Thank You for Not Smoking (In the Movies)


The Pink Flamingo has an article at Blog Critics:  Thank You for Not Smoking (In the Movies)

“…The CDC, which has evolved from a once great, cutting-edge agency policing the world for such hideous diseases as ebola, Rift Valley fever, and bubonic plague, is now in the movie censorship business. They are now wasting taxpayer money by counting the number of smoking “incidents’ in movies. According to the CDC “top grossing” films depicted 1,935 “incidents” of smoking. In 2005 there were 3,967 such “incidents”.

…This is not about smoking. It is about the constant encroachment of the nanny state into every aspect of our lives. The food police tells us that Chinese food is bad for our health and that we should not eat fried foods. (So does my indigestion). We aren’t to drink soda because of childhood obesity and the threat of diabetes. The nanny state is not going to admit to being the primary cause of childhood obesity. Neither is the Department of Education and their constant demands for better test scores.

Now the nanny state wants to ban images of smoking from the silver screen. Are they going to go into the cutting room and snip that wonderful scene in Now Voyager where Paul Henreid lights two cigarettes in his mouth and hands one to Bette Davis? It was not about smoking. The scene was symbolic for what we did not see on camera. The world has changed. Today it is perfectly acceptable for the film couple to do what was then not seen on camera, but they just can’t smoke afterward.

The next thing you know, they are going to want to ban fat women like your humble correspondent from the silver screen and blame us for society’s ills. Oh, wait, they basically already have….”

Article first published as Thank You for Not Smoking (In the Movies) on Blogcritics.