UPDATED: Is Another Tea Party Plot Against Lindsey Already Planned



From this little bit of trash from one of the SC tea party “patriots” it is more than obvious these people are no more interested in factual accuracy than they are visiting with Obama.  They can’t be honest, honorable, or truthful.  There are those who are sacred and those who aren’t.  Libertarians detest Lindsey.  It is becoming more and more obvious that the Tea Parties are basically Ron Paul Bot LOSERTARIAN driven.  To them Lindsey Graham is evil and must be destroyed.  It is also becoming more and more obvious that with some groups of those stalwart individuals who alleged to be conservatives, but are nothing more than sore-headed losers, there are some Republicans who must be eliminated because they cannot be manipulated and refuse to give up their free-will and be pushed by a small, but very vocal minority.

Listen to this interview: This whole fiasco was arranged by the 9/12 group – GLENN BECK FREAKS!   This brings me to another question:  Is this whole anti-Lindsey movement promoted by the Glenn Beck Freaks?

From The Hill:

“…Graham defended himself as a mainstream conservative, and expressed worry that public officials like himself were being effectively prohibited from expressing disagreement with the party.

“If you can’t accept me pushing back, then our party does have a problem. It’s OK for you to push back against me, but it’s OK for me to push back against you,” Graham said on WTMA radio in South Carolina, where he received a grilling over his record. “You may not like my political style of trying to find compromise on the big issues of our time, but I think it’s the heart and soul of what makes America great.”

He touted his decision to endorse ending birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants in highlighting his conservative bona fides, though he couched it as part of a broader effort to win support for comprehensive immigration reform. He denied the move was meant to shore up support among South Carolina conservatives.

“What I’m trying to do is make a comprehensive approach more attractive to more people,” he said.

Though Graham was reelected in 2008, he’s no doubt cognizant of the difficulties many of his Republican Senate colleagues have faced this cycle.

Two senior Republican senators — Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Bob Bennett of Utah — were defeated by conservative challengers in primary contests, and Arizona GOP Sen. John McCain, a close ally of Graham’s, moved to the right to defeat a primary challenger.

In South Carolina, three-term GOP Rep. Bob Inglis earlier this year lost his primary battle 71-29 to conservative Trey Gowdy in a runoff.

(Graham won reelection 58-42 percent in 2008, a Democratic wave year, against Democrat Bob Conley.)

Graham won’t be up for reelection until 2014, but conservative activists’ anger toward him suggests he’ll face a primary challenge in four years. He said that he’ll keep pressing forward toward consensus.

“I’m not a Barry Goldwater Republican; I’m a Ronald Reagan Republican,” he said. “If this country’s going to survive, we’ve got to work together in a common-sense way.”…”

Now the Tea Party Version.   Evidently the person writing this article is a Constitutional scholar and Lindsey, who is an attorney and on the Senate Judicial Committee knows nothing.  How enlightening.  HOW ARROGANT!

South Carolina Radio Network


NOTE:  On Wednesday evening Lindsey met with the Charleston Tea Party.  The usual yada yada yada anti-Lindsey losertarians were out in force.  Lindsey banned the press so he could talk to the “patriots”.

“…K.C. Lombard, a Johns Island roofer and tea party member, said Graham called the meeting and set the rules. Lombard questioned whether the media should have been asked to leave.

“The whole tea party movement has been downplayed by the media, and here y’all are taking notes,” he said.

Graham, who is well known for his many appearances on national news talk shows, later explained that he wanted the meeting private so tea party members would feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts.

“When you have the press there, sometimes it doesn’t go as you would like,” he said. “There are a lot of people who do not want to be in the newspaper.”

The crowd was far from hostile — or media shy. Several spoke to reporters outside, including Deborah Riegel, wife of Charleston City Councilman Dean Riegel. She described Graham’s appearance was “same old, same old,” adding that she likes Graham but doesn’t always agree with him. “We respectfully disagree on some things, but that’s politics,” she said….”

Charleston Post & Courier

Then there is this:

“…What do they think of him after Wednesday night?

