The Tyranny of the Petty Little Tea Party Despots Who Worship Ron Paul


I’m not a Barry Goldwater Republican; I’m a Ronald Reagan Republican. If this country’s going to survive, we’ve got to work together in a common-sense way.”  Lindsey Graham

This is the first in a series of exposes about Jack Hunter, aka The Southern Avenger, and how his irrational hatred of Lindsey Graham and his man-crush on Ron Paul has manipulated the GOP within SC.  The Pink Flamingo’s first question:  What right does an avowed LOSERTARIAN have manipulating the GOP and why is the Chairperson of the SCGOP allowing it to happen?

The irony here is the “Hate Lindsey” machine is basically Ron Paul Bot driven.  Evidently Ron Paul and his minions are so despotic and so lacking in the very concept of freedom of speech that anyone who speaks out against him must be destroyed.  Apparently Lindsey Graham is one of the few Republicans who has the actual courage to stand up against the growing tyranny of the tea party “patriots” and against the abject lies of the Ron Paul Bots.  So – they must denigrate him.

Evidently there are two different versions of the Constitution.  There is one for Ron Paul and his Bots and one for the rest of us.  They are not the same document.

All Hail Ron Paul and his Bots!

Let me say up front, The Pink Flamingo agrees with at least 80% if not 90% of what the Tea Parties are attempting in the way of fiscal responsibility. They are NOT racists (not most of them).  The average person doing the tea party thing is an honest, decent individual who wishes to make a difference in the country.

Then there are the petty, obnoxious despots who give politics a bad name.  They are the “backbone” of the Tea Parties?  If so, count me out, repeatedly.  They lie. They cannot tell the truth if they were smacked in the face with it.  They are a group of people who have made the real Tea Party people look bad.  They are libertarians, Ron Paul Bots, Glenn Beck followers, 9/12 idiots, John Birchers, and third party losers.  All think they are upholding the Constitution.  They are a joke.

They believe in freedom for only themselves.

The Aiken Count GOP (pushed by the petty little Tea Party Despots among them) has condemned Lindsey.

“…Committee member Pete Seaha, who also is the Aiken County Tea Party chairman, wrote the resolution and introduced it at the meeting. The resolution states in part that Graham won’t be invited to any party meetings or events.

“I don’t believe the senator is sticking to conservative Republican principles,” said Seaha. “In my mind, the senator has disrespected his constituents. He has said publicly on a talk show that he didn’t care what they thought.”

Seaha said it was his understanding that 18 people on the executive committee supported the resolution, while two opposed it and two abstained….County party chairman Dennis Saylor and vice chairman David Lobb said they generally agreed with the objections to Graham but had reservations about it coming up at this time.

“I agree with the majority of the wording,” said Saylor. “But I’m concerned about the timing. It just represents badly-misplaced priorities. We need to be focusing on our strategies for defeating Democrats in November. But it’s done now. We can move the ball down the field and can be looking forward to November.”

Lobb said Graham had been invited to attend a party meeting earlier this year but had chosen not to respond to e-mails and telephone calls.

Still, “I would have liked to have talked with Graham first or one of his staffers,” Lobb said. “I’m a fair person and would like to know what goes on from both sides.”

The resolution chastises Graham for his support of amnesty for illegal aliens and cap and trade legislation. His votes in favor of left-wing federal judges and Supreme Court justices were also criticized, along with his “contempt and arrogance toward party members who support core Republican beliefs.”

In the e-mail, Bishop said Graham has voted with Republican colleagues 92.6 percent of the time during the current Congress. The average Senate Republican score is 85 percent, while the average House score is 88 percent. The American Conservative Union reports Graham has a 90 percent lifetime conservative voting record, Bishop said.

“Senator Graham believes it is time for Republicans to pull together,” said Bishop. “He will devote his time to electing Republicans in South Carolina and across the nation so we can add to our numbers in Congress and defeat Obama’s radical agenda.”

Seaha objects to what he contends is Graham’s opposition to the torture of suspected terrorists. Extracting information is necessary to keep America safe, he said.

Seaha insists that Graham isn’t paying attention to those who sent him to the Senate in crossing the aisle in Congress too readily.

“Sometimes compromise is a good thing,” said Seaha. “But part of the problem we face as conservatives is that we’ve gone too far in reaching out to others. We really want our representatives to become staunch conservatives.”…”

You need to listen to this interview with Lindsey where he was confronted by the arrogance of the libertarian tea party twits, and soundly routed them with logic.  Case in point is the “Southern Avenger” irrational and slobbering devotion to Ron Paul.  He talks about the Constitution, lip-syncs all the right songs, knows the secret handshake, password, and marches Tea Party.  His constant denigration of Lindsey who refuses to do as Jack Hunter demands shows how pathetic Hunter and his ilk are.

Charleston City Paper

What gives people like Jack Hunter the license to destroy a man’s reputation and consider themselves holier than God?  A comment near his article denigrating Lindsey says it all:

Charleston City Paper

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  1. I wonder if Jim DeMint will spend money in the primary on a candidate running against Lindsey Graham in 2014:

    A special message from U.S. Senator Jim DeMint:

    Dear Fellow American:

    I recently sat down with Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal to discuss my leadership PAC — the Senate Conservatives Fund — and its role in helping elect strong conservative leaders to the United States Senate this year.

