SC NFRW Humiliates the Whole GOP


The following is a copy of the email I just sent to the Lincoln County Chapter of the Federated Republican Women’s Clubs.

“I do not know if you have seen the absolutely repulsive situation that exists in South Carolina.  During the NFRW board meeting, a party was given:  “A Southern Experience”, which was hosted by the South Carolina NFRW.

The whole thing is humiliating.  I feel I can no longer be a member of an organization where something so racially disgusting was allowed to happen.

This is the last thing the GOP needs.  The tea parties are bad enough, but THIS is the last thing the GOP needs.  I feel unless Republican women quickly distance themselves from an organization where such a thing would be allowed, it will have serious repercussions.

I am too actively involved with my blog to continue my membership in such an organization.  It has no reflection on the Lincoln County NFRW, but I cannot be a part of it.

SJ Reidhead
The Pink Flamingo

This is the last thing we need.

FTS News

Need I say more?


5 thoughts on “SC NFRW Humiliates the Whole GOP

  1. Why don’t you write about something you know instead of trying to misrepresent an event that was participated in by the Gullah people of SC on a FREE and WILLING basis. Good grief. What a loser!

  2. It looks bad. You could have had a great presentation about Gullah culture and not play Miss Scarlet the Yankees are coming!

    It is insulting to the Gullah culture and to South Carolina. It is also indicative of the entrenched streak of racism in the Charleston GOP, as in the Gvlle GOP.


  3. Unfortunately, relying on the word of Will Folks at FITSnews has left you largely uninformed about the event you find so incensing.
    The South Carolina Federation of Republican Women hosted an event featuring aspects of South Carolina’s history and culture ranging from sweetgrass basketweaving (another Gullah cultural mainstay), shag dancing lessons (the state dance of South Carolina), Southern traditional foods, both Union and Confederate reenactors, and the Gullah storytellers mentioned in this story.
    The Gullah storytellers in attendance have spent the last twenty years dedicated to educating people about the impact of Gullah culture on South Carolina’s Lowcountry. They chose to attend this event as an opportunity to spread their message to a crowd of attendees from across the nation.
    It is also unfortunate that you did not attempt to check the facts or find any context before hastily jumping on the sensationalist bandwagon and withdrawing from your local club. What a shame.

  4. Unfortunately, I go after so many people, I had to do it.

    I do miss having access to those Sweetgrass baskets. I would buy several every year from Mary Williams, in Greenville at the big craft show.


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