When the Far Right Loses Their Values, Standards, and Their Reason


There is an old saying that goes something like if a lie is told often enough, even good people will believe it.  The far right calls Joe Arpaio a heroic figure.  People believe it.  They denigrate Lindsey Graham calling him moderate and progressive.  People are starting to believe it.

The far right jumps to defend Sheriff Joe Arpaio from the evil auspices of the DOJ, proclaiming him a saint.  The have collectively ignored the man’s abject incompetence, his associates, and the things he allows his employees to do.  When I hear someone defend this man, I know that person is either intellectually dishonest, uninformed, or just plain stupid.

The same bunch of conservatives collectively can’t wait to destroy a good man like Lindsey Graham.  Then again, these are the same people who denigrated George W. Bush, and speak badly of John McCain.

Over the weekend both Lindsey Graham and John McCain did the GOP proud with their weekend appearences on the talking head news shows.  You would never know it by reading the blogs – especially the LOSERTARIAN ones.

We are currently living in an upside down world where disgusting white supremacist fawning men like R. S. McCain are able to denigrate good Republicans and then keep time with people like Sarah Palin.  R. S. McCain says the right things, so people believe him.  Lindsey says the right things, but people believe the lies his detractors say about him.

The world is a bit strange.

The Pink Flamingo is constantly taken to task by my conservative friends who think I have betrayed them because I have no use for Sheriff Joe, and think people like R. S. McCain are doing more harm than good.  It has reached the point where I am beginning to wonder if the far right even knows what is right and what is decent anymore.   When individuals lose their ability to discern right from wrong, we have a very real problem.

The great irony is the fact that most of the individuals who have this little problem are the ones who spend so darn much time denigrating the GOP.  Ironic or planned?

As long as a person uses the right words, associates with the right people, and does the right thing, they are acceptable.  Let someone take one step out of place, and they are to be denigrated.

There is something very wrong with this picture.

Dems like to point the Tea Party “patriots” as intolerant.  They are – not on race, but are terribly intolerant of anyone who refuses to dance to their little tune.  Sorry, but that is NOT what this country is all about.  Sure, they have the right to be narrow minded little political bigots but I have a right to think they are.  Politicians should have the right not to be requried to bow to them, to worship at the cup of tea.

Losertarians, Tea Party “patriots”, Ron Paul Bots, and Glenn Beck 9/12ers are no different than the obsequious unions who demand absolute devotion from the Dems.   The only difference is ideological.  The same mind-set lies, they mis-lead, resort to dirty campaign tactics and they cheat.

The Pink Flamingo is no fan of Peggy Noonan, but she wrote something rather fascinating.  It is a cautionary tale which points us in the direction of 2012 – with the potential for disaster.  Read between the lines.  If this plays out, the Tea Party “patriots” are going to willingly unwittingly re-elect Barack Obama in 2 years.  Populist causes are destroyers.  They are based on sore-heads who cannot win.

“…Another difference between ’94 and ’10: “There wasn’t a Tea Party movement in ’94.” There was a Perot movement, which was “much less visible and organized.” Ross Perot backed the Republican House effort in 1994. “This time we have a thousand mini-Perots”—Tea Party leaders—”who are against the Democrats and for the Republicans.” Their rallies, Mr. Norquist says, are gaining strength….”

The Tea Party “patriots” are turning most of our Republican officials into pandering quivering cowards who, unlike Lindsey, are afraid of their own shadow.  When someone like Lindsey dares to challenge them, and dares to practice the fact that the GOP was once based upon FREEDOM and individuality, they try to destroy him.

The irony is the fact that the very people who are causing so much trouble are not actually Republicans, but are libertarians who don’t have the courage to stand on their own or build their own party.  Instead, they have chosen to destroy our good Republicans in order to lie, cheat, and steal to get their own way.

When are we going to be able to admit we are not dealing with “real” Republicans here but petty, third party hacks who are out to make as much mischief as possible?  Case in point – R. S. McCain, who slanders decent Republicans is now sucking up to the Palins. The problem is when you use the right hand-shake and the right-password, you get to be in the conservative club.  When you don’t believe in exclusivity and that everyone should have opportunity, you are evil and should be destroyed, the way people like R. S. McCain wish to destroy Lindsey.

Libertarian "Republican"

The Death of Political Tolerance, Reason, and Logic?

The Pink Flamingo is going to state up front that I agree with at least 80% of the tea party fiscal ideas of lower taxes and Federal spending. This said, I am also going to state, up front, that I DO NOT believe the average Tea Party “Patriot” is involved in what I have discovered. I think (and have thought) that the nastiness that is occurring against good men like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and George W. Bush, along with our N – O – R – M – A – L Republicans is systemic of something very vile and ugly happening in the US. I have only now been able to put a few things together.

This country is in danger of losing something near and dear to our hearts. We are rapidly in danger of losing the ability to be tolerant of opposing views, even when those views are Republican and some conservatives think they are better than everyone else.

The Pink Flamingo is getting sick and tired of the constant trashing of the GOP by libertarians, the far right, and the talking heads. It is getting old. It is never ending spew that knows no end of vindictiveness. The problem with this type of negativity is that it is being used and manipulated by something terribly nasty.

Regular Pink Flamingo readers may remember that I once had the utmost respect for Sarah Palin. I was one of the first people in the country to champion her cause. Now though, I am a bit disgusted with her – and this ongoing conservative mindset of hunt and destroy any Republican who is not 100%. We all know for a fact that she did not cast her child out when she ended up unmarried and pregnant.

The Daily Caller

The problem with the vindictiveness that is growing, spawned by the Tea Party “patriots” is what it can morph into – and please, be afraid, be very afraid. This need to slam Republicans is the symptom of something bad, very very bad – and I doubt if Sarah Palin even knows it exists. Most people don’t. I will guarantee 90% of tea partiers don’t.

The manipulation of the Palins by known white supremacist friend R. S. McCain is just one step away from the real nasties. There is something the “Other” McCain has in common with his other white supremacist friends – they hate John McCain & Lindsey Graham. (Are you following the bouncing ball – yet?)

Don’t even think that the Palins are involved – or even know what is going on here. Very few people do. We’re dealing with a bunch of crazies? Right?


The Other McCain

2 thoughts on “When the Far Right Loses Their Values, Standards, and Their Reason

  1. Lindsey Graham is a patriot and a good man. I think he’d make a fine AG.

    That said, I have SERIOUS reservations about his performance during the Kagan confirmation, and in the Sotomayor confirmation.

    While his stance would have been understandable 10 or 20 years ago, since then the rules about judicial confirmation have changed. People like Charles Schumer play that game for keeps, and Senator Graham has on both occasions tried for a truce with opposition that has shown no such desire. A lot of concerns about Kagan and Sotomayor were raised – valid concerns, I might add.

    So yeah, I’d strongly consider voting for his primary opponent the next time around. Simply because I think that he has not understood that judicial confirmation has become a game played “for keeps” – and that is not someone I want on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

  2. Did you listen to his reasoning for the Kagan vote? I was annoyed with him, then I heard his commentary. Blew me out of the water. He went through the history of judicial nominations. He also went through the history of the recent votes – made his case. I don’t like Kagen. I have hope for Sotomayor, for some reason. The other thing about Kagan was she was a liberal “replacement”.


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