The Southern Avenger’s Grand Inquisition Against Lindsey


What do you do when a petty little twerp uses his column to denigrate a man like Lindsey Graham – who has served his country honorably, calling him Baghdad Bob?

Is there not a point where an individual loses all credibility?  The Pink Flamingo thinks the Southern Avenger has reached that point. Please, stick a fork in him, he’s done!

“..When the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, Iraqi Information Minister Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf quickly became known as “Baghdad Bob” by declaring on Iraqi television that Saddam Hussein’s military brigades were successfully turning back the invading forces. During the same time the U.S. was handily dominating Iraq militarily, Bob told Iraqis that “We slaughtered them and will continue to slaughter them.” Bob claimed that U.S. soldiers were committing suicide by the hundreds and that American troops were “going to surrender or be burned in their tanks. They will surrender, it is they who will surrender.”It’s hard to imagine someone making more erroneous statements-that is unless you listen to Senator Lindsey Graham….And may history judge Graham by his uncanny ability to obfuscate fact with his own personal fiction. There are many different opinions on the Iraq War, but Graham’s inability to even consider something virtually the entire world now sees as obvious-that every reason given for going to war turned out to be wrong-says far more about the senator than the subject at hand….”

Please, remember that Hunter is a Ron Paul Bot who DOES NOT believe in defending this country.  He does not believe in America’s Military Might.  He has this delusional idea that the Founding Fathers never wanted us to defend ourselves in the world.  I gather he has managed to forget about the “Shores of Tripoli” and Thomas Jefferson.  Maybe Hunter should do a little historical research while he worships Ron Paul and continues to LIE about Lindsey Graham.

The Pink Flamingo wonders how long the people of South Carolina, who were once the most patriotic and most strongly devoted to national defense, will put up with this you know what Hunter dribbles on a regular basis.

American Conservative

Lindsey Graham is a Ronald Reagan Republican.  Jack Hunter is a Ron Paul Bot coward.  Reagan believed in defending our country, fighting for what was right and honorable.  Hunter wants to audit the Fed.

As The Pink Flamingo mentioned above, the people of South Carolina are terribly patriotic and supportive of our military.  One of these days they are going to wake up and realize the Ron Paul Bots leading the tea parties are a bunch of sniveling cowards who are mis-representing what they believe.  It won’t be pretty after the wake up call.

It should also help you put these nasty little hate-Lindsey censors from various county GOP executive committees.  They are ALL Ron Paul Bot led, spoon-fed by the lies of the likes of Jack Hunter.  He is being helped by a few localized talking heads, but Hunter is the most vicious.

Don’t you just Love Losertarians?

The Hate Lindsey Campaign appears to be spearheaded by the “Southern Avenger”.  In South Carolina the crazies are now manipulating the whole movement to destroy Lindsey.  Leading the fight is a Ron Paul Bot named Jack Hunter.

“…Jack Hunter (born June 1, 1974), also known as the Southern Avenger is a conservative radio host and political commentator in the United States. He appears every Tuesday and Friday morning on WTMA News-Talk 1250 AM. Hunter is also a weekly contributor to the Charleston City Paper. He is known for often providing commentary from both paleoconservative and paleolibertarian viewpoints, as he sees the liberal internationalism that is found in the Democratic Party and the neoconservatism that is prominent in the Republican Party to be ultimately indistinguishable from one another, which has led to criticism from both the mainstream left and the mainstream right. He has also been highly critical of fellow conservative talk radio hosts such as Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Cunningham, and most famously Mark Levin for putting what he perceives to be their Republican Party allegiances before true conservative principles….”

Hunter is also a contributing editor to Taki’s Magazine and The American Conservative, and has appeared as a guest on The Political Cesspool. He is single and resides in Charleston, South Carolina. He has stated on several occasions that his two heroes are Congressman Ron Paul and professional wrestler Ric Flair…”

What you need to know here is that the Political Cesspool, (information below from SPLC)

SPLC Intelligence Report

and Taki Magazine are directly identified with white supremacists and a few other little nasties.  Please follow more of the bouncing ball.  Remember the piece The Pink Flamingo did a few weeks ago connecting a major SC tea party “patriot” with the Cof CC – well, Roan Garcia-Quintana could get nowhere without the vile and nasty things Hunter, aka the Southern Avenger, writes about Lindsey.  Hunter’s author archives shows how much he detests Lindsey.

