From what I see on a daily basis, this nation hat not turned on God, not at all. If anything, I am constantly and consistently amazed at how strongly the American people are devoted to God.

“…Ultimately, however, it was Beck’s call for a religious rebirth that dominated. He urged the throngs to “recognize your place to the Creator” and to “realize that He is our king.” “He is the one who guides and directs our life and protects us,” Beck said, his voice rising. “I ask, not only if you would pray on your knees, but pray on your knees with your door open for your children to see.”…”

Frum Forum

American people are some of the most honorable men and women in the world.  Why is Glenn Beck demanding we return to honor when we have not lost it.  Perhaps Beck, as a libertarian who is quite frequently less than candid about people who disagree with him.  He constantly defames GWB, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham.

Sorry, there is no honor here.  Lindsey DID NOT vote for the stimulus or health care.  He LIED about Lindsey voting for the stimulus bill.  There is NO honor here.  From Progress Not Congress:

Progress Not Congress

Beck says Sen. Graham is “sell[ing] out the Constitution,” thinks he “voted for the stimulus bill

CBS News

Where is the honor?

Why do people follow silver-tongued celebs like Glenn Beck?

When Glenn Beck demands America get back to God, perhaps he should remember a few things – primarily #9.  It is one of the Big Ten – a no-no.  You gotta ask forgiveness for lying about John McCain, George W. Bush, and even Lindsey Graham – and Beck has lied about all three men.

ONE: ‘You shall have no other gods before Me.’

TWO: ‘You shall not make for yourself a carved image–any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.’

THREE: ‘You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.’

FOUR: ‘Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.’

FIVE: ‘Honor your father and your mother.’

SIX: ‘You shall not murder.’

SEVEN: ‘You shall not commit adultery.’

EIGHT: ‘You shall not steal.’

NINE: ‘You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.’

TEN: ‘You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.’


One thought on “The Cult of Glenn Beck & His Nation of Sheep

  1. You clain to be JUST LIKE Beck…
    you said: “I only follow Christ.
    When a person becomes a follower that person loses their ability to think for themselves and to think logically.”

    You call him a sinner… yeah, well.. and YOU are perfect?? You’re qualified to cast stones?

    Didn’t Christ welcome sinners? Weren’t they some of his greatest disciples?

    Beck’s more or less a populist. Nothing wrong with that. This republic is supposed to be OF the people, FOR the people. It is not. And if anyone think’s it is BY the people, they haven’t been paying attention for the last 65+ years.

    And if Beck can inspire people to live their lives by a higher standard than they currently are… more power to him.

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