I will give him credit for coming to us and hearing our concerns and asking for our input. I think he’s trying to reach out to us,” said Jeff Reuer of Goose Creek.

They talked about immigration, the flat and fair tax, health care reform and term limits for Senators and members of the House.

It was clear Graham was pleased with his private meeting.  The question that remains is what does this segment of public think about him now.

“I was actually impressed with some of his positions. I can’t say I agree with everything,” said Steve Weise of North Charleston….”


If Lindsey could have a good meeting with the people in Charleston, what is going on in the Upstate?

We all know the real problem is Ron Paul Bot Losertarians like Jack Hunter, who hate Lindsey, and anyone who might criticize Ron Paul.

The Southern Avenger

What do you call it when a group of men and women plan, long term, to destroy a decent man who is far superior to what they will ever be?

The Ron Paul Bot Tea Party John Birchers who are attempting to control the message of the SCGOP are attempting yet another great big whammy.  They are currently controlling the message of what gets said in SC when it comes to the GOP.  I have my doubts that many of them are actually Republicans, but are libertarians who are once again lying about who they are and their agenda.

Part of their agenda is to destroy Lindsey Graham.

They will do anything to accomplish that agenda, including lie.  The great lie is the attempt to make it appear as though there is this great ground-swell of hatred aimed at Lindsey.  It is not true.  They are manipulating their exaggerated numbers and are controlling the situation.  It needs to stop.  They need to be stopped.  The only way you stop a festering sore is to clean it and expose it to the light of day.  Like roaches, with luck they will return to the sewers from which they came.

Yea, I’m laying it on a little thick.  I don’t like lies or people who lie, manipulate, or miss-represent the truth.  It is as simple as that.

Recently, The Pink Flamingo exposes some of the nasty associates of the tea party types in SC.  Not long afterward, I heard from a frequent critic of The Pink Flamingo who detests me just a little less than he detests Lindsey.  Part of several of his comments contained the following:

The Pink Flamingo - August 3, 2010

Then, a few days later the following comment was left:

The Pink Flamingo

It is rather like one of those follow the bouncing balls.  The following is a duplicate of the post from the Spartanburg Tea Party:

Before It's News

Read the comments.  When you do, it becomes obvious that the so called protests and censure votes against Lindsey were not spontaneous votes of protest from the grass roots, but the manipulations of a few bitter individuals who wish to destroy a good men.

The “patriots” of the Spartanburg Tea Party are out to get Lindsey.  Just in case you are thinking that all those censure and condemnation moves come from within the GOP, The Pink Flamingo is beginning to think they are very well planned.

Case in point:

Spartanburg Tea Party

2 thoughts on “UPDATED: Is Another Tea Party Plot Against Lindsey Already Planned

  1. Do you think honestly think that we shouldn’t communicate with each other? Just because we talk to each other, doesn’t make it a conspiracy despite your abundance of verbiage and “proof.”

    I hear about stuff going on in other parts of the state–so what? We don’t tell them what to do and they don’t tell us what to do. But, if we happen to inspire each other on occasion, is that a sin?

    There is no “master” plan though there are LOTS of folks, it seems, working towards the same end of getting rid of back-stabbing, traitorous Lindsey Graham. “Conspiracies” as you describe take way too much extra energy. Almost all of us are regular working citizens. We don’t sit at the computer at home all day eating ice cream.

    As for Lil’ Lindsey’s “reaching out,” that really has got to burn you, eh? It should doubly burn you that, as you’ve read, we all know he’s just doing it for crass political purposes. Lil’ Lindsey lives and dies by the polls (by his own admission he depends on Quinn and Associates regular polling) and he must be running scared to meet with people he rudely told to leave the state convention in 2009.

    Graham’s little helpers have, no doubt, already written up a narrative that will be used after several unrecorded meetings with reform groups and he’ll attempt to portray himself as the “darling” of the tea party afterwards.

    And it’s REALLY got to burn you that my theory about Graham (based on his and other politicians’ past behavior and tactics) is more logical than your convoluted and paranoid nonsense. =:>)

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