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By: WorkingTommyC Tue, 07 Sep 2010 17:12:51 +0000 Do you think honestly think that we shouldn’t communicate with each other? Just because we talk to each other, doesn’t make it a conspiracy despite your abundance of verbiage and “proof.”

I hear about stuff going on in other parts of the state–so what? We don’t tell them what to do and they don’t tell us what to do. But, if we happen to inspire each other on occasion, is that a sin?

There is no “master” plan though there are LOTS of folks, it seems, working towards the same end of getting rid of back-stabbing, traitorous Lindsey Graham. “Conspiracies” as you describe take way too much extra energy. Almost all of us are regular working citizens. We don’t sit at the computer at home all day eating ice cream.

As for Lil’ Lindsey’s “reaching out,” that really has got to burn you, eh? It should doubly burn you that, as you’ve read, we all know he’s just doing it for crass political purposes. Lil’ Lindsey lives and dies by the polls (by his own admission he depends on Quinn and Associates regular polling) and he must be running scared to meet with people he rudely told to leave the state convention in 2009.

Graham’s little helpers have, no doubt, already written up a narrative that will be used after several unrecorded meetings with reform groups and he’ll attempt to portray himself as the “darling” of the tea party afterwards.

And it’s REALLY got to burn you that my theory about Graham (based on his and other politicians’ past behavior and tactics) is more logical than your convoluted and paranoid nonsense. =:>)