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By: SJ Reidhead Sun, 19 Sep 2010 02:24:21 +0000 I am fascinated about the topic. What is an attack? I’m talking about the sociology of the times. If you cannot put the sociology of the times into the mix, you cannot actually deal with effective history.

The one element of the tea parties that terrifies me the most is the need to attack and censor and destroy anyone who disagrees. Scary stuff, that. I was writing about history.

If you want to know my HISTORICAL sources, you will need to wait for my book.

What is truly fascinating is that with 20 years, by 1797 or so, the powdered wigs were gone, men’s hair cut, cleaned, and free of lice. A gentleman bathed on a daily basis, if not more, was always clean, wore clean clothing, cleaned their teeth, deodorized, and smelled much better. It’s called – history.


By: WorkingTommyC Sun, 19 Sep 2010 01:28:54 +0000 What’s your point?

I’m familiar with all of this ALREADY being a history buff myself who is not afraid of the truth then or now.

NOTHING you say makes a bit of difference.

You’re essentially making ad hominem attacks against our Founding Fathers. Why?

No one has every said they were 100% perfect in any sense of the word. They were, after all, only human.

But if a foul-breathed, rotten-toothed man who hasn’t bathed in weeks can come up with something as good as they did, I might just get used to his stench.

The (figurative) stench of your rabid, foaming mouth, however, is the stuff that nightmares and tyrannies are made of.