    I’m proud of what the Senate Conservatives Fund has been able to accomplish and this article does a masterful job of articulating its mission and successes. After reading this email, I encourage you to read the article in its entirety.

    But first, I’d like to take a few moments to introduce you to the Senate Conservatives Fund and update you on our fight to elect strong conservative candidates to the U.S. Senate.

    Make no mistake: this is a battle on principle that has often put me at odds with members of my own party. You see, I feel strongly that it makes no sense to elect Republicans who aren’t going to act like Republicans.

    Too many of my Senate colleagues thought that being a Republican was merely their vehicle to get elected. Instead of cutting government spending, they consistently voted to increase spending! Instead of serving the American people, they consistently sought to appease special interest groups and lobbyists!

    Year after year, I saw my own party hurt viable conservative candidates by inexplicably supporting liberal candidate who had no intention of upholding their limited government campaign rhetoric. And as I spoke to voters and fellow conservatives, I could see that I was not alone in my frustration.

    I decided that I could no longer stand on the sidelines and blindly help Republicans get elected if they weren’t going to act like REPUBLICANS! Instead of toeing the party line, I finally decided that enough was enough and I was going to do everything in my power to elect strong conservatives to office — even if that meant battling the establishment.

    And that is why, as you’ll see from the Wall Street Journal article, I decided to go rogue and buck the “politics as usual” wing of the Republican Party.

    I vowed to support and help only those candidates who displayed an unwavering and un-apologetic commitment to these principles. And that is why I founded the Senate Conservatives Fund.

    Support the Senate Conservatives
    As Steve Moore points out in the Wall Street Journal article, our first endorsement of the 2010 election cycle came in April of 2009 when I went against the pleas of the Republican establishment and endorsed conservative Pat Toomey over liberal Arlen Specter. To me, the endorsement was a no-brainer. Specter had for years abandoned conservative principles (if, in fact, he ever truly had any) and instead consistently voted to support a big government agenda.

    On the other hand, as a former Pennsylvania Congressman, Pat Toomey had a voting record that backed up his strong conservative positions. He consistently fought for free market, pro-growth fiscal policies.

    Yet, despite this obvious disparity, as soon as word hit of my endorsement, I was chastised by members of the Republican establishment for not being a team player. In short, it was suggested that I had somehow betrayed the Republican Party with my endorsement.

    In the end, though, I was vindicated as it became clear who really had betrayed the Republican Party. As you know, shortly after I endorsed Pat Toomey, Arlen Specter showed his true colors and admitted that he was no Republican — opting instead to switch parties and run for Senate as a Democrat.

    The Senate Conservatives Fund’s endorsements didn’t stop there.

    We quickly moved to support an unknown, but staunchly conservative, state legislator named Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate in Florida.

    At the time, the same establishment that attacked me for endorsing the conservative Pat Toomey over Arlen Specter had inexplicably recruited and endorsed Florida Governor Charlie Crist for this seat.

    With their actions in this race, the Republican establishment proved once again its willingness to sacrifice conservative principles on the altar of political convenience.

    Their endorsement was based upon name recognition alone and was certainly not based upon his principles because Crist had shown consistently that he was no conservative. And thanks in part to our endorsement and the efforts of thousands of Americans, Marco Rubio experienced unprecedented surges in the polls.

    Before long, the writing was on the wall for Charlie Crist as well and, just like Specter before him, Crist showed his true colors and left the Republican Party.

    Support the Senate Conservatives
    After this victory, we continued to fight the good fight. Over the last year, the Senate Conservatives Fund has made key endorsements in races across the country.

    In fact, in addition to Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania and Marco Rubio in Florida, the Senate Conservatives Fund has also endorsed Rand Paul in Kentucky, Mike Lee in Utah, Sharron Angle in Nevada, Ron Johnson in Wisconsin, Dino Rossi in Washington, Ken Buck in Colorado and, most recently, Joe Miller in Alaska.

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    The Senate Conservatives Fund has gone “all in” in each of these races — a total investment that has exceeded $2.5 million thus far and has included:

    * Nearly $440,000 for Marco Rubio in his election battle to defeat establishment (and now supposedly Independent) candidate Charlie Crist;

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    * Over $220,000 for Mike Lee to counter the “dirty trick” tactics employed against him in Utah;

    * Over $400,000 to propel Ken Buck to victory over the moderate establishment choice in Colorado;

    * Over $150,000 for Pat Toomey as he seeks to win the seat formerly held by Arlen Specter;

    * Almost $80,000 for Rand Paul as he seeks to win the Senate seat in Kentucky;

    * Over $60,000 for Ron Johnson in his efforts to defeat liberal poster boy Russ Feingold; and

    * Over $80,000 to help our newest endorsed candidate, Dino Rossi, defeat the ultra-liberal Patty Murray in Washington.

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    Support the Senate Conservatives

  2. Hey,

    Just read this post with interest. I saw where you mentioned the tea party in Aiken. Check out there two links. The first one is about a guy who posted a fake facebook profile about a guy in the Aiken Republican party. Note the guys name:

    Next read this article about a tea party rally in Aiken and again note the guys name who is the event “cooridinator.”

    Could this be the same person? Hmmm…If you look his name up there is alot of interesting stuff. Tea party not so much on the up and up!

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