From the paleo-con leaning Taki Magazine, Hunter wrote about Lindsey in 2009;

Taki Magazine

It is pure, unadulterated hate.   Hunter is linked by just about every “tea party” site in SC, is adored by the Ron Paul Bots who detest Lindsey, and is quite taken with secession.  Once upon a time secession was considered treason.  Now, why do good people who love this country take their cues about a decent and honorable man like Lindsey from someone who is basically giving a pass (if not actually advocating) treason and the destruction of the United States as we know it.  But – they love the Constitution and “liberty” and adore Ron Paul.

Is Hunter connected to “Southern Liberation”?

SLM News

Yes, you are reading the following correct.  It’s all about “liberty” and the “Constitution” – right?

“…What is SLMNews? Southron* Liberation Media News (SLMN) is a pro-South, pro-liberty media effort to enlighten and challenge our people, as well as to restore pride in our culture and awaken Southrons to the struggle at hand for our survival and self-determination. Our very existence as a unique people as well as our freedom, is on the line. SLMNews stands with the people of Dixie and is firmly committed to the liberation of our people from Federal control. SLMNews is a growing voice in the pro-South movement and has produced hundreds of videos as well as tons of relevant articles, graphics, interviews and audio recordings.

*Southron This term was used by the Scots of old to mean ‘southerner’ and later during the time of the Federal invasion of the 1860s to describe the nationality of the people of Dixie. We promote its use today for our nation of people – the people of the South….”

SLM News Blog

You might want to see who inspires this group:  THE PINK FLAMINGO TOLD YOU SO.  First, people like Judge Napolitano are NOT advocating succession.  Ron Paul, though, brings out the idiots among the world.  Then again, it is the ultimate libertarian expression.  Please, explain “constitution” to me.

SLM News

Then again it could be that the Southern Avenger has a man-crush on Ron Paul.  That could explain a lot of things.   The Pink Flamingo must add that the Southern Avenger says he does not “subscribe” to white nationalism.  I will take that at face value.  Taki Magazine was founded by our old friend Marcus Epstein.

From what I can tell, Hunter is not directly involved in the CofCC.  He is a paleo-con, and enamoured of both Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul.  He is enamoured with the whole libertarian thing, including the idea of secession.  In The Pink Flamingo’s book, that’s treason.

What I can also find from Hunter’s very strange, terribly arrogant libertarian rants is the fact that he hates the GOP.  He is a LOSERTARIAN, along with all it implies.  Libertarians use lies, innuendo, and half-truths to prove their point.  Hunter has used these tactics against Lindsey for several years.  His libertarian, Ron Paul Bot followers do not have the courage to admit that they are  and the are using libertarian lies against Lindsey.  They are also not admitting the tenuous connections to some very nasty lovers of “liberty”.

Crooks & Liars

The Southern Avenger’s loving interview with Ron Paul.  By now it should be apparent to anyone who cares to use their head that this man has a very serious problem.  For men and women of reason to allow him to manipulate the SCGOP against an honorable man like Lindsey is almost criminal.  What Hunter is doing is almost criminal in itself.  But, like all true cowards, he hides behind his press badge.

Ron Paul. Com

Hunter wrote this delusional tripe slamming Lindsey and worshiping Ron Paul.  The poor man needs to be de-programmed.  Hunter reminds me of the legendary inquisitors of old, who set out to destroy any man, woman, or child who even looked at them the wrong way.  They did not care who they destroyed or how they did it.  That is what Hunter is currently doing to Lindsey.  It is sick, perverse, and reeks of something seriously wrong in this man’s head.

There is nothing wrong with dis-agreeing with a person.  There is nothing wrong with disliking a person.  When it becomes almost pathological, based on an idealism, then something is terribly wrong.  The worst part is the pathogen has spread to the point where good men and women have been taken in by the prevarications of the Southern Avenger.

More from the poison pen of the Southern Avenger:

The American Conservative

11 thoughts on “The Southern Avenger’s Grand Inquisition Against Lindsey

  1. It seems to me that the only one exhibiting hateful behavior is the author of this blog. It seems that it is she who is obsessed…

  2. Wow, this is the dumbest article I have ever read and not to mention it misrepresents what many of us Ron Paul supporters stand for. We believe in national defense, but unlike Graham, we do not want to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations who have not threatened us at all. Basically we all support a noninterventionist foreign policy where we can trade with other nations and have honest diplomatic relations with others, not entangling alliances which is something George Washington warned. The sad truth about the Republicans is that they are stuck in the past, much further in the past. They are still dedicated to Henry Clay’s policies of protectionism, central banking, and corporate subsidies. Maybe the people who are bashing Jack Hunter are the same people who have not updated their agenda since the 1820s. I have no reason to bash the Democrats since I know that they are true statists, but Republicans are nothing more than statists in their own will. By the way, I am not a Paul bot because I actually disagree with him on the issue of immigration since I am an anarcho-capitalist myself, but he is principled enough to not scapegoat immigrants as many Republicans have in the past. My advice to Republicans, update your agenda from the 1820’s to now so that people will take you seriously. Free markets, sound money, free trade, and a noninterventionist foreign policy is the way to go.

