Christine O’Donnell Kicked My Dog While Being Abducted by Aliens


First things first:  The Pink Flamingo’s main objection to the primary in Delaware was the celeb endorsements.  As I stated during NY-23, and I will state again, I think it is wrong, immoral, cheating, dirty, and horribly arrogant of our celeb politicians to step in and manipulate state/local elections where they do not reside in either the state or locally.   It is not about winning, it is about egos.  It is about the accumulation of political power.

Now, back to our story.

May every mistake you have ever made come back to haunt you and may your noses be rubbed in all of your mistakes.”  Runaway Bride (Richard Gere)

Did Christine O’Donnell kick my dog while she was being abducted by aliens?  If you believe that one, then I have some oceanfront property in Cochise County I can sell to you at a discounted rate.

One of my favorite chick flicks is The Runaway Bride. There is a scene where everyone is slamming Julia Roberts’ character for her past mistakes.  Richard Gere’s character (he looked so good in the movie) stands up and defends her mentioning that he hoped that every mistake the people making fun of Roberts’ character will come back to haunt them.

If one were to judge Christine O’Donnell by the sensationalist headlines, then you might be led to think she must be the dumbest, stupidest, most evil individual ever born. The only thing The Pink Flamingo has not seen about her is the headline that she was abducted by aliens.  I expect to see that headline before the week ends.

Two things are at play here, either she is the dumbest, stupidist, most evil individual ever born, or she is scaring the heck out of the Dems.  There may be an 11 point split in the polls, but you don’t carpet bomb someone who is going to go down in flames.

Have you ever done anything you regret?

Are you even human?

Why would anyone want to ever want to run for public office and have every little mistake they have made magnified into a super-market tabloid headline?

Maybe O’Donnell needs to be nominated for a profiles in courage award for putting up with the you know what that is being said about her.  It is nasty. It is also a warning:  Don’t run for office.  It is a warning for us all:  Don’t run for office.

I don’t even want to make a list of things that people could make fun of me and use against me if I were running for office.  I would sound like a nut.  My finances would look worse than hers.  My personal life would be open to ridicule because I have no personal life. I’ve even had papers served on me to go to court over a credit card.  My story sounds as crazy as one of O’Donnell’s crazy stories (which is why she gets the benefit of the doubt).  And, yes, I beat the sleazy collection agency in court.  It cost more to fight them than it did to pay the trumped-up bill, but I drew a line in the sand.

Have you ever said anything or associated with people who would now make you cringe?  Been there, done that. Lord have mercy!

More power to the woman for going ahead with her plans and her campaign.  Perhaps she should be held up as an example to us all!

Yea, I think she is a screw-up, then again so am I.

Life happens.  Normal people do stupid things all the time.  We get stupid photos taken of us, usually by family and friends.  We get traffic tickets, forget to pay bills on time, and over draw the checking account.  We run out of gas.  We trip over a crack in the sidewalk and break a bone. Oh, people who run for office don’t do that.  I guess I’m disqualified.

I would gather, so are you.


12 thoughts on “Christine O’Donnell Kicked My Dog While Being Abducted by Aliens

  1. Excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT. I reached the same conclusion late last night and today I donated to Christine O’Donnell and became her unconditional supporter.

    I also need to say, publicly, I was wrong about this candidate and very skeptical and harshly critical of Sarah Palin’s endorsement.

    Never been so happy to be wrong. I think we are going to win Delaware and win control of the senate!

    If you haven’t read Byron York’s piece, it is the election in a bag. Absolute slam dunk. See:

  2. Another thing. In this race I will absolutely make an exception about national and celebrity involvement. Because it IS about gaining power in the U.S. Senate, and it IS about tying Obama’s balls around his neck (oops, sorry – meant to say tying his hands, oh well my back space key is broke).

    We need to take the senate in addition to the house. We need to stop Obama. By any [legal] means necessary.

