Lindsey Nails It – Obama “Tone Deaf Liberal”


REMEMBER:  It’s the economy stupid!

They’re back!

On Sunday, Lindsey and John McCain bounced off one another’s talking points, saying everything near and dear to a Republican.




Works for me!

On Meet the Press, Lindsey hammered the Obama Administration and stressed the need for tax cuts.

“...U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said Sunday the economy needs tax cuts, and Democrats may lose control of Congress.

“We need to extend all the tax cuts,” Graham told NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “Now is not the time to raise taxes. (President Barack Obama) has openly said that he wants to increase taxes to 39.6, the top rate, and let some of the Bush (administration) tax cuts expire.”

With the midterm elections only a couple of months away, Graham said Democratic control of Congress would be in jeopardy if the elections were held now.

“Yes. I think if the election were held tomorrow it (Democratic control) would be,” he said. “There are a couple months to go and at the end of the day I don’t know what their agenda is going to be between now and November. But what they’ve done in the past no one seems to like.

“The healthcare bill is not being talked about by any Democrat,” he added. “The stimulus bill has been an absolute flop. So I don’t know what they do between now and November other than run against us.”…”

Even Newsmax, which does not like Lindsey, was pleased.


This is so cute:  From Think Progress comes word that the Dems aren’t happy with the Dynamic Duo!

Think Progress

The GOP’s Dynamic Duo is back at it, this time gunning for Barack Obama.   They also want a new Contract for America!

During Meet the Press, Lindsey managed to express exactly what many of us feel about Barack Obama.  No, he’s not a socialist, Muslim, commie, etc.  Like Lindsey said, he’s a “Tone deaf” liberal!

“…Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Sunday called President Barack Obama “tone deaf” to the voices of the American people, slamming the president for putting forth the “most liberal agenda of modern times.”

“The only way the president could possibly survive is [by coming] back to the middle,” Graham said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “He’s tone deaf — putting [Khalid Sheikh Mohammed] on trial in New York City … interjecting himself in the mosque debate, made no sense.”

“He’s tone deaf on terrorism issues and he’s certainly tone deaf on the economy.”

This  is so much fun!