  3. You prove my point. Losertarians like to wax poetic about the “Constitution” as long as it is their version. Learn a little history. Read my post today. You worship at the altar of Jefferson. I have two words for you: Barbary Wars.


  4. SJ Reidhead: No, you prove my point that namecalling is what people like yourself are engaged in. When someone like myself or others bring facts to the table and engage in a civil discussion, but most of you go back to insults and inuendo because it’s easier to tear us down that way. The use of “losertarians” is one example. I will not stoop to your level so I will instead ask you that you actually debate us on substance, not engage in namecalling. Namecalling is wrong on either side, not to mention desperate and ridiculous. Again, keep it civil, keep it clean, and always know your limitations. Peace.

  5. I like the word “losertarian”. I will admit I stole it from Michael Medved. Libertarians do not win. They never, ever, ever do, Instead, they step in and do the third party thing, drawing votes away from Republicans. That is losing. I have learned it is impossible to have a reasonable discussion with the Ron Paul Bot side of things. There is no logic, only hero worship. When someone speaks out against him or the “movement” they must be destroyed. It’s getting old.

    The real problem is very few Republicans are like The Pink Flamingo and will take on the Ron Paul Bot idiocy. Most are cowering in their boots, bullied, intimidated, and drowning in a sea of fake tea.


  6. You should go take some writing lessons from Jack Hunter, who is not only correct (and SC will prove him so in 2014, I guarantee you Graham will be out in the next election), but is also a true patriot. I wish you luck with your blog and writing, you’ll probably get more hits on this blog than any of the others you write, because Jack Hunter has like a gazillion times more readers and listeners than you do. That would have to do with the fact that he expresses himself in full sentences and is articulate, which is one of the prerequisites for getting a lot of readers on your blog.

  7. SJ Reidhead: Again, you prove my point that many who despise Ron Paul can’t seem to want to debate him head on. Yes, people like yourself love to talk shit about Ron, but yet you don’t seem to want to have a debate with him at all. As to “hero worship” I know many Rothbardian libertarians and volunatrists who don’t like Ron Paul, but that’s understandable since I know their hearts are in the right place. I say that you can genuinely disagree with Ron Paul as long as you keep it civil. Maybe the Pink Flamingo should spend better time tackling more important issues than namecalling and insults. As to Michael Medved, maybe he needs to find something better to do than namecalling. Again, I’m for a civil discussion as long as it does not resort to name calling.

  8. Dear JR:

    There is one thing you are correct about – when I blog my writing sucks! I am always in a hurry and don’t take the proper time I should the way I do when I am actually “working”. Pathetic isn’t it?

    I think Jack Hunter is a coward, a bully, and like most libertarians and is playing fast and lose with history. In that he cares about this nation, I will consider him a “patriot”. The problem with “patriots” is it is all a matter of how you look at things. He will never have the courage to go active duty in a war zone the way Lindsey has, or the way my brother has. I consider men and women who have the courage to face the enemy real “patriots”.

    You might want to ready my post for today, taking him to task about his one-sided version of American History. He plays fast and lose with actual facts. I don’t like people who play fast and lose with historical facts. I don’t care if they are liberal or conservative.

    Thank you for your patronizing concern about my writing. The blog is a hobby that takes up far too much time, getting in the way of completing a book where I use actual sentences.


  9. Why would I want to debate Ron Paul head on? I think he is an egotistical narcissist. I’m a pathetic, fat, humble blogger who is not important, at all. Funny how everyone is rushing to defend Ron Paul and his acolyte, Jack Hunter. I find it rather humorous, then again, I have a very healthy sense of humor.

    Evidently you don’t read the comments Ron Paul Bots make about good, honorable Republicans.


  10. “The jawbone of an ass is just as dangerous a weapon today as in Sampson’s time.”
    — Richard Nixon

    The straw man arguments, ad hominem attacks and misrepresentations against Mr. Hunter and Ron Paul demonstrate a lack of credibility.

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