  3. My biggest problem with O’Donnell is that she is using the tea party mantra (aka Losertarians) to hit the establishment (read: Republicans). I’ve heard her say that they (again Republicans) don’t like her because she’s not part of their elite group.

    And both sides are saying that her win puts the tea party in the position to control and take over the GOP who has forgotten their conservative roots.

    As an Independent, I can tell you, control by the extremes of either party is a real turn off. The Losertarians tried to take over the GOP and cost them Congress and the WH. Now they’ve taken over the tea party and if, IF the GOP hasn’t REALLY

  4. REALLY learned their lesson and STOP listening to these extreme nuts, they will blow it and re-elect Obama in 2012.

    (Sorry, hit wrong key and posted before I was done).

  5. You can’t have it both ways: either the tea party have been taken over by losertarians that hope to destroy the GOP and make them unelectable or they’re the group with the courage to take on the elites of the GOP…

    If it is the former, then O’Donnell’s “us against them” HURTS the GOP. If it’s the latter, then when they go after the establishment like Lindsay, GWB, McCain, shouldn’t their “courage” be applauded?

    Again, I have a real problem with ANYONE that wants to prevent the GOP from closing ranks and O’Donnell and her tea party pals’ rhetoric smacks of trouble. Trouble America cannot afford right now.

  6. Now why do you treat Christine O’Donnell this nicely when your hero, Lindsey Graham supported her opponent in the primary???

    Okay, okay, maybe just your little toe isn’t quite in lockstep with the rest of the RINO crowd but I find this quite surprising. The abuse that is being heaped upon her is from the GOP establishment in large part which threatened to not support her until enough angry voices (you see, there IS a good time and use for anger by the people) caused them to make a quick about-face movement on that issue.

    O’Donnell also raised about a million dollars in a 48 hour period when the details of her winning and her party’s subsequent betrayal made news (if I have the time line right).

    As for celebrity endorsements, I never read your opinion, if it was offered, regarding Palin’s campaigning for your other favorite neo-con, John McCain, who had to spend $21 million just to win the primary there.

  7. Working Tommy–you don’t really get this, do you? The rejection of O’Donnell had nothing to do with her challenging the “establishment”.

    The GOP needs to win…that means backing the candidate with the best chance of winning. O’Donnell is a no experience, TOKEN tea partier and America (the majority which is NOT conservative or liberal or tea party) has had their fill with electing token people who has no idea how to lead.

    Running this nation is serious business and America cannot afford those without experience or the maturity to understand that compromise isn’t a dirty word. Unless one lives in a dictatorship, one’s agenda cannot be the rule of the land…ask the Dems who thought a majority Congress and residency in the WH meant their ideals was the only thing worth discussing.

    I find it amusing–and rather sad that the Dems did to America what conservatives have been demanding of the GOP: ignor the beliefs and desires of the rest of America…and conservatives are crying foul.

    Sadly, it appears that they haven’t learn. They want the party of Republicans to get back Congress and the WH–and then push THEIR losertarian agenda and sc*ew everyone else.

  8. If the Constitution offends thee, amend it. Let the chips fall where they may, we have a moral obligation to be a Constitutional republic. We are not supposed to be a personality driven tyranny.

    The law is the law. There are some things that could be changed to improve it a bit (mainly stripping it of a couple of progressive liberal amendments from the early 20th century) but we need to have that conversation.

    As for “experience,” we’ve had that for decades and decades and look where we are. How many trillion$ are we in debt now? Technocrats are only good liars and procrastinators. The financial and other chickens are coming home to roost now.

    And what is so “magical” about experience vs. common sense? Rewarding experience and seniority is what the USSR thrived on. Governing is not, nor should it be, rocket science. Ironically, it’s the people on the downside of the bell curve that will never understand the true simplicity of legal, moral governance vs. the purposeful complexity of tyranny and its arbitrary rule over what are considered subjects rather than co-equal–under the law–citizens. If governance here is that complicated, then it needs to be broken down to the point that it’s once again Constitutional and thereby